Flat Bush

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Great to have the opportunity to offer onsite learning for all year levels again.

There will be still be online learning available for those unable to return to school.
We have made some changes from Wednesday, November the 17th around the classrooms our learners will be working from.
They are as follows:
TEAM KAKANO: (Rms 23,1,2,7) will be based in Rooms 1 and 2
TEAM TUPU: (Rms 5,6,8,21,22) will be based in Rooms 8 and 9
TEAM WHANAKE: (Rms 11,12,13,14,15) will be based in Rooms 11, 12 and 13
TEAM PANEKIRETANGA: (Rms 10,16,17,18,20) will be based in Rooms 16,17 and 18
We also introduced other health and safety practice.
They are as follows:
  • Ventilation- all classroom and buildings will have front and back doors open as well as all windows. This will help to create a cross breeze in all rooms.
  • Social Distancing- Each Team will have an allocated area for them to play in during morning tea and lunchtime breaks.
  • All Year 3 and older FBS learners will be given a mask to wear while they are working inside. 
  • Hand sanistiser in all classrooms and school buildings, all class' will revisit what safe hygiene practices we should all be following.
We are also asking that only FBS learners enter our school grounds, please can all whānau drop off and pick up their child/ren from our Flat Bush Rd and Bairds Rd gates.
Our Board of Trustees have issued this directive and thank you in advance for your support and co'operation.

Thank you for your ongoing encouragement and support.
Flat Bush Forever!!