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Talofa Lava, Kia ora, Namaste, Fakalofa lahi atu, Kiorana, Malo e lelei, and greetings Room 16 Tamariki and whanau.

Welcome to Term 1, 2022.  

My name is Manu Fonohema; known by Mrs. Fonohema. It is a privilege and an honor to teach the wonderful children of Room 16 this year.

You can contact me via email (manuf@flatbush.school.nz) and I can share my mobile number if that's preferred as our means of contact. 

As we begin Week 5 with Distance Learning, I believe that I and the tamariki are ready to tackle this week with strong determination.

Week 5

Google Meet at 11:30

This google meet is where support will be provided for children who have questions or need clarifications.


Activities - Please take photos of your child while doing learning activities at home. Send those photos to my email and I will put them up on this class webpage.

Those children that were at school on Thursday and Friday last week, were given a Homework book. 

The Units to work on:

Year 6 - Unit 1 - Unit 5

Year 5 - Unit 2 - Unit 6

Extra learning activities: 

These are also some of the learning activities that can be done from home. 

- Reading, Writing, and Maths Online Activities (if you need your Studyladder username and password, I can send them to your email)

* Maths at our house:


- Gardening



It was amazing to see these two beautiful faces today at the google meet. Thank you, Karla and Keona for joining the first online class.  We had a fantastic time going through the possible learning activities that everyone could do from home, and the supports needed by Keona and Karla were addressed. In the end, we enjoyed the Kahoot that we concluded the google meet with.

It was so good to see Ethan and Faiupu at the google meet today.  We celebrated the learning that Karla and Keona shared with Mrs. Fonohema and we also went through the learning activities that they could do to learn from today.

Thanks, Karla and Faiupu for joining in at the google meet. Remember everyone that this is the best time for you to jump in with any questions that you have and need help with. Karla and Faiupu had the chance to seek clarifications from Mrs. Fonohema and it was my pleasure to resolve their queries.  

Looking forward to seeing more beautiful faces tomorrow at the google meet.

We concluded Week 5 Distance Learning with a Kahoot Challenge. Well Done Karla and Faiupu for the great effort during the week. Your dedication to your learning from home enables you two to tackle today's Maths Challenge remarkably.

                                              Weekly Quiz

Click the title Weekly Quiz above (  ) and it will take you to a folder where you will find the weekly Quizzes from Week 1 to Week 4. Questions in these pdfs help us to learn more about what is currently happening in New Zealand and around the world; where children have to read or skim and scan a variety of news on News-Herald and other relevant, trustworthy sites from the internet. Children will apply their reading skills to search for the best source of information, identify suitable readings, read and comprehend, and then choose the best/correct answer for each question.