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Children's Work

Wednesday Online Session 1/12/21

Hosted by Mrs Zhao, Ms Haynes & Ms Young

WOW…. Another great turnout today, I think we had 14 students online and 3 teachers.

I love this online engagement - keep up the amazing online work that you are all doing!

Today we started off with our Karakia and our FBS pepeha…. Thank you Ms Young for leading our FBS Pepeha.

We then sang and went over the actions for the Six 60 NZSL -My Pepeha song!

After the song we read a story called - Rat on the rug. We asked a number of students to read different parts of the story making it a team effort creating a shared story moment together...

Uriah, Indigo, Polevia, Saint Paul & I think it was Delijah who read to us!

Uriah read this page nicely for us.

We discussed who the main characters are in the story.

We discussed the setting of the story (time and place)

We looked at the key words in the text.

Polevia read this page for us!

We spoke about how Nat and Tane might be feeling in this moment of the text….

Some of the responses were that they were worried, scared & frightened.

We also asked the kids to share what they thought was under the rug?????

We checked in with the kids and asked what they think will happen???

We tried a new online tool today and went into breakout rooms in our Zoom meet!

Mrs Zhao had a group, Ms Haynes had a group and Ms Young had a group and we discussed how we would end the story, if we wrote the story to make it more interesting!

Mrs Zhao went over the writing worksheet for today in segments based on the story we read.

Your writing task for today is to think of an interesting story ending - did the fat cat catch the slow grey rat? Or did the grey speedy rat escape?  Mmmmmmmm 

After our story, we played a maths warm up game online…

Then Mrs Zhao taught us about the Place Value House family - 3 siblings lived in the house little brother names ‘ONES’, middle brother named ‘TENS’ and big sister named ‘HUNDREDS’

We  spent time working on a few number problems using base 10 blocks….

When you have 9 (Ones) and you are given 1 more you make 10; this row of blocks connected together represent 1 row of 10 (Ten).

We learnt that to add faster we add the tens and then we count the ones.

We would like you to try and work out the last math page like the working out we did together (see picture below in green rectangle box).

We ended off with another Math quiz based on the place value system!

Check out how smart our Tamariki are!!!!

Ending our online session with our closing Karakia!

Monday Online Learning Session

29/11/21 Hosted by Mrs Zhao & Ms Haynes

Today was a great day for us online - we had so many students turn up to be part of our fun online session today!

We started off with a story about a little girl that liked to dream when she slept.

The story was called - Remember to dream Ebere

We then introduced our learning for today and went over the School Pepeha….

Well Done to Zapphire (Mum) and Jezrkaya who read out the FBS Pepeha for us!

After reading the FBS pepeha, we looked at rhyming words - the main idea was that words had the same ending sound!

We then had the opportunity to listen to Mrs Zhao read a poem. While Mrs Zhao read to us, we listened out for rhyming words….

Check out the photos of our rhyming word detectives that listened for rhyming words in the poem! 

We also had time to go over a multiplication word problem!

Check out how we solved question number 3…

We made tidy 10s and took away 7 as we discussed that it was easier to skip count in 10s than to add 9+9+9+9+9+9+9=

We then had time to sing along and learn NZ sign language to go with the six 60 - Pepeha song!

To end off our online learning we played a game of hangman!!

The word was Rhyming.

Friday online learning


Our online learning started at 11:00 today and finished at 12:20. Thanks to all the parents and other family members who have helped our kids to participate in the Zoom lessons. Today's online photos are as below. The activities are on our Team Tupu Online Learning Page. Please send your completed Goku artwork to Miss Young after you  have finished.

Roll call - 19 students online

Recapping number work

Saint Paul learning online

Saint Paul’s Goku drawing

Class showing their first part of Goku drawing

Kahoot winner - Polevia Well done💥

Jeramiah's learning

Goku Drawing

Thursday 25th November 2021

Our online learning started at 11:00 today and finished at 12:20. Thanks to all the parents and other family members who have helped our kids to participate in the Zoom lessons. Today's online photos are as below. The activities are on our Team Tupu Online Learning Page. Please send your work to Ms Heather and Mrs Zhao's email after you finished.


Maori Days of the Week and Months of the Year



Wednesday 24/11/21 Online learning

Wow what a turn out we had today!!

Group shot:

Today our reading focus was based on reading with expression, we looked at reading with expression by identifying speech marks in the text. We asked children to have a go at changing their voice to sound like different characters and to allow the story to come alive.


Questions and answers were discussed and shared amongst ourselves online today, as I typed the answers up.

  1. How many dragons were there?

Four dragons

  1. Where did the dragons live?

In the cave

  1. How did they feel in the cave?

They felt lonely

  1. List the places they went looking for friends.

  • Skate park

  • library

  • market

  • park 

  1. How did the people at the park feel when they saw the dragons waiting by the bbq?

Scared, frightened, terrified, scary, worried

  1. What did the dragons do to show that they are friendly dragons?

The dragons helped by sizzling the sausages on the bbq with their fire.

Spelling Activity:

We then took a look at our sound knowledge and looked at ‘Dr’ words, extending their learning to the idea that when you change the end suffix you will create more words! 

Adding: ing, ed & es as word endings.


We looked at the place value system - identifying that the zeros are place holders in larger numbers. (10 x bigger)

Family Facts:

We looked at arrays:

Equal Sharing:

Finishing off with a game of Kahoot!!

Our finalists were 3rd place Kezia, 2nd place Indigo and in 1st place we had Benji!!

Monday 22 November 2021

Hi everyone, check out what we did in our zoom lesson today. We had Ms Young and Mrs Zhao with us. 

Please send you online tasks to 

Ms Young: natashay@flatbush.school.nz or

Mrs Zhao: cissyh@flatbush.school.nz 

We will post your love work to your classpage.

Here are Payne's work today.

Awesome work Payne!


Friday 19 November 2021

Today we had Ms Haynes and Ms Young with us on Zoom.

We have revisited our Tautara story and have learned to write descriptively about a character.

We also learned to do a word pyramid for our spelling words.

 Then we did some Maths word problems. We have used counting on, doubling, skip counting, and multiplication to solve our problem. 

In the end, we played a little game. It was fun!

The related activities are on the TEAM TUPU ONLINE LEARNING page for each class. Please send your complete work to your teacher's email.

Have a great weekend!


Thursday 18th November - 18.11.21

Today was so much fun! 

I had a great time spending time with you all online - Thank you for coming to our zoom session today check out some of our learning we did together - Tu meke !!!

We started off with a (find something that makes you feel happy) scavenger hunt.

Moving onto Ms Haynes reading the story -  Weka helps out!

We looked at speech marks & exclamation marks

We also had a look at 'est' word family and shared some words we knew.

recapping time from yesterday

We went over the days of the week and Months of the year.

We ended our lesson with a Kahoot game and shared what we are going to do to be kind at home. 

Please send your children's work to caitlinh@flatbush.school.nz or cissyh@flatbush.school.nz

Payne’s work.


Raapa 17 Whiringa- a- rangi, rua mano rua tekau ma tahi

Wednesday 17 November 2021


Team Tupu Online Learning

Morena Online Zoom learning for Rooms 5 6 8 21 & 22 at 11am


Passcode: tupu2021 - FBS

Thank you Team Tupu On-line Learners for attending our first Team Zoom session!

See you all the same time and the same link tomorrow!

Week 3

Payne's Work


Payne's Butterfly:)

Mrs Mokalei"s Butterfly:)