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Welcome to Term 4 2021

Term 4 2021 

17 November opened to the students finally!!!

On 4 November was Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights 

Room 15 made some paper Diyas (lamps)

FBS had a Diwali assembly


This term the topic is 


Room 15 shared what they thought kindness was.  

Click on the coloured buttons below  and then on the arrow to open the presentations. 

Friday 5th November- Week 3 - Home Learning Activities – CRT

Ramere  Rima o Whiringa- a- rangi, rua mano rua tekau ma tahi

Namaste Room 15, I hope you have all had a great week so far. Our zoom meet today is at 10.30am. Click on the link to join -Rm 15 Google Meeting. Thank you all for attending out meet today. It was lovely to see your faces. Please can you remember to send all of your completed work to  Mrs Hira so you can go into the draw for next weeks prize. Have a wonderful weekend.


Listen to the story below and answer the following questions about Diwali:  


Diwali story -  Click on the link

Answer the questions below:

1: What is Diwali and what does it celebrate?

2: What does Alisha do on the first day of Diwali?

3: What is Alisha’s favourite part of the story? 

4: What does Alisha watch her Mum do on the third day?

5: What does Saal Mubarak mean?

6: What is at the hall to welcome everyone?

7. What does Bhai beej mean?

8. What does her Alisha do for her brother Sajan?

Design your Diwali card – who would you make it for and what would you put on it? Write E.g. happy Diwali, rangoli patterns, candles, lanterns



Listen to one of the stories of Ram and Sita. Can you use the story map to retell the story?


Fill in your story map of Ram and Sita and see if you can retell the story in your own words. You can use First, Next and Last to help with your structure:

Hansel and Gretel Activities | Activities, Traditional tales, 1st grade  activities

Words to help you retell the story

Maths Problems

A1: On Monday, Ram and Sita share some fireworks.
 Ram has 2 fireworks. Sita has 4 fireworks.
 Together, how many fireworks do they have to share?

A2:If Ram has 2 fireworks, and Sita has 4 fireworks on Tuesday and Wednesday too, how many fireworks do they each have?
A3:What is the total number of fireworks that Ram and Sita share in three days?



B1:On Monday, Ram and Sita have 7 fireworks.
 They are not equally shared.
 2 of the fireworks are Ram’s.
 How many fireworks are Sita’s?

B2:Ram has the same number of fireworks each day up to (and including) Friday.
 Altogether Ram and Sita have 20 fireworks.
 How many fireworks are Sita’s that week?


C1:On Monday, Ram, Sita and Lukshman share some fireworks they'd been given.
 Lukshman got half as many fireworks as Ram, and Sita got a third as many fireworks as Ram got.
 They got the same number of fireworks each day up to (and including) Friday.

  1. C2:If Lukshman got 9 fireworks on Wednesday, how many fireworks did Sita get on Thursday?
  2. C3:Is the number of fireworks that Sita got over Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, less than the number Lukshman got for the days Thursday and Friday?
  3. C4:How many days does it take for the number of fireworks Lukshman got, to be greater than the number Ram got on Friday?

Watch the following clips to help you create your own Rangoli patterns. Pick one that you have resources for, e.g: chalk, paper, rice, paint.

Making Paper Rangoli patterns

We made our Rangoli patterns using chalk outside. See if you can give one of these rangoli activities a go.



Week 1

The first week of Term 4 has just zoomed by.  It was great meeting with those people that joined us on Google meeting everyday this week.  Seeing your smiling faces   again really made my heart sing with joy.  It was great seeing you all again. 

And, it was also fantastic seeing our new students from the old Room 9, Tausili, Alexander and Julia also join us. Week 1 of Term 4, we met with Mrs Mayerhofler and other teachers and students of Team Whanake on a Google meeting. Mrs Tuteru shared with us some work that she has been working with her class about Kindness. Miss Browne lead us with some singing and we also did some Jump Jam dancing. It was great seeing you all dishing out all those moves.   

WeeK 1 was also Niuean Language Week.  We watched some videos that taught us about the Niuean culture, say the days of the week in Niuean and some other cool videos.  

On Friday we our Niuean School assembly  on Google Meet.  We saw amazing FBS whanau sharing about their Niuean culture.  It was fantastic seeing our whanau celebrating Niuean Language Week with us.  

Welcome Room 15 to Term 4 and we are still working from home and doing online learning.  

I have important news to share with you !!

We have 3 new students joining us from Room 9.  

They are:

Tausili Lotonuu 

Alexander Fritz 

Julia Fa'aumumuWelcome t o Room 15!!

We all in Room 15 are so excited to have you join us!!

To start the term off we had our first Google meeting.

We played a Kahoot game and even listened to a story on Storyline On Line.