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Learning the Alphabet

Here is a copy of the yellow alphabet card that we use in class to learn the letter names and sounds. You can help your child learn these letters by:

Singing the alphabet song together and pointing to the letters as you say them.

Saying the sound aloud as you point to them. For example b, bbb (the sound), butterfly.

Then read the words in the boxes together.

We practise these letters and sounds everyday. This helps us when we are ready to start reading and writing. Have fun!                                            Emergent List Words

These are the pink words. These words are the first ones we learn and are important because we find them in the simple books we read and use them when we write stories. Please help your child to learn these words! 

























Here are some ways to help you teach your children these simple words.

  1. Choose THREE words to learn at a time. 

  2. Start with I, am, can

  3. Read the words together.

  4. Write the words with your child, saying each letter as you write it.

  5. Write the words on scrap paper. Cut out the letters and assist your child to put the word back together.

  6. Use magnetic letters to make the words IF you have some.

  7. Write the words outside on the concrete using chalk. Use different colours each time you write the word.

  8. Find the word in stories you read together. 

  9. Play the Memory game using the words. Write the words on scrap paper - make sure you have two copies of each word. Turn them face down and take turns to find pairs of the same word. Say the word aloud when a pair is found.

  10. Use the same words on scrap paper as flashcards.

10. Put the words into simple sentences and read them together. For example I went to the ?? or I went to look at the ??

Mindfulness Practise

In Team Kakano, we put a big emphasis on well-being and looking after ourselves through Mindfulness and Yoga practise. Mindfulness is when we stop and pay attention to what is happening for us right now. Being mindful, means we notice how we are feeling, accept it and use breathing techniques to address it. For example we might feel angry or upset or frustrated when someone bothers us or when something doesn't go our way. By taking some long slow deep breaths, we can feel calmer and this give us a chance to think about how we can manage the situation we are in. Breathing practise also helps us if we feel anxious or if we are worried or stressed. Stop, find a quiet space inside or out and just take a few moments to focus on your breath! Thoughts come and go - let them and then return to your breath! Here is a simple breathing practise that you may like to try. 

Aiza, Akeem and myself have made a kindness bouquet of flowers! The more we do, the more our bouquet or garden of flowers can grow and the more kindness we will see and feel!

Now it’s your turn!!

Here's some ideas to support your child at home! with reading, writing and maths

Here's some ideas to support your child at home when playing 

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