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CLass Sharing 2021

2021 - Lockdown shared work

When you share your work with me, this is where you will be able to see it. Email me your photos, learning, any thing that you would like to share with others.

3rd December 2021 - Toru o Hakihema.

Friday - Week 7 - Home Learning Activities – CRT

 Hi team our zoom meet today is at 1.30pm Here is the link: Room 13 Meet

Listen to the story below and see if you can answer the following questions relating to the story:

Sylvester and the magic pebble

WALT: make connections between their own experiences and information in the story to make predictions and inferences.

Draw your own picture of your :


  1. Where does the story take place?


  1. Who are the characters in the story?


  1. What is Sylvesters hobby?


  1. What did he find?


  1. What are some adjectives to describe what he found?


  1. How did Sylvester discover it was magic?


  1. What did Sylvester have to do to make the magic work?


  1. What are some things that Sylvester wished for after he found the magic thing?


  1. What happened after he was crossing strawberry hill?


  1. What wish did he make to escape?


  1. What are 3 better wishes he could have made?




Lets see if you can add to the story map.



Shared writing. Try to write at least 3 sentences per starting word. Can you add speech marks in your sentence?









Fill in the following chart:

At school we have the resources to create our own rock. For those of you that are at school tomorrow we can create our own special pebble. First design your own rock with patterns. Use paint and the back of a paintbrush. Maybe you could choose a special word or object to paint on. If you have your own paint at home see if you can find a special rock from your garden.

Discus with a partner what you would like to paint on your rock. What are some ideas?










Maths problems:


Here is the Goku drawing you can complete!!

It is great to be able to see you, even if we can't all see each other at school.

Here is Vailina's Similes about her family. Great work Vailina.

Thank you Vailina and Sisilia for sharing your Similes with us

Hi Miss Browne

That’s me helping my mum with dinner after my school work, after peeling the potatoes and cutting it for our mash potatoes along with our beef stew cooked by my mum and the nuggets and chip that I’m making for myself and my brothers so after I set up the table for our dinner hope you like my picture.

Raapa Toru o Whiringa- a- rangi, rua mano rua tekau ma tahi - CRT

Namaste Room 13, I hope you have all had a great Tuesday. Our zoom meet today is at 1pm. Click on the link to join - Room 13 Meet 

Thank you all for attending our zoom meet today it was lovely to see your beautiful faces. Here is a picture of  your Rangoli patterns made for Diwali.

Listen to the story below and answer the following questions about Diwali:  


Diwali story -  Click on the link

Answer the questions below:

1: What is Diwali and what does it celebrate?

2: What does Alisha do on the first day of Diwali?

3: What is Alisha’s favourite part of the story? 

4: What does Alisha watch her Mum do on the third day?

5: What does Saal Mubarak mean?

6: What is at the hall to welcome everyone?

7. What does Bhai beej mean?

8. What does  Alisha do for her brother Sajan?

Design your Diwali card – who would you make it for and what would you put on it? Write E.g. happy Diwali, rangoli patterns, candles, lanterns



Listen to one of the stories of Ram and Sita. Can you use the story map to retell the story?


Fill in your story map of Ram and Sita and see if you can retell the story in your own words. You can use First, Next and Last to help with your structure:

Hansel and Gretel Activities | Activities, Traditional tales, 1st grade  activities

Words to help you retell the story

Maths Problems

A1: On Monday, Ram and Sita share some fireworks.
 Ram has 2 fireworks. Sita has 4 fireworks.
 Together, how many fireworks do they have to share?

A2:If Ram has 2 fireworks, and Sita has 4 fireworks on Tuesday and Wednesday too, how many fireworks do they each have?
A3:What is the total number of fireworks that Ram and Sita share in three days?



B1:On Monday, Ram and Sita have 7 fireworks.
 They are not equally shared.
 2 of the fireworks are Ram’s.
 How many fireworks are Sita’s?

B2:Ram has the same number of fireworks each day up to (and including) Friday.
 Altogether Ram and Sita have 20 fireworks.
 How many fireworks are Sita’s that week?


C1:On Monday, Ram, Sita and Lukshman share some fireworks they'd been given.
 Lukshman got half as many fireworks as Ram, and Sita got a third as many fireworks as Ram got.
 They got the same number of fireworks each day up to (and including) Friday.

  1. C2:If Lukshman got 9 fireworks on Wednesday, how many fireworks did Sita get on Thursday?
  2. C3:Is the number of fireworks that Sita got over Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, less than the number Lukshman got for the days Thursday and Friday?
  3. C4:How many days does it take for the number of fireworks Lukshman got, to be greater than the number Ram got on Friday?

Watch the following clips to help you create your own Rangoli patterns. Pick one that you have resources for, e.g: chalk, paper, rice, paint.

Making Paper Rangoli patterns

We made our Rangoli patterns using chalk outside. See if you can give one of these rangoli activities a go.



Thank you Vailina for sharing your Diwali activities with us. They are so good.

I had a great birthday on Sunday and the special times lasted all weekend. Saturday morning I received a parcel on my fence post. It was my favourite pie and a coffee from the Bakery. That was a lovely surprise.

Then on Saturday night a few friends and I watched Thunder Force on a Google Meet. That was interesting but it was great to see my friends after such a long time apart. A funny movie too.

On Sunday, Savana ordered some Dunkin Donuts, the maple and glazed are my favourite. lol. That was lovely.

Then my brother and his wife came over and we sat on the deck, 2 metres apart and chatted. She had made me a yummy orange chic chip cake and some yummy chococlate slice.

Then we finished the weekend with Dominos and movies. I definitely had too much sugar and too much food that isn't healthy, but isn't that why we have a birthday so we can get spoiled and be a bit naughty.      


Here are a few pictures of our fur babies and fish during the holiday. As you can see they were very lazy.

Sisilia helps around the house and likes to cook toasted sandwiches for her siblings. Way to go Sisilia. You are very helpful.