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Karla - Thanks, Karla. Glad to see that you used 'adding on to tidy numbers' as the strategy to find the missing numbers. Your next step is to try to work out the missing number in your head and also practice using the 'take away in parts strategy' by rearranging the equation eg. 132 - 54 = ____.

Keona - Thanks, Keona. I like how you check your answers by using subtraction, which is the reverse of addition, to make sure that the answers are correct. Well Done!!

Faiupu - Thanks, Faiupu. You have fantastically used your understanding of place values to solve the subtraction problems. It is great to see that you got the negative integer correctly and you used it to subtract. Well Done!!

 Karla - Thanks, Karla. I'm so pleased to see that you used the strategy you've learned (finding missing numbers by adding on to the next tidy number) by reversing the subtraction equation into an addition equation. Well Done!