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Wahanga Tuatoru 2021

Term 3 2021 Room 14


The students in Room 14 are a mixture of years 3 and 4. I am Mrs Ezekiela, their teacher.

Please feel free to contact me via email: naomie@flatbush.school.nz 

Karakia Timatanga 

Home Learning – Karakia Timatanga

Practice the ‘Karakia Timatanga’ so you know it off by heart.  This karakia is one that all classes use at Flatbush to start the day.

Home Learning – Karakia Timatanga

This karakia is practiced every day when we have singing in the morning.


This year I will put simple activities that you can practice at home. These activities are part of the learning in our classroom and will give you a chance to practice at home. Underneath each week, the home learning activities will be in a green box.  Once the learning has been successful the colour will change to blue.

Student Inquiry

Hirangatanga - Excellence


"Ko te ahurei o te tamaiti arahia o tatou mahi" 

Let the uniqueness of the child guide our work

Guiding Statement:

Excellence is being MY best

Guiding Question:

Why do I want to be my best?

How does being my best influence my success?

Paralympics Tokyo 2020

Google Meets - Room 14

I have shared some of the things that Room 14 is doing in their google meets over the last couple of weeks. Hope you join in and have a go.

Home Learning TV - TVNZ Duke +1 (504) 

Monday to Friday 9am to 1pm

On a cold and rainy day, it would be perfect to watch the home learning channel. We just started watching episodes of the Middle Maths from TVNZ on Demand. We watched the maths lesson with Fern Webber and Ronnie Taulafo about solving maths problems for different contexts (e.g., hangi pit, umu). It was interesting, I stopped at certain parts to give students a chance to work out the problem and share what they thought. 

Middle Maths - Home Learning

Nanogirl - STEM activities

Build a Rocket Launcher! STEM activity for kids to do at home in lockdown | Nanogirl Livestream

We also looked at a couple of episodes from Nanogirl. Mrs Mayerholfer has kindly been sharing these with us over lockdown. 

Wahanga Tuatoru, Wiki Tua Tekau | Rāhina 27 Mahuru to 

Rāpare 1 Whiringa-ā-nuku i te tau 2021

Maata's Unit 1 learning

Whakawhanaungatanga - We work for each other

Tu Pōno - We know who we are

Mahi Ngatahi - We Work as  a Team

Wahanga Tuatoru, Wiki Tuaiwa | Rāhina 20 - Rāpare 24 o Mahuru i te tau 2021

Maanakitanga - We care for and Respect Others

Atawhai - We Value Others

Whakawhanaungatanga - We Work for Each Other

Tu Pono - We know who we are

Wahanga Tuatoru, Wiki Tuawaru | Rāhina 13 - Rāpare 17 o Mahuru i te tau 2021

Google Meet Wednesday 15th September 2021

Today our google meet was short and sweet with lots of fitness. Thank you to Miss Vaka for sharing the TAROBOYZ fitness. We had super fun with all the moves!!  See you all at tomorrow's Team Whanake Kahoot.


Google Meet Monday 13th September 2021

Today we talked about the Atawhai value and what we are thankful for.  We played Kahoot and then listened and sang 'He Honore' together.

Maata's Celebration of her Dad's birthday

Mahi Ngatahi - We work as a team

Maanakitanga - We care for and respect others

Atawhai - We value others

Arohatia - We Encourage Others

Whakawhanaungatanga - We Work for Each Other

Wahanga Tuatoru, Wiki Tuawhitu | Mōnite ono - Falaite hongofulu Sepitema 2021 

Special Events this week:

Tongan Language Week 2021

Maata's Examples of Maanakitanga 

Being an Active Learner

Tongan Greetings and Salutations


Google Meet Falaite Sepitema hongofulu

Welcome to Whaea Julie for coming onto our google meet. Today's google meet was a catch up and we just did some jump jam. Well done everyone, I was sweating, hope you were as well.

Google Meet Tu'apulelulu Sepitema hiva

Jump Jam Online


Jump Jam today. That was lots of fun and we were energised after that session. Well done to everyone that came onto the google meet today. You are all awesome learners!

MadisynBlue's Example of Maanakitanga

MadisynBlue, her brother and mum made pizza muffins. Yummy, yummy, yummy!!

Google Meet Pulelulu Sepitema valu

Welcome to Miss Ama for her first time on our google meet. We had 9 room 14 learners come on today, 7 who are using Flat Bush devices.

Room 14 Learner

One aspect of Room 14's learning contract on the wall in our classroom is being an active learner. Below is a reminder of some ideas about being an active learner that our class discussed at the beginning of this year.

Tu Pono - We Know Who We Are

Mahi Ngatahi - We Work as a Team

Maanakitanga - We Care for and Respect Others

Atawhai - We Value Others

Arohatia - We Encourage Others

Maata's Home Learning

Google Meet Mōnite Sepitema ono

Today we played Kahoot. We tried a kahoot about popular songs, but changed halfway through to a kahoot about grammar. Thank you for sending in photos of your child's learning.

Father's Day - Sunday

Do something special for the male person in your life, like your dad, uncle, papa, older brother.

Father's Day for Tyrell's family

Here is a photo of Tyrell with his Dad, Grandpa & Uncle on Fathers Day. He made his dad, grandpa & uncle Seafood Boil for lunch. 


Wahanga Tuatoru, Wiki Tuaono | Rāhina 30 Here-turi-kōkā - Rāpare 3 o Mahuru i te tau 2021

 Google Meet Friday 3th September 2021

 Welcome to Cleo and Lazarus for their first google meet today. It was just a quick catch up to see how everyone was and wish them a lovely weekend. Keep sharing your home learning please.

 Cleo's Home Learning

Distance Learning

Atawhai - We Value Others

Maanakitanga - We Care and Respect Others

Mahi Ngatahi - We Work as a Team

Tu Pono- We Know Who We Are

Whakawhānaungātanga- We Work for Each Other

Google Meet Tuesday 31st August

 Welcome to Maata for our google meet today. We decided rules for coming onto google meet. Then looked at Studyladder and Education Perfect. Then finished with Kahoot.

Google Meet Monday 30th August

Massive welcome to McKenzy, MadisynBlue and Mrs Tupou. It was great seeing you. 

 Karakia Timatanga – MadisynBlue

 Checking in – everyone sharing how they are (in alphabetical order).

List of what they are doing at home:

  • Studyladder
  • Playing outside having fun
  • Cleaning (my favourite)
  • Exercising
  • Colouring
  • Prodigy
  • Board games – monopoly, bingo

Flat Bush web page – checking the home learning activities (these will be on our class page as well for each day).

Room 14 web page – looked at Sasha and Tyrell’s home learning. 

Education Perfect – asked students to log on today and change their password today. We will check this at our google meet on Tuesday.

Game on google meet – I Spy – students had to say the room they were in and the beginning of the first sound / letter of something in that room. (Can you imagine all the students talking at once, so adapted it so they had to type their answer in the google meet chat. Much better!!)

Karakia Whakamutanga – Violet

Siosifa's Home Learning 

(Photo Credit: Siosifa's Mum)

Sasha's Home Learning 

(Photo Credit: Sasha's Mum)

Tyrell's Home Learning 

(Photo credit: Tyrell's Mum)

Tyrell helping his mum with baking.

Wahanga Tuatoru, Wiki Tuarima | Rāhina 23 - Rāpare 27 o Here-turi-kōkā i te tau 2021

TVNZ On Demand - Home Learning


Google Meet Friday 27th August 2021 - 10am

Here are snapshots of our google meet today at 10am. Well done to the learners that managed to get on today. You are awesome!

Today De’Andre opened with our karakia and Grace closed with our karakia. Then in alphabetical order of their first names, each student talked about what they had been doing during level 4. We had some students baking, playing outside on the trampoline and skateboard, watching movies, mowing the lawn and using their home learning packs. I can’t wait to see all the photos, so we can put them on our web page. 

They voted on days and time to meet for our google meet. So google meets are on Monday and Tuesday at 10am.  Woo-hoo!!!!Google Meet Instructions

Kia Ora Whanau, here are some google meet instructions. Hopefully it is easy to follow.

Home Learning NZ Webpage

Check out this activity - I tried it today and it was very informative and fun.


Wahanga Tuatoru, Wiki Tuawha | Rāhina 16 - Rāpare 20 o Here-turi-kōkā i te tau 2021

Alert - Level 4 -11.59pm Tuesday 17th August 2021

Special Events this week:

Home Learning Fono - Thursday

Swimming - Team Whanake - Thursday

Wahanga Tuatoru, Wiki Tuatoru | Rāhina 9 - Rāpare 13 o Here-turi-kōkā i te tau 2021

Special Events this week:

Let’s Siva Dance

Swimming - Team Whanake - Thursday

Wahanga Tuatoru, Wiki Tuarua | Mōnite rā rua - Varaire rā ono o  'Aukute 2021

Special Events this week:

Epetoma o te reo Māori  Kūki  'Āirani 2021

Swimming starts - Thursday

Wahanga Tuatoru, Wiki Tuatahi | Rāhina 26 - Rāpare 30 o Hōngongoi i te tau 2021

Special Event this week:

Back to school

Room 14 - Term 3 - Week 1


Home Learning

Olympic Games – Watch the Olympic Games on TV. Think about the sports and the countries that are competing.