Flat Bush

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What an amazing week we have had exploring our local community. Below are some pictures of us enjoying time at our local parks and at the Fo Guang Shan Buddhist temple. So much fun had by all. 
Welcome to term 2 2022 room 23! We have had a great start to the week with Nano girl, cutting and pasting, feeding our chooks and painting. Happy Mother's day have an amazing weekend. 
We went on a bear hunt we weren't scared........

Outside fun......

Role play with our new foods......................

Exploring with healthy food choices, counting and building!

Patch play with Mrs Tito

Kia Ora my name is Miss brown and I am your teacher in room 23. I am looking forward to having you in my class and watching your grow into a confident learner. 

Wish you all a safe a happy weekend! Can't wait to see you all on Monday :)

Friday - Home Learning........

Have a hunt around the house and see if you can find items that start with the below letters....

Draw a picture of yourself and write a story about what makes you special......
How many green pegs are there?
How many purple pegs are there?
How many white pegs are there?
How many pink pegs are there?
How many yellow pegs are there?
How many pegs are there altogether?

Thursday - Home Learning

How many flowers can you find in each box?

Can you go outside (with an older sibling or adult)?

What are 3 things you can see?
What are 3 things you can hear?

Help at home with some housework. Ask an adult what you can do to help around the house.Doing household chores - how to burn calories

Wednesday - home learning 

Can you practice tying your shoe laces? Click on the link below to see how you tie your laces
Tying your shoe laces 

How many colours can you name? 
How many numbers do you know?

Tuesday - Home Learning 

Star your Tuesday with some cosmic yoga! Click the link below to begin.

Cosmic Yoga

Can you make a magic potion? Have a look around your yard and see what you can find to make a magic potion.

Can you name these shapes?

Monday - Home learning 

How many pom pom's can you count in the picture?

Click link to practice your phonics  Can you practice your butterfly card? Click on the link below.
Butterflies card

Today we talked about "Healthy teeth"". We looked at foods that were good for our teeth and foods that aren't so good 

Practicing our letter knowledge and sounds

Alphabet Card

Remember to practice your letters of the alphabet and sounds