Flat Bush

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Flat Bush School Distance Learning

From the start of Week 5, Term 3 (August 17th to the 21st) our FBS learners will be working from our Distance Learning programme.

During the first lockdown our teachers worked hard to create a programme of learning that best represents our school and who we are (see diagram above)

We designed a programme learning that is built around our school's Values and has activities that represent each of our six values. 

These will continue to shape the learning experiences that we have planned for our amazing learners while they are learning at home. 

Remember that:

  1. Learners can use their home learning book to write down their work
  2. Learners and whānau can email to their teacher photos of their work
  3. DL activities are designed for all Year levels 
  4. Each class has their own webpage and this is a space where teachers will display shared work and class updates

Teachers will be contacting learners and whānau to check in and see how everyone is. 

Whānau, please have fun with our DL activities and please DO NOT expect your child to do school work from 9-3pm each day and do not feel stressed about them missing out, or going back in their learning. 

Feel free to email your child’s teacher at anytime, all email addresses are on our TERM 3 2020 page on our website.