Flat Bush

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Kia Ora Room 6 Whaanau

Week 3 - Wednesday 15th February

Kia Orana

In celebration of Valentines Day yesterday, we decided to describe what we love about ourselves using one word on a balloon. Our lucky Room 6 learners who returned to school today, got the opportunity to do so. And they did a great job. Look at their beautiful faces and those balloons with powerful words on it. Ask your child what their word means to them.

Well done Room 6.

Valentines Day


What a way to start the new school year? 

My name is Elizabeth Heather and I am your child's classroom teacher. I have been part of Flat Bush School for 18 years and I love being part of the community. 

I was looking forward to meeting Room 6 learners today, but our safety and wellbeing come first. Please reach out if you are needing any assistance due to the floods. It could be food or clothing. We, as in Flat Bush School is here to help.

On another note, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. I look forward to seeing our tamariki next week on Tuesday 7th February. We will meet under the COLA.

Please keep safe and I will see you all soon.