Flat Bush

(09) 274 8279 20 Flat Bush Rd Otara, Auckland

In Term 3 ten FBS learners will be writing and publishing a book with well know author, David Riley (see photo). The book will focus on who our learners are, their families, culture, interests and hobbies and the amazing community of Ōtara that we live in.

Congratulations to the following learners for being chosen to be part of this exciting project.

  • Bella Wynyard and  Daetyn Harris (Rm 20)
  • Teuila Foliano and Hotili Vaitaiki (Rm 19)
  • `Otufanga Fa`u and Naoh Robertson (Rm 18)
  • Tavita Tonumaivao and Mickheila Kibtiani (Rm 17)
  • Siaosi Takai (Rm 16)
  • Mishana Tonumalii (Rm 10)

We look forward to working with David and will keep our FBS whānau and community updated as we work through this project.

Flat Bush Forever!!

Not long before the FBS authors launch their book, early Term 4!!   Welldone writers, not even a 2nd lockdown could stop you all from telling your stories:)

A successful morning for the girls at Radio NewZealand recording their writing onto audio file. WOW use your phone to scan the code on the book and you will be able to hear our FBS  share their stories orally!

A lockdown google meet with the FBS Authors' group and Mishana, Teuila and Tavita choose to share a song with the group before discussing their writing tasks.

David joins a google meet and answers questions from Tavita, Mickheila and Otufanga.

FBS learners thoroughly enjoyed a visit and writing advice from the talented journalist and singer Indira Stuart.  Malo aupito!

The beginning of FBS students journey to becoming  published atuhtors.  Children listening attentively to David.