Flat Bush

(09) 274 8279 20 Flat Bush Rd Otara, Auckland

Hauora - Health

During 2022 the tamariki and I will focus on healthy bodies and minds. We will explore mindfulness and fun activites to encouragee more movement. 

Week 5 - Wiki rima

Monday 28 February, 2022 - Mane 28 Pēpuere, 2022

Challenge - How many times can you walk up and down your driveway without stopping? Count your steps as you walk. If someone in your house is able to take a photo of you walking, could you send the photo to Whaea Dinah please along with how many times you walked and how many steps.        dinahw@flatbush.school.nz 

Week 3 swimming photos

Look at the photos from the Week 1 'team building' activities.