Flat Bush

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Wahanga Tuarua 2021
Term 2 2021 Room 14


The students in Room 14 are a mixture of years 3 and 4. I am Mrs Ezekiela, their teacher.

Please feel free to contact me via email: naomie@flatbush.school.nz 

Karakia Timatanga 

Home Learning – Karakia Timatanga

Practice the ‘Karakia Timatanga’ so you know it off by heart.  This karakia is one that all classes use at Flatbush to start the day.

Home Learning – Karakia Timatanga

This karakia is practiced every day when we have singing in the morning.


This year I will put simple activities that you can practice at home. These activities are part of the learning in our classroom and will give you a chance to practice at home. Underneath each week, the home learning activities will be in a green box.  Once the learning has been successful the colour will change to blue.

Student Inquiry

Kaitiakitanga - Guardianship


Maa te huruhuru ka rere manu

Adorn the bird with feathers and it will fly

Guiding Statement:

Each person can make a difference. What we do impacts the way we make a difference.

Guiding Question:

Why is it important to take care of all living things?

Room 14’s Discussions

What does guardianship mean?

How can we be guardians?

In our school, we look after our environment by ..

  • Not wasting free lunches.

  • Feeding our body not the rubbish bin.

  • Trying to finish our lunches.

Question: What can we do with lunches that are not eaten?

  1. Give it away

  2. Put it in the compost bin

  3. Put it in the worm farm

  4. Try a bokashi bin

The students’ were split into four groups and they researched information about their topic. Always thinking about how we could save our environment by not putting food into the rubbish bins.

Wahanga Tuarua, Wiki Tekau | Rāhina 5 - Rāpare 9 o Hōngongoi i te tau 2021

Special Events this week:

Celebration of Success - Thursday

Team Whanake Inquiry Sharing - Wednesday and Thursday

Wahanga Tuarua, Wiki Tuaiwa | Rāhina 28 o Pipiri Rāpare 2 o Hōngongoi i te tau 2021 

Special Events this week:

Matariki Celebration

Hungerball with Andu

Wahanga Tuarua, Wiki Tuawaru | Rāhina 21 - Rāpare 25 o Pipiri i te tau 2021

Special Events this week:

Team Whanake Tupu Youth Library

Tupu Youth Library
Dawson Road

 Wahanga Tuarua, Wiki Tuawhitu | Rāhina 14 - Rāpare 18 o Pipiri i te tau 2021

Special Events this week:

Garden to Table sessions with Mrs Tupou and Mrs Ann O

Wahanga Tuarua, Wiki Tuaono | Rāhina 7 - Rāpare 11 o Pipiri i te tau 2021 

Special Events this week:

Queens Birthday weekend

Newsletter contribution

Term Lua, Week lima | Aso Gafua tolu sefulu Me - Aso Faraile fa o Iuni 2021 

Special Events this week:

Samoan Language Week

Samoan Arts Day 

Wahanga Tuarua, Wiki Tuawha | Rāhina 24 - Rāpare 28 o Haratua i te tau 2021

Special Events this week:

Team Whanake Tupu Library Visit

Wahanga Tuarua, Wiki Tuatoru |Rāhina 17 - Rāpare 21 o Haratua i te tau 2021

Special Events this week:

Pink Shirt Day

Wahanga Tuarua, Wiki Tuarua | Rāhina 10 - Rāpare 14 o Haratua i te tau 2021


Special Events this week:

Auckland Botanic Gardens - Manurewa

Wahanga Tuarua, Wiki Tuatahi | Rāhina 3 - Rāpare 7 o Haratua i te tau 2021


Special Events this week:

School Opens