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Ruma Tekau ma toru - 2023 Class Sharing Page

This is the page where any of your work that you want to share will be put. It could be things copied from your school books or something you have typed on your Chromebooks.

Here are our class photos for our Portraits. I will add our portraits when they are finished.   Hopefully our other friends from class will come soon so we can add their photos too.

Come and check out our class portraits. See if you can work out who is who.   

Here are some of our "All About Me" posters. You will be able to find them on our wall very soon.

Our Class name is The Hulk Gorillas, so we have coloured a gorilla and have attached our faces to them. You can see us swinging from the trees in Room 13.

Here are our class Avatars that we created this week. Can you work out who is who???