Flat Bush

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Samoan Market Day

Our trip to 

The Maritime Museum

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"This was my first time on a waka. Thank you Maritime Museum staff and crew - I had fun"


"I felt nervous at first but then I wore this life jacket. I had fun on the waka. The waka I went on is called Hinemoana"


"I can't wait to tell my family about what I did at the Maritime Museum"


"I will always remember my time at the Maritime Museum. Sailing the Hinemoana was the best!"


"I helped on the waka. I tied a knot"


"I enjoyed helping the crew on the waka"

Group 2 refused to take normal photos, so please enjoy these entertaining pictures with our students beautiful faces from our time at Maritime Museum...



Our Special visitors

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Room 19 had the privilege to be trained by our amazing

and talented Wahine Warriors! We all had fun learning new 

skills and playing games with another class. We hope to see

you again. All the best Wahine Warriors for your upcoming


bike programme with Scott and Titi

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We spent some time at the Manukau Velodrome where we got to ride bikes that were provided by Scott and Titi! Thank you!


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Shout out to Ms Young for organising this fun event for us! 

We had an amazing time playing a new game. It was a fast game of throwing, hitting, and kicking a ball for a goal! 

This game has taught us the importance of communicating well with a partner and always giving it your best no matter how hard it may get.

Our Trip to 

Fo Guang Shan Temple

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