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Room 8 2022

Week 5

Flatbush Primary School is closed this week.  Everyone will be Distant Learning for now!

Take a photo of your work and share it with me at sinal@flatbush.school.nz

Friday 4 March

Talofa Room 8 Whanau today we will have a few teachers with us today.  We will be all rowing our waka together as we learn alongside you.  Today we have a guest teacher who will be teaching you...

Thank you for attending today's session!

Manuia le aso

Mrs Lologa

Thursday 3 March 

Today we will have our Fun Friday as we have a special guest who will be teaching you tomorrow online.

Let's read through our shared book

Print Conventions

Identify caps, fullstops, apostrophe, ellipses, comma, speech marks, exclamation marks

Let's draw something Fun..... Let's Draw Bruno!


Disney Enchanto

Manuia le aso!

Thank you for your support whanau!

Mrs Lologa

Wednesday 2 March

How did Ruby find her Worry?

How did Ruby's Worry get bigger?

Did other's see Ruby's Worry?

What is the worst thing that you can do with a Worry?

How did Ruby get rid of her Worry?

Today we are going to talk about Worry

Today's Worry ... will I get sick?  Will everyone in my house get sick?  How can I protect my grandparents?

The above work is taken directly from Worries 101 lesson plan from Sparklers... a resource shared with us during our Mitey PD.

The full lesson will be talked through using a powerpoint.  Only some of the slides were included in this.

Don't Worry... we've got this!

Manuia le aso

Mrs Lologa

Tuesday 1 March

Talofa Room 8

Shared Book for the Week

Can you read along?

Exploring Language

Vocabulary:  compound words: 

2 words joined together to make 1 word 

cupboard, asleep, anything, 

Suffix- word endings




Look at this picture

What can you see? (brainstorm)

Complete this story….

The King heard a squeak,

“Look everywhere, there is a mouse in my house!”

So the people…….


Counting forwards and backwards to

 0- 100

Skip Counting in 2’s

Skip Counting in 5’s


There will be a total of 12 people coming to lunch. At Mrs Boyd’s house there are 4 people. How many more people will be coming?

There will be a total of 109 children going to a google meet.  10 children can’t connect.  How many children end up going to the google meet?

See you all at 10am for our Google Meet!  I will go over how to do this work.  


Mrs Lologa

Talofa Room 8,

Welcome to Distant Learning.  I realise only 6 children got a learning pack on Friday.  So here is some work for you to complete at home!

Watch Brave Mouse.  This is our Shared Reading Book for the Week.  Try and read along.

Why do you think the Mouse was brave?

Draw your Mouse being brave.

Write one sentence about your picture. 

What people in my family do for me?

Person’s Name

Draw Picture

What they do for our family

Draw what they do for you


Mum reads a book to me every night.

Choose 3 people who live in your house.

Person’s Name

Draw Picture

What they do for our family

Draw what they do for you

For those who would like some guidance with your work.  I will be teaching this work using google meet.  Come and join me if you would like at 10.00am.

Please download the Google Meet App onto your phones.  Click on the google link and I should be there waiting for you!


All GM invites have been sent to you via google calendar or in an email.  I will also text and email you.

Thank you for you time,

Mrs Lologa

Week 4

Engage Games with Mrs Boyd

Learning through Play

What does Rowing our Waka together look like?

Week 3

8.30am Success for Learning Session

Welcome to Whaea Sajida


2 groups work with Mrs Lologa


The independent group go outside with Mama Paese to learn through Play. 

Week 2

Getting Ready for our Self Portraits

Process of Self Portraits

Take a photo of the children.  Make sure the photo is an extreme close up.  Print photo.  Place photo up on a window.  Trace the main lines.  For younger children I do this part.  Enlarge the drawing to A3.  On an A3 laminating pocket trace the main lines of portrait onto the outside of the pocket.  With a black vivid children to colour in their hair, eye brows, eye (leave 2 little white circles clear) and lips.  Paint an A3 paper using different tones of one colour. Talk about texture and the colour wheel.  Use sponge to paint with and fork for texture,  Glue on brown paper and old paper on, so you can create layers of texture for your face.    

Week 1

Welcome to Room 8

This is our Room 8 whanau for 2022.  

Mama Paese and Aunty Sina are part of our Teaching Team in Room 8.

We learn through play


Iceblocks to end the week on!