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Room 8 Whanau's Mahi

Thursday 3 March

Our Learners for today!  Thank you guys for coming along to our Google Meet!

Lima had a go at writing her own I went sentence.

Good girl Lima!  Keep up your good work.  Thank you Mum Alofa for you help with Lima's work!

Look at our drawings of Bruno!


Thank you for whanau for rowing our waka together!

I love all of your pictures of Bruno!  I know you can keep on practising on how to draw Bruno or your favourite Disney character!

I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow for our last google meet for this week!

Manuia le aso!

Mrs Lologa

Look at what Amyrah's mum has sent in!  Thank you Amyrah for reading every day out of your book bag!  Keep it up!

Wednesday 2 March

Welcome to our whanau this morning!  A special welcome to Lima and her whanau who joined our learning for today!  Thank you to all our families who participated in our learning about 101 Worry and how the brain works.

Polevia's Family Sharing 101 Worry in the Clouds

Thank you Tina for participating and for sharing your worries too!

Polevia and St Paul's caveman drawing with the sabre tooth tiger!

Polevia's mum praying... giving and sharing her burdens with God!

Kehlani sharing her Worry.  

Thank you Natasha and Daniel for participating and sharing your worries too.

Thank you to Natasha who shared how she calmed down her worries through breathing.

Kehlani is worried about the tough dogs and cats which roam the streets of Rewa!

Kehlani's Cavemen running away from danger!

Amyrah sharing her picture of the Caveman running away to safety from the sabre toothed tiger.

Maraea's caveman is holding a spear as he runs away to a cave away from the sabre tooth tiger.

We ended our google meet with a kahoot game!


Thank you mum for sending in quite a few videos of Amyrah reading and doing her alphabet.  My apologies Ana for not being able to load all of the videos on here.  It is a bit of a hit and miss experience on this platform.


Thank you Tina for sending in these photos of your boys learning for today's 101 Worry lesson!

Kehlani's Tuesday Learning

Wednesday's work for Kehlani

Thank you whanau for rowing our waka together.

It was great to hear our talanoa about worry and the different solutions that you offered to help us regulate our worry.  

Understanding why worry feels the way it does and where the physical symptoms come from is a powerful step to stop worry!

Remember to keep on praying, keep on sharing, keep on being grateful and keep safe!

Manuia le aso 

Mrs Lologa

Tuesday 1 March

Thank you to our whanau for coming along to our google meet!

Today we had a talanoa time for each of our whanau to share their journey at home with our Room 8 whanau.  It was great to get to meet our parents and for our parents to share more about themselves.

This is Kehlani's parents sharing during our talanoa time.  Introducing themselves to our family and sharing more about their journey during this part of the year.

Thank you Tina for sharing more about the power of the kitchen table with our other parents.  Tina spent a lot of time on the kitchen table with her boys during all the lockdowns of 2021.  She walked alongside her boys and helped them out with their learning every day.

PoleviaGreat work with finding 3 different suffix with the base words of squeak, cook and skip.

I think the King is going to get very annoyed with that squeaking.  I wonder what he is going to do next?

Thank you for completing the maths Polevia. It looks like you can understand Place Value very well.

Great you even completed the DMIC questions.  Remember to draw the picture the maths story is trying to tell you!

Thank you Polevia for completing this awesome work!


Well done Amyrah... I can see you are trying your best to learn all of your alphabet letters and sounds!  Keep on sharing with me your work!

Thank you so much parents for your support in coming along on this journey with our children.  The more we collaborate and work together the more growth we will see in our children's learning!

Manuia le aso

Mrs Lologa

Monday 28 February 2022

Talofa Whanau!  

Look at our amazing learners.  Thank you parents for letting your children use your cell phone for our Room 8 Google Meet!

Remember every morning you will receive an email and text with Room 8's web page - learning for the day and the google meet link to help you get onto our online classroom.  I will try my best to go over the learning on the web page.  

The purpose of this page is to share all the mahi that the children have emailed to me.  Remember my email is sinal@flatbush.school.nz!  I love getting lots of email about my children's learning.  It just puts a big smile on my face!

Room 8's whanau at 10.00am- Start of our Google Meeting

Jam Board to break down the learning activities on the class web page!

We always end our learning session off with a game!

End of Lesson photo of our whanau!  Thank you Ms Young for joining our class today!

Thank you whanau for being courageous and giving things ago!  It is an honour to work side by side with you all to teach our children!  We can do it!

Manuia le aso!

Mrs Lologa

Whanau's Work

Look at these 2 amazing families who have shared their whanau's work with everyone!

Polevia's Work

Thank you Polevia for making good progress in completing your Distant Learning Hard Pack and for completing the tasks set out in our Google Meet lesson.


I love the picture of your cheeky brave Mouse Kehlani!

Thank you Mum for helping Kehlani with her homework.  She is a super duper learner!

Good on you Dad for making Kehlani's breakfast!

Your mouse is a brave mouse, especially jumping on the King's bed!  Goodness me!

Thank you Kehlani's family for rowing our waka together to help Kehlani learn.

Thank you Room 8 for your continued support.  I look forward to seeing more learning being shared with me!

Don't forget to go over your book bag routine, by practising your alphabet letter, sound and word, then your word card and your 100's chart too! 

Manuia le aso!

Mrs Lologa