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Unfortunately, the school will not be opened in Week 5 due to Covid restrictions. So there is no school for this week.

Please take care and keep safe.


To Parents & Caregivers,

If your child has a chrome book, ipad or a laptop, they are able to email me for a Task Sheet to do their Reading, Writing and Maths work. But if your child does not have one, they are able to work from their Home Work book they were given on Friday last week.

Please let me know if you require any assistance for anything on my school email (siligas@flatbush.school.nz).

Faafetai lava!


Solution Focused, Change Makers

Monday and Tuesday 7/8 March 2022

Over the last two days in Room 10, we have been working on  problem solving. We identified our problem, thought and talked about some solutions, did some planning on paper and then agreed upon our design! We built our design using a variety of materials. We used wooden blocks, LEGO blocks and chairs. 

When we work through problems like this, we are getting the opportunity to develop and practise many important skills and learning dispositions. These skills support us in all areas of our learning and in life! These include working together with others and cooperation, persistence and perseverance, creativity, curiosity, organisation and innovation just to name a few.  We get to experience what architects, draftsman, builders and designer do! We get to plan, develop, try something, reflect on it, try something else, do it a different way and then ultimately achieve our goal and reflect upon and celebrate what we have done!

Our problem was this: There is a perfectly good, but unused space behind the Multi-purpose room and next to the playground. We wanted to come up with a design that could fit into the space and there were no limits to our creativity and our imaginations!  How do you think we did? 

You can dream, create, design, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it requires people to make the dream a reality.” – Walt Disney

We identified the problem and brainstormed some solutions. Which would you to see in the space?

Here we are surveying the site. We bought our clip boards so we could draw what we saw.

We decided to move around a bit so we could see the space from a variety of different angles and perspectives.

We sat together with our buddies and talked about what we would like to see in the space. Then it was time to plan our design. Teu and Ashley love the idea of a performance space, with lot of different spaces and rooms. 

Lea and Kea worked together to talk about, then draw their design. They are keen to have a mini basketball court and some gardens.

Brandon and Siaki are planning their design together. Amongst their ideas was a helicopter landing pad and a race track - great thinking boys! Reach for the stars!

Eric and Feliuai are contemplating their design. They are thinking about making a space for movies and movie making! Great ideas!

Dayton and Latu thought BIG! The boys decided that the space needed: a pool, a climbing wall and a space for soccer, with two goals and its very own robot goal keeper! I would LOVE to see this space boys!

Maryanne and Tausili wanted to extend the play ground into the unused space. Their vision was more monkey bars and some swings, plus an area where you could sit and relax! Love this vision girls!

Let’s design! Using building materials of choice, our teams started to develop their designs! Great start girls!

A work in progress! 

Great start on the pool boys! Well done!

Watch this space!

Julia, Kaliyah and Kaleeuz are busy working on their pool design. Kaleeuz designed a cool race track which he is working on too! Great team work!

Another great example of Mahi nga tahi! I can already see how your design is going to look. You are being very creative Brandon and Siaki.

Can you see the yellow swings in front of the design? Maryanne is busy building the ball pit, while Tausili works on the monkey bars.

Good idea checking out your plan Ashley. I can hear you talking about where to put your entrance! Great communicating girls. 

Did you notice that Latu has added a multi-levelled diving board to the pool? Smart thinking!

Look at our amazing

completed designs!

Great job boys! That diving board in pretty impressive!

Awesome team works girls! Love the shaded sitting space!

You done a great job girls creating your performance space! I love the doors at the front!

Love the work you did together on the pool and the trampoline! All great ideas for this space team!

Such a creative design Siaki and Brandon! I especially love the two fast food restaurants for us to choose from!

Eric and Feliuai decided to create a space for our families to visit. They added coffee machines and spaces to sit and wait for our students! This was a really great idea!! Nice job thinking about others too boys!

Time to write some letters! We want Mr Avatea to see our awesome work and to hear our ideas for the space!

Welcome to Room 10 Mr Avatea!

Everyone did a great job describing their designs! We could tell that Mr Avatea was pretty impressed! 

The big now is what next? Watch this space!