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Week 5 - Distance learning

We hope all our students and their families are keeping safe and well during this time. We cannot wait till we are all back together again.

To keep our minds focused it would be great to have everyone participating in some distance learning activities. I have added some below to choose from. If you have access to a phone with a camera feel free to take some awesome distance learning pics and we'll add them to our class page.

1. Class google meet - everyday at 1.30pm 
if you have access to a device please feel free to join our google meet. I will send a reminder daily to your school email.
2. Distance learning workbooks - work through the activities that interest you. Try do an activity a day
3. Times tables practice - create a blank multiplication table from numbers 1-12 fill in using skip counting and practice your time tables with your new times table chart
4. Journal writing - What is happening in the world right now is not normal and will go down in history for future generations to learn about. You are apart of that history, we are all apart of that history.

Write a journal/diary entry everyday about what you experience on the daily. Even if you think your day was boring, write about it because it will show how much life has changed with covid hanging around.
5. Fitness - create a fitness plan for you to follow every morning. Getting active first thing in the morning helps us to get our energy going for the day.
You could:
Run around the outside of house x3

Do shuttles on the driveway
Jump over all the lines on the driveway
Play a game with the family
Make up a game with your siblings

My Name

You will need help from your family members to help you understand how you got your name. We will share our findings as a class when we come back to school. My NAME.docx

My Family Tree

This is another learning opportunity for you to get to know your family history. Ask your family members to help you to complete your family tree. My family tree.docx