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Week 2, Term 4

Come and have a look at our learning from home!

During Google Meets, we talked about how to express our 'feelings' through study and poems!


Have a read at Thomas's beautiful poem he wrote if we were to return to school... 

We’re Going Back To School

We’re going back to school; the place we sorely missed a long time.

We’re going back to school; we may be facing new pathways, but should  be fine.

We’re going back to school; we will get back in our own classroom.

We’re going back to school; 2 metres apart and start learning to bloom.

We’re going back to school; we might feel unsafe and unsure.

We’re going back to school; hopefully everything has been done pure.

We’re going back to school;  we might be scared of the delta variant.

We’re going back to school; when we will be sure it is normal and brilliant.

Written by Thomas Lam Sam

Please click on the link below to see Thomas' Google Slide about his Word Exploration on Feelings...

Thomas' Google Slide


Here is another poem we discussed 

and wrote about...


My Favourite Moment With My Family

My favorite moment with my family is going out to Chipmunks so that the little ones can play instead of being bored and having nothing to play. They were getting mostly bored with dancing and singing. So we went to Chipmunks and played with my cousins. We had so much fun together. The games we played were: Tag, Hide and Seek, Get That Baby, Find that Baby and Peek-a-Boo. We played on the slides, swings and we played in the coloured ball pit. 

We had fun until we were ready to leave and go to the mall and we ate butter chicken, rice and our drink was coke. That was my favourite memorable fun together with my family.


Please click on this link below to see what Jireh's Word Exploration explains about feelings and her experiences with them...  

Jireh's Google Slide 



Here is TJ exploring his learning about his feelings in Tongan...

Continue watching about our learning from home... 

Faafetai lava!