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Week 4, Term 4

Friday - Week 4 - Home Learning Activities – CRT

Ramere  tekau ma rua o Whiringa- a- rangi, rua mano rua tekau ma tahi

Kia Ora room 10, I hope you have all had a great week. Our zoom meet today is at 10am. Click on the link to join - Room 10 google . Look forward to seeing you all there, Miss Young

  Thank you wonderful tamariki for attending our zoom meet today. I hope you learnt heaps about our topic today. Have a wonderful weekend.


Listen to the story below and answer the following questions below:



1: What date did the troops invade Taranaki?

2: How many troops were there?

3: What does Parihaka symbolise?

4:What was the larger korero about?

5:After the first Taranaki war in 1860 what did the government introduce?

6: What  does the NZ settlement act mean?

 7: What is the suppression of rebellion act?

8: How much Taranaki land was taken from Maori?

9:What did the government do with this land?

10:Which land  was the Peaceful  village of parihaka setup?

11: Who were the Maori leaders?

Poster creations

Create your own Poster about Parihaka. Draw the leaders, or the Maunga, or the peaceful protesters. Add a phrase to your poster.


Can you imagine how  much land was taken and how all those poor people felt when  the

being taken away from you. How would you feel? What would you do?

 I loved how the people of Parihaka stayed peaceful throughout the invasion. Do you know what peaceful is? look at the picture below and pick one idea of how you can try being peaceful at home.
Think of another idea of how we could make NZ or the world more peaceful? 


Maths problems

A1: On Monday, Tewhiti and Tohu share some Kumara.

Together, how many Kumara  do they have to share?

A2:If Tewhiti has 2 Kumara , and Tohu has 4 Kumara on Tuesday and Wednesday too, how many Kumara do they each have?

A3:What is the total number of Kumara  that Tewhiti and Tohu share in three days?



B1:On Monday, Tewhiti and Tohu have 7 Kumara .

 They are not equally shared.

2 of the Kumara are Tewhiti's.

How many Kumara  are Tohu's?

B2:Tewhiti has the same number of Kumara each day up to (and including) Friday.

Altogether Tewhiti and Tohu have 20 Kumara .

How many Kumara  are Tohu's that week?


C1:On Monday, Tewhiti, Tohu and Rogomai share some Kumara  they'd been given.

 Rogomai got half as many Kumara  as Tewhiti, and Tohu got a third as many Kumara  as Tewhiti got.

 They got the same number of Kumara  each day up to (and including) Friday.

  1. C2:If Rongomai got 9 Kumara on Wednesday, how many kumara did Tohu get on Thursday?

  2. C3:If the number of Kumara that Tohu got over Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, less than the number Rongomai got for the days Thursday and Friday?

  3. C4:How many days does it take for the number of Kumara Rongomai got, to be greater than the number Tewhiti got on Friday?


End with Fitness session below!


Talofa lava everyone!

Enjoy following our happenings for this week . . .


Thomas' Family Physical Challenge Video

Thomas' Family Physical Challenge Video


Niseana's Google Slide

Word Exploration About Feelings


Faith's Postcards

This is the view I have been looking at for months and the reason why it’s important to me is because it reminds me of my dad and two nanas. Especially because my dad will not be coming back and my nanas have passed away.

And . . .

This is the second important thing to me because it reminds me of the past since I was born and my mum and dad gave it to me so that I could remember them both when I move on in life.