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Kia ora e te whānau and welcome to Room 1, 2022.

My name is Lisa Boyd-Crofskey and I will be your child's kaiako this year. I am supported by a wonderful team, including Mrs Fili Tito and Miss Sela. 

In Room 1, your child will have the opportunity to learn through play. This means that they get to discover, explore, experiment and problem solve, while having choice and control over what this looks like. I believe that children learn best when they are engaged, happy, secure and have a sense of belonging. I plan to support their learning, by providing activities that challenge and entend on what your child already knows. 

I believe that your child will flourish if we are on this journey together. Your experiences, culture and knowledge are valuable and your support is always appreciated! Please feel free to contact me if I can assist in any way. lisab@flatbush.school.nz or 021 968572. 

Term 4 has started with a bang! Here are some photo highlights of some of our fun experiences so far this term! Enjoy

Have you filled a bucket today?

This term we learnt that we all carry an invisible bucket around with us! This bucket can either be filled with positive thoughts and feelings or emptied with negative words, actions or experiences. We are enjoying being bucket fillers in Room 1! Here are just some of our bucket fillers - great job team! I’m proud of you.

Celebrating Diwali and Chinese Language Weeks

Term 3 begins! Welcome Back!

Having fun at Garden to Table - Friday 20 August 2022

Garden to Table is a wonderful experience and an opportunity for our children to explore preparing and cooking food, that we have harvested from our own school gardens. This time, we used silverbeet from the garden and our very own eggs from our chickens to make yummy fried rice! It was very popular and some of the children enjoyed three servings!!! Look how clever our children are at cutting, grating, peeling and whisking! What a team and what a result! YUM.

Learning through doing and having fun with Imaginative Play!

So proud of Dzil and his perseverance!! Well done Dzil for not giving up and seeing it through!! Look how pleased you are with yourself!!

Having fun with Loose Parts Play!

Loose parts allow for children to explore in an open ended way. What they build is only limited by their imagination.  Loose parts provide a chance to take risks, be creative and problem solve. They are also a great opportunity for our tamariki to work together and as a team. 

Welcome back to Term 3 whanau! This term we have five new fabulous students to welcome to our classroom! Jihwan, Katana, Isabella, Lesila and Halanoa - we are loving getting to know you more!

Learning new words, through play! Here we are building words using blocks. Look how clever we are. We can read these words too!! 

Celebrating Cook Island Language Week, 2022

 Check out some of our amazing learning experiences below! 

Maria is learning how to order the Numicon shapes - great job Maria!

Exploring with pattern. Rea is making the shapes “fit”.

Making sets to 10, then adding the numerals 1-10. Great counting Heretaunga! Awesome team work Fia.

Learning is fun with you do it with friends!

Great problem solving Maria and Fane! I like the way you are working together to build your cup wall!

Exploring our creative sides through dramatic play and movement!

Reading with our buddies from Room 17 is always lots of fun!

Tuakana Teina means we can learn with and from each other. Our older tuakana supports us and provides us with some expert knowledge. Then we share what we know with them. This is a great way of relationship building within our kura!

Another great example is shown here when an expert from Room 9 supported Heretaunga with his weaving! 

Samoan Language Week, 2022

Trying something new! Yum Yum! It’s fun being a risk taker.

Thanks for helping us!

Working hard to get the banana’s peeled! Great job Fane and Maria.

Learning about the flags that represent each country of the Pacific!

Awesome effort Maria - you were second today!! Great job!

Here we are learning about the different flags that represent the countries of the Pacific. We practiced our Orienteering skills as we hunted for the flags, collected the items related to each flag and raced back to share with our teachers!!

Great skills Frankee - Lee and awesome job persevering at the task! 

Matariki 2022

Learning about Matariki was so much fun! We got to visit the Velodrome for some fun games and then went to Otara kai village for some yummy soup and bread. We learnt more about the significance of this wonderful celebration!

Mānawatia a Matariki (Happy Māori New Year)

                                        Tō Whare Taonga

         Our visit to The Auckland Museum   

     June 14 2022

On June 14th, 2022 Team Kakano visited The Auckland Museum. We took part in the Archaeology of the Pacific programme, as part of our learning about Journeys. We were interested in the greatest story of human migration ever and the settlement of the Pacific and our own country, Aotearoa, New Zealand. 

There had been much discussion around what we were going to see and experience at the Museum. We boarded the buses with great excitement and in no time at all, arrived at the Museum ready for a fun day ahead.

We enjoyed exploring the Māori and Pacific galleries. We were all excited to see the wakas on display and were able to relate these to the stories about Journeys that we have been sharing this term

Before we began our exploration of the museum, we had a teaching session about the navigation and settlement of the Pacific. We were excited to listen to the Mātua as he shared his knowledge of our ancestors and their journeys across the Pacific ocean. He also showed us some interesting artifacts that had been either discovered in Aotearoa or came with the early settlers. We enjoyed holding a Moa’s leg bone and an early musical instrument - a flute made from bone. We also got to look at a rat 

(kiore), that is believed to have come into Aotearoa as either a pet for children, or as a source of protein, roasted and eaten. Later, rats also caught a lift on our settler’s ships from Europe - a not so welcomed member of New Zealand’s society! A highlight for us all, was when the Mātua played the flute using his nose - very impressive! We were so engaged, curious and keen to learn more.

Once we had completed our session and had a snack, we headed off to explore the Museum! So much to see and so little time! Let’s Go!!

We had a great day visiting the Auckland museum. It was a wonderful opportunity for our tamariki to be able to make links in their learning and connections to the activities and traditional myths we have been sharing in the classroom. The sense of wonder, when we discovered the wakas was delightful to see and these, along with the other artifacts, supported us to gain a deeper understanding of how the past is important to us and how the traditional stories of our ancestors connect us to our places, today.

Well done Room 1, for showing mahi ngatahi and whakawhānaungatanga at the Museum.  Great job supporting each other as we navigated this exciting place and learnt and explored together!