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Lumana'i Fou

(Future Generation)

Welcomes You To Our Page!

We are the World

We are the Future

We are the Ones  

That make a better place

So we'll keep learning

Faafetai lava!



Ni Hao Everyone!

We celebrated Chinese Language Week this week.

Also, we've made it to the end of the school term of Term 3. So, we are now on school holidays for two weeks. We hope all of you will keep safe and take care of yourselves. 

Here is the last happenings of Lumana'i Fou's work from home. 


My Beautiful Mum’s B-day

In the morning - wake up early and make mum some breakfast like . . .

* Toast with butter and jam

* A cup of tea like coffee

* Make her some noodles

In the afternoon - make her a snack and a cup of tea 

* Some crackers and a cup of tea

In the evening we’re going to do something very very special for her and do whatever she wants for her Birthday 

This is my family’s planning for my special mother’s birthday.



TJ and his brother's practicing their speaking in Chinese and showing their score for playing Coin Toss in Chinese Language

TJ is working on his learning of Reading, Writing and Art

Thank you for following our learning from home in these trying times. 

We hope that you will all have a safe, but fun holiday. 

Manuia le tu'uaga o aoga.

Faafetai tele lava!



Talofa Everyone!

Hope you are all well.

Here are some of the work from Lumana'i they have worked on from their homes.



Please keep sending through any work that has been done at home with you and your families. 

Keep safe and take care.

Faafetai lava!


Wiki Waru

Tena koutou!

Here are some of Lumana'i Fou's happenings of Te Wiki O Te Reo Maori.

Thomas Sharing His Taonga

This is my Taonga. A photo of me when I was 6 years old back on the island selling fish in front of our house. Can you see the main road, where I am standing beside? That's the way going straight to the Samoan International Airport, towards and from town. I keep this as a precious memory of another way of earning money for living in Samoa. My papa has a fishing net and when they caught the fish, they piled them up with 15 fish and sold them for either $25 or $30.

By Thomas

Room 10

Thomas's Mahi on  Maori Words & Phrases
1.   Pepeha - way of introducing myself

2.   Ko Thomas toku ingoa.

      My name is Thomas.

3.   moana-sea

4.   kaumatua-elder people.

5.   taonga-treasure

6.   ahiahi-afternoon

7.   kia ora-hello/thank you

8.   kaiako-teacher

9.   morena-good morning

10. tamariki-children

11. nau mai-welcome

12. tena koutou-greetings to you all

13. karakia-prayer

14. E te Atua-Dear God

15. grandmother-kuia

16. homai kia matou-give it to us

17. ko aroha-your love

18. mokopuna-grandchildren

19. iwi-tribe

20. ka kite-see you

Preston's Mahi On Te Reo Maori

20 Maori Kupu On Fruits











Sweet Potato-kumara

Watermelon-merengi wai


Eggplant-whakato hua manu







TJ's Mahi On Te Reo Maori

Casey's Mahi on Te Reo Maori

Casey's creative certificate in        Te Reo Maori

Casey's mahi on Te Reo Maori

Casey's encouraging words she identified in Te Reo Maori

We hope you enjoyed our happenings regarding Te Wiki O Te Reo Maori this week and please join us at 2.30pm today for our closing assembly to end off Te Reo Maori Language Week!

Also, just a reminder that the Learning Packs will be ready for pick up from the Flat Bush Road gate on Wednesday 23 September from 10am to 2pm. Only one person from the family is required to pick the Learning Pack up and please wear a mask.

Nga mihi nui ki a koutou katoa!