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Hi Room 14, hope you are all well and have enjoyed the first day of our distance learning online. I have set up this page, as I know some of you are probably feeling anxious, worried, less motivated, frustrated, angry or tired about what is happening around us especially with this pandemic (Covid-19), families isolating and the school closing down for the week. If you feel like any of the emotions I have mentioned in the red, then it is OKAY to feel that way! You are not alone, though our reasons may be different, it's okay to feel what we feel because we can't control it. BUT what you can control is BEING KIND TO YOURSELF and that IS SO IMPORTANT!

Check out these cool activities and amazing stories online and hopefully this will help to remind you that it's okay to feel all these sorts of emotions, but to remember that you are AMAZING and UNIQUE in everyway! 

Exercises - How to be KIND to yourself video

Reading - The Reflection in Me

What is the message in this story? 

Reading - Ruby Finds a Worry

What is the message in this story?