Flat Bush

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Home Learning

Friday 4th March 

Yay! It's Friday.....

Hope you have all had a great week at home enjoying your time to relax, recharge and for those that were sick - recover!

I hope you are all keeping well.

Today we will be doing some fun tasks.

Task 1: Let's make a Self portrait - go outside and see what you can find to help create a self-portrait of yourself using nature from the outdoors.

Task 2: Play a board game with your family or a game of cards....

I would love to know who won the game!!

Task 3: Maths - challenge: how many ways can you make number 15!

you can use addition (+), subtraction (-) you can do it, give it a go!

Have a wonderful weekend Room 5  - see you all back at school on Monday!

Thursday 3rd March 

Greetings everyone!

Hope you are all keeping well at home.

Today I have a few tasks for you to work on in your own time.

Task 1: Work on your alphabet letter sounds and see if you can learn the actions to the letter sounds.

Task 2: Writing activity Tell me about your favourite childhood memory, sit in a quiet space and think about all the cool things you have done with your whanau in your life, pick one (1) of your happiest memories and draw a picture of it and if you can then try write a sentence about it.

For example:

I  went to _____ with my family.

I liked the ______ when we went.

I had fun with my family.

Task 3: See if you can find objects around the house that match these shapes.

Take pictures of what you can find and email them to me please caitlinh@flatbush.school.nz 



Last Activity: Please read a story with your mum or dad and discuss the story. 

You can talk about:

- who are the characters?

- where is the story set?

- What is the problem in the story?

- How was it solved/fixed?

- If you could change the ending of the story how would you have ended the story?

Wednesday 2nd March

Hope you are all keeping well?

Please check out our activities for today, work on them in your own time. Once you have completed your tasks please ask Mum or Dad to email the pictures to me caitlinh@flatbush.school.nz 

Task 1: My Family is special worksheet - writing task

My family is special!

Draw a picture of your family in the box. Write a story about what makes your family special? Can you use these words: family, special, because


Task 2: Mathematics - lets work on some subtraction problems today.

Write these out and show me your working out please.

  1. 10-5=

  2. 10-3= 

  3. 10-8=

  4. 10-7= 

  5. 10-9=

  1. 10-1=

  2. 10-4=

  3. 10-2=

  4. 10-10=

10.  10-6=

Task 3: Spelling 

Pick a spelling activity card and write these words out.

look, here, said, the, big, mum, dad, she, he

Extra activity - Go for a walk or play a game outside, perhaps ride your bike or a scooter with adult supervision - remember your helmet!

Tuesday 1st March 

Kia Ora FBS whanau,

I have 3 tasks set for you to work on today in your own time.

1. Read this poem together with someone near by.

Talk to your whanau about your name. Can you find out more about your name? Why is your name special? Does it have a special meaning or are you named after someone special?

2. Once you have discussed the importance of your name and the story behind your given name. Can you please write a sentence or two telling me about your name?

3. Maths - can you add these basic facts, write down your answers.

I would love to see your work so please ask Mum or Dad to take a photo of your work and email it to me caitlinh@flatbush.school.nz

Monday 28th February


Hope you had a lovely weekend with your whanau.

Here are some tasks you can work on at home 

1. Work on your alphabet letter names and sounds.2. Draw a picture of yourself and write a sentence about what makes you special.

3. Today lets work on our counting.

I would love to see your work so please ask Mum or Dad to take a photo of your work and email it to me caitlinh@flatbush.school.nz