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Happy holidays learners, sharing some possible lockdown bordem busters for you and your whanau.

  1. Take part in the Street Art Bike Challenge, run by our friends at EcoMatters. Hop on your bike this October for a journey of street art discovery. There are more than $1,000 in prizes to be won!
  2. Spring has sprung and the flowers are in bloom, follow the online updates from the Auckland Botanic Gardens.
  3. Learn creative skills and crafts with The ReCreators' free online workshops. Plus they have a huge line up of free kids workshops for the school holidays!
  4. For the kids (or your inner child), check out these free online activity books from Auckland Zoo.
  5. Get into your garden with expert advice from the team at the Auckland Botanic Gardens. Learn what to grow, how to create your own compost and get gardening tips for spring.
  6. Browse Auckland Council Libraries' wide range of free books, magazines, newspapers and podcasts in their eCollection.
  7. Learn how to make your backyard a haven for our precious native birds.
  8. Lockdown might have thwarted your plans for September, so you can do Blue September and support Kiwis with prostate cancer whenever it works for you; October, November or beyond. Our team got crafty and creative at home.
  9. Visit Auckland Museum at Home and discover their online events, collections and activities.
  10. Volunteer to deliver groceries to people in need with Student Volunteer Army. You don't need to be a student to sign up!

Talofa Rm18 learners and whanau, I'd like to share a big thankyou for all you have done to participate in or support your child in their Distant Learning over the last 5 to 6 weeks.  Whether it was the FBS Values programme, hardcopy learning packs or your own home, family learning opportunities such as caring for, helping their siblings or elders, cooking, cleaning, whanau korero, bible studies, fitness, values and respect, gardening......

All wonderful and valuable learning experiences for our tamariki!

FBS Forever! Ms Vaka

Xiè xiè, Ngā mihi nui, Fa'afetai tele lava, 

Mālō 'aupito, Meitaki !  

I look forward to seeing all our learners back at school Term4! 

 Until then stay safe and be kind:)    

A huge congratulations to the Makoni whanau on their new addition "Koula Makoni Jnr".  Well done to  Nikolas who has been learning about all that is involved in taking care of a baby and how to be the best uncle he can be! Singing songs to him everynight to put him to sleep.

Check out the latest update on Nikolas and his learning with his whanau in their garden and their vegetable/plant boxes. Tu meke Nikolas!


It's been a busy time for Nikolas helping his whanau by firstly collecting the garden tools needed in the wheelbarrow, shovelling and transferring soil to the plant boxes with his spade. Next learning from his dad how to grow vegetables/carrots from seeds starting with little plant boxes measuring and  digging out holes for the seeds so that the baby plants will have room for their roots to spread. 

Lastly is it hot enough for watermelons  to grow Nikolas wonders and smiles to us.  Does he give it a go?


Loving the guidance being provided for Nikolas by his elder brothers, Can't miss that spectacular vocabulary either William Makoni!

 You must have gone to Flat Bush School.

Da jia hao - Hello everyone and welcome to Week 10

Well done Rm18 for making it to the last week of the term.  Chinese and Tuvalu Language Week 2021.

Congratulations to Penny, Tyler, Miah, Shane, Sarah and Ake for getting your Chinese story answers in to Mrs Zhao and the winners of  our final T3 Kahoots.

1- Chinese celebrate New year by cleaning the house,decorating the house in gold and red(lucky colours), gathering with friends and family, cooking a family feast eating dumplings.

2-Mum and Wai po, grandma were cooking for friends and family

3-Tang yuan (sweet rice balls)

4-The celebration for Chinese New Year lasts 15 days.
5-Inside the hong bao is money .

Miah shares some information about food and China.  Thank you!

 Chinese food we love to eat

  • Soybean Milk and Deep-Fried Dough Sticks. Golden deep-fried dough sticks. 

  • Steamed Buns Stuffed with Meat, Soup, or Nothing. Lovely steamed buns for breakfast.


  • Tofu Pudding. 

  • Wheat 

  • Rice Noodles. ...

  • Steamed Glutinous Rice. ...

  • Rice Porridge or Congee. ...

  • Wontons and Dumplings.


 China,the Dynasty and Emperors of China

The first person to discover china?

  • The first person to discover China was Marco polo.

  • Marco Polo was a European explorer.

What was China called before the 2000s?

  • China was traditionally known as the Republic of China.

  •  China was a sovereign state based in the mainland.

  •  China from 1912 to 1949, prior to the relocation of its government to Taiwan as a result of the Chinese Civil War.

Who was the first dynasty in china?

  • The Xia dynasty is traditionally said to be the first of many ancient Chinese dominant houses.

  •  It is thought to have existed from around 2070 until 1600 B.C.E. 

  • Yet the existence of this dynasty has been debated.



Who is the most popular emperor of china?   

  • Among the most famous emperors were Qin Shi Huang of the Qin dynasty.

  •  The Emperor's Gaozu and Wu of the Han dynasty, Emperor Taizong of the Tang dynasty. 

  • Kublai Khan of the Yuan dynasty, the Hongwu Emperor of the Ming dynasty, and the Kangxi Emperor of the Qing dynasty.


Who was the worst chinese emperor?

  • Despite his accomplishments Emperor Yang is generally considered by traditional historians to be one of the worst tyrants in Chinese history. 

  •  The reason for the Sui dynasty's relatively short rule.

Penny gets some exercise with her whanau, looks like they have the park to themselves.

Xiēxiē nī  Thankyou Sarah! a great effort sharing what you found around your house and using other languages.

A-Z list of things in my house. 

A air conditioner
B book - pukapuka ( Maori) - pepa (Tongan)
C couch
D deck
E eraser
F floor - dimian (Chinese)
G games - vainga (Tongan)
H hazel nuts
I ice cream - bingqilin (Chinese)
J jam
K keys 
L lamps
M microwave
N nails
O orange - moli (Tongan) 
P phone 
Q queen bed 
R rice 
S speaker
T table - tepile (Tongan) - bing zhuo (Chinese) - tepu (Maori)
U umbrella
V vacuum
W wifi
X xbox
Y yard 
Z zipper 

Tino Pai Miah!  Miah has identified objects in her house starting with almost every letter of the alphabet.  What starts with q in her home?

"I am just admiring the beautiful sunset"   Ataahua! Thanks for sharing with us Ake, a lovely way to relax and reflect.

Rm18 Learner Nikolas has been busy building plant boxes under the guidance of his older brothers and dad. Life long skills being learnt, super cool Nikolas!

Nikolas taking some time out after a hard days mahi.

"Hi Ms, I used a app to design what I would think i would look like in 20 years and it called avatar maker

Wow Tyler!  You look like a whole new you!  Tu meke!

Tyler enjoys spending some of his lockdown time drawing.  Looks fantastic!  


Ake, Ava and Tyler practise their recall of multiplication.

Welcome to Week 9 Rm18 learners where


This week we were extremely lucky to have Mrs Zhao read a Traditonal tale from China, 'Chang-O and the Moon'.

We learnt about the Chinese once a year moon festival where the biggest full moon of the year appears in our night sky.  Mrs Zhao and her family light up scented sticks for peace and harmony.  A time to celebrate the upcoming harvest, Mrs Zhao and her family would watch the moon at night and share Mooncake which we learnt was actually the size of muffins!  We even had some extra guests join us .  I hear Snuggles thoroughly enjoyed the tale read by Mrs Zhao.  Thanks for joining us!


5 Day Menu created by Miah Morton

Day 1

Chicken raps with mayo

Day 2
Chicken sandwich with mayo

Day 3
Ham and cheese sandwich
Potatoe wedges 

Day 4
Creamy chicken pasta
Kale chips

Day 5
Ham and cheese burgers
Kale chips

Ps: these meals need to be hot not cold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The sandwiches and the burger don't need to be warm

Miah creates a wonderful cover for her list of 10 fav songs.

Penny finds out what school her Mum and Nana went to when they were her age!

Fa'afetai tele lava Heleina!  A fabulous share about the extremely important role your dad is playing as an essential worker during this lockdown. I'd have to agree with dad you don't need to worry as he will be completely wrapped up in protection PPE gear and your korowai of love and faith when he is at work!

Malo 'upito DAD for all you are doing for the wellbeing of all of us!

101 Maori words shared by Heleina!  Tu meke!








Tau te kohu-foggy

Kia ora-hello




Ratu- tuesday





E noo-sit

Ki raro-down

Ki runga-up










Te wheke-octpus


Te moana-lake





Tamaiti tane-boy


Whaea keke-aunty





Whatitoka-door way

Mowhiwhiti- jump
















Taniwha-sea monster

Ka pai-awesome







Kokuho - give

Take - take

Pukapuka- paper

Okiko- Physical

Tuanui- roof

Tumu - foundation

Papara kawhe- Coffee table

Hopa - sofa    Nohoanga - chair

Parekereke- bed

Pera - pillow

Paraikete - blanket

Panikeke- Pancake

Tuiti- sweet

Keke- cake

Ahuahanga- shape

Terewihana- Television

Monita- monitor

Katao- water



Tote- salt

Pepa- pepper

Pata- butter

Taro- bread

Tiamu- jam

Miraka- milk

Houra- soda


Kotero- potato

Heki -egg

Mahunga - head

Hu - shoes

Ake shares a little about her bubble members after interviewing them.  

My Nana lived in Otara for 25 years she came here in 1996.

Nana Ngere went to the school Apii Mauke in the Cook Islands.

She had been on the island Mauke for 13 years and spent  33 years in Rarotonga in the Cook islands. 

My Aunty Liane has been in Otara for 1 month and her last school she went to was Apii Mauke in the Cook Islands.

My Aunty Emily has been in Otara for 34 years she moved here in 1987 and her old school is Kelston deaf school. 

'I am late doing this but I like it'  Really glad you enjoyed Ake!  It's never too late to do/try something!

What a wonderful week it was last week celebrating Te Reo Maori. Check out Taonga shared by some of our Rm18 learners.

'Hi Mrs Vaka, This is my Taonga, its special to me because I never really got to see her, she is my only great grandmother that I know of and I've seen her only by photos and video call when she speaks to my Nana. We were going over to Palmerston to celebrate her 70th birthday but sadly she passed away before I could meet her. She is important to my family line and tracing back my family history.'

Wow Penny a very special reason as to why this photo is so special to you.  Thanks for sharing!

'This is our Cook island Taonga my Tivaevae it is special to me because our nana and my mum made it for special occasions like birthdays Christmas and people who passed'

Ataahua Ake!   Extremely special and thankyou for sharing!

A touching reason as to why it so special Ava. Thankyou for sharing!

This necklace is really special to me because my great great grandmother gave it to me 1month and 2 years ago.  It's really special to me because she passed away 1 year ago. I really, really miss her. If I had one wish it would be to bring her back so I can say how much I love her

 so much.

By Ava Cocoza

'These crystals are very special to me because I got them for my birthday.Also they are very beautiful and I got some of them from the water myself.'  Ataahua Miah, thanks for sharing!

Week 8  - Kia ora koutou katoa and welcome to Maori Language week where we celebrate the everyday use of Maori language in Aotearoa.

Rāmere - Te Wiki O Te Reo Māori Closing Assembly 

Opens at 2.20pm with a 2.30pm start. Nau mae, Haere mai!

Ataahua Miah!

"I did 105 words I am proud of myself.:)"  

We are super proud of you too Ake!  Ka pai tō mahi! 

My list of Maori Words 

Tahi       Haikai                  mahi                  karaka

Rua       Ngenge                inaianei             ngeru

Toru       Mauiui                  ra whanau       kuri

Wha       Pourri                   titipi                 Whakaahua

Rima      makariri               poaka             taringa

Ono       whariki                 wera               karu

Whitu    Tamaki Makaurau   papanga teepu      kao

Waru     whakapakiri tinana    paraharaha      ae

Iwa       ra                            iti                 pai

Tekau   tama                       nui              kanikani

Tena koutou    hu                tena koe       kapu

Kia kaha   teina                   hopi            motuka

Kai     mama                     moe             roto

Inu  papa                         paraikete       pata

Waewae Awa                  urunga           tami

Teepu     rererangi           tuara           pepi

Maunga   ki runga           Mane          aporo

Ingoa      iho                   Turei           pene 

Hoa        pihi                  Rahoroi       ripene

Hua manu    waea          Taite           pereti

Kura        whakawera     Prairie       ako

Kaiako     tokena            Hatari       he aha

Tuuru       tarau              Ratapu       Te reo

Paru         koti               wiki whakataa   horoi horoi

Wharepaku   karaka       Pito aniwaniwa    kupu

Harikoa         remana     Waho                 makawe

Lovely to have Morgan and PJ join us this week.


A wonderful Te Reo Maori Kahoots.  Ngā mihi nui Ms Browne! 

Congratulations to the winners Jirah 1st, 2nd place Lia and the mysterious Bab 3rd:)

Great effort Tyler, Ake, Heleina and Miah who we also saw on the points table at various times throughout the kēmu !

Another attempt by Miah increasing her list. Tino pai Miah

I count 41, how about you?

kai-food                     pa-hill fort                 kiwi-native flightless bird

awa-river                   motu-island               hangi-traditional feast 
whakarongo-listen     moana-sea                hikoi-walk
hapu-sub tribe           maunga-mountain     hui-gathering
tahi-1                           mahi-work                aotearoa-New Zealand
rua-2                            kia ora-helo              iti-small
turu-3                           ringaringa-hands      karakia-prayer 
wha-4                           haka-maori dance    kaumatua-elder
rima-5                           tangi-funeral             kauri-large native conifer
ono-6                            tane-man
whitu-7                          tamahine-daughter
waru-8                          tama-son
iwa-9                             pounamu-green stone
tekau-10                        marae-meeting house                     
wai-water                       manuhiri-visitors
aroha-love                      koha-gifts

Rāapa  - Team Panekiretanga Te Reo Maori Kahoots 12pm

Nau mai, haere mai!

Ka mau te wehi!   Great effort by Penny sharing some Maori phrases of encouragement for others.

Autaia Koe!  Lovely to have learner Miah acknowledge another learners efforts, Ake.  Ataahua Miah!

Tyler and his whanau go for a hīko.  Tu meke!


We have all been invited to the following Google meet 12pm today, to sing some waiata and play some kēmu  as part of the Māori  Language movement.  Nau mai, haere mai!

Taking part is like being a superhero! Except it’s not only people you are protecting, you’re also protecting a language! Te reo Māori is the Indigenous language of Aotearoa - it is our taonga to keep and cherish.  

Ka rawe Tyler and Miah!!  These learners have recorded the Maori words they could instantly recall and like the rest of us will continue to add new words we learn during the week.  How long will your list be by the end of the week?

Tyler 13.9.21

Miah 13.9.21





Hapu-sub tribe














Kia ora-hello


Ko miah toku ingoa-my name is miah

RāhinaPlease join the opening of our FBS 2021 Te Reo Māori Language week from 8.45am onwards, 9am start. Rm18 

Learners what Taonga are you going to share with Ms Young? Can you  explain what makes them so special to you? 

Penny demonstrating our school value Manaakitanga while out and about getting some exercise during the weekend.  Autaia koe!

Hi mrs vaka, heres a photo when my cousin fell asleep in my jacket while I was riding, I still cant imagine how much pain I had in my back from her weight 😂

Week 7 - Mālō e lelei  and welcome to a week celebrating Tongan Language. 


What a sweaty, exhausting pleasure having Ms Young lead us in fitness yesterday.  Check out her making Faikakai, my favourite too Ms Young!  Lucky at most Tongan celebrations,lunches and dinners we don't have to wait until desert time to eat it, we eat it with our main meal.  Lucky!

The final product and DJ is learning to say the body parts in Tongan! Lelei 'aupito!

What an artist DJ!

DJ begins the challenge of naming the body parts.  Fakaofo 'ofa!

Sai 'aupito Tyler!

Lelei 'aupito Ake!   Fantastic work looking for pictures to match words.

1. FAKA‘APA‘APA - respect

2. FAKAKOLOA - enrich

Fakakoloa Aotearoa: enriching New Zealand – Education Gazette

3. HA‘AMONGA ‘A MAUI  -3 stones



Tonga - Heilala | Unique flowers, Purple plants, Flowers National flower of Tonga



6. KAFA    made from coconut

Kids set of kafa. made of... - Tongan handcraft for sales'' | Facebook

7. KIEKIE  A waist item to wear to church

20 Kiekie ideas | tongan, tongan culture, polynesian designs

8. KUPESI - Design stencils for ngatu

Tongan designs | Polynesian art, Tongan, Tongan tattoo

9. LALAVA – The art of lashing- to bind round and round

10.NGATU – cloth

Tongan ngatu - marking moments in time | Collections Online - Museum of New  Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa