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Ruma tekau ma toru

We are: The Supreme Ninjas

Nga Ninja Hunga Rawa

We are on the road to make change.

Our teacher is Whaea Karen.

Week Five

We have moved into Distance Learning this week. For those of you who were at school you would have received a Homework book. They look like this.

If you were not at school then please look at the Class Sharing Page. The pages to do are there for you to look at, you can do the work on a piece of paper and then share it with me.

Please do not rush ahead we will do a unit a day for the next five days.

As we have begun working in our Mara we are starting by looking at New Zealand Plants and New Zealand Birds. If you finish your pages and would like to do more then look on the class sharing page and do the activities from the other book.

Take care, Stay safe, Look after each other.

Aroha from my Whānau to yours.

Whaea Karen

Ko te Rātu tahi o Poutū-te-rangi 

Tuesday 1 March

Going with the same theme of the Mara we are looking at Unit 6: Plants in the Blue Book and Unit 8: Pests in the Pink Book. Check out the pages on our Class Sharing Page. Remember to try and do these on your own. Once you have tried then ask a parent or sibling for help. 

Mahi Ngātahi: Working together is one of our school values. 

Today's extra activity is find things around the home that start with the letter of the alphabet. For example: A - apple, B - book, C - cat...... Take a photo of your alphabet items and share with me.

Here are some of the 4x4 Sudoku that we have been learning. Copy them onto paper and see if you can solve them. Remember the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 are only on one line up and down, left to right and in one box.

Keep practising your name in Sign Language and we can share with each other when we get back.

Aroha from my Whānau to yours.

Whaea Karen

Ko te Rāapa rua o Poutū-te-rangi

Wednesday 2 March

Our Mara theme for today in the Blue Book is Unit 17: Seeds and in the Pink Book Unit 37: Soil. Remeber to email me the things you have done and want to share. Email me if you need any help.

How is you name in Sign Language coming?

Here is mine. Maybe you could video yourself signing your name and send it to me.

Here are the answers for yesterday's Sudoku. How did you go? Did you manage to do it without doubling up your numbers? Keep practising, you'll get it.

You'll be doing these ones before you know it.

How about giving these ones a go. Get your Whānau to help.

Aroha from my Whānau to yours.

Whaea Karen

Ko te Rāpare toru o Poutū-te-rangi

The three letters for the Trio puzzle were ULI. Rulings, Insulin, Tulip and Mulish. If you don't know what any of those words are why don't you look them up in the dictionary and share your findings with me.

Some words from the Wordbuilder: Sharp, Harps, Rash, Spar, Harp, Rasp, Raps, Ash, Rap, Sap, Par, Asp, Has. Share with me anymore that you could think of.

Here are the answers for yesterday's Sudoku. Did you give it a go with your Whānau?

Don't worry if you didn't get it, we are still learning how to do them. Once we have mastered the 4 X 4 then we will move on to the 6 X 6. You'll be experts before you know it.

Check out the Class Sharing Page for today's Homework Book activities. In the Blue Book you will be looking at Unit 36: Bumblebees. In the Pink Book you will be looking at Unit 9: Vegetables.

Try this Wordfind. Who are the Beatles you may ask?? Find all the words then ask your Whānau who they are. See if you can find more information about them online and share your findings with me. Have fun.

See if you can find some of their songs on YouTube and choose a favourite. Share it with me.

Aroha from my Whānau to yours.

Whaea Karen

Ko te Rāmere wha o Poutū-te-rangi

Friday 4 March

Last day of the week. Today's Homework Book activities can be found on the Class Sharing Page. Thank you to Utanga for sharing his work, I will put it up on the Class Sharing Page as well.

In the Blue Book today we are looking at Unit 3: Fruit. In the Pink Book we are looking at Unit 26: Rocks. When you are finished your pages check out the others on the Class Sharing Page.

We only looked at Volcanoes in and around Tamaki Makaurau - Auckland but Mount Taranaki is also in Aoteroa - New Zealand. Can you find it on a map? Take a picture and send it to me.

Here is the finished Wordfind from yesterday. How did you go did you find all the words? Did you find out any interesting facts about The Beatles? Which song did you enjoy?



Here are a couple of my favourite Beatles songs. Click the pictures and have a listen.

Write down 10 things that you have learned this week from doing your Homework Book Units. What is the information that surprised you the most?

Aroha from my Whānau to yours.

Whaea Karen

Week Four

This week we had CRT with Mr Moiho and Mr Lilo.

On Thursday we had our second session of Swimming.

Last day of the week and next week is a time to stay home. We have decided to look after the Mara in the corner of the field. We went out this morning and took some before photos. We found rubbish, weeds, concrete and Moth plant.

After morning tea we set to work. We took a rake, a spade, a bucket, some containers and two wheelbarrows. We got stuck in and removed the rubbish, concrete and some weeds. Everyone had a turn and helped each other. What great teamwork.

Week Three

Whaea Karen has to remember to take photos of us. Oh dear.

On Tuesday we had our Whakawhanaungatanga with Room 15 but because we were outside our Team classes most of Team Whanake came out and joined us. We love learning new songs, next step is learning the actions. 

Thursday was our first trip to the Otara Leisure Centre for our Swimming Lessons. What a great time we had. We were able to get in the  splash pool while our instructors had their lunch, then it was all work.

Week Two

 Another very busy week. Getting to know each other, our Kaiako, the Tamariki, class and school routines, learning new Karakia, Waiata, Kupu and phrases. 

Some of us learnt how to use a skipping rope for the first time. We were trying to make sure our feet jumped over the rope, but it was pretty hard.

It was great to finish our week with an iceblock. Thank you Mr Avatea and School Board.

Week One

We have a new year with a new class, some old faces and new.

What we will be called???? We will update you when we have our name.

Welcome back to school. Here you can see photos of what we do during our days and we will try and share our awesome work often.

This is our first day back. I hope you like our photos.

Whaea Karen found some jigsaw puzzles in class so we got them out and made sure that all the pieces were there. They were, so they are now on our shelves for another time.

We went on a tour of the school just to remember which classroom all of our wonderful teachers are in. We also stopped off and saw some of our classmates in the photos on our Flat Bush Road fence.

It was quite hot today after lunch so we sat out in our school garden and had a much needed iceblock.

We hope to see more of our class friends tomorrow.