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Room 5 Home Learning - Week 5, Term 4

Tuesday 16th November

Morena whanau,

Today we will be taking it easy, we will be doing our reading and spelling tasks then  I will ask you to be kind to others around you and do more 'helpful' things around the house.

Tasks for today:

#1. Read the story Get to the vet

Click on the link

Get to the Vet

Refer to the story and answer these questions:

A) How did the cat hurt its leg?

B) What does the vet do to help the cat?

C) How can we help the environment so that animals don't get any injuries from sharp pieces on the ground? (clue on page 2)

#2. It is word family time!

Can you list as many words as you can that have 'et' in it.

eg. get, let

See how many words you can think of that has 'et' in them.

#3. Be kind and help mum with the washing.

#4. Help out with meal preparation or offer to wash the dishes!

#5. Write a list of things you can do to show kindness towards others.

If you have done all of the above work on a worksheet from your home learning booklet.

Have a great day Room 5 whanau!

Monday 15th November

Morena whanau, 

Hope you are all keeping well these days?

This week I will be heading into school on Wednesday as an extra pair of hands - we have decided that 2/3 teachers will be at school per team and the other 2 teachers will be in charge of the online learning.  This way you will get a chance to experience the talents and skills our team teachers have to offer your child.

How exciting!!!

If you are staying home, please look out for links via txt messages. Maybe the zoom link may even be put on our class webpage in order to access the daily zoom sessions.

Today's learning tasks:

#1. Read along to this story Hoot Hoot.

Click on the link

63831-RTR-Hoot Hoot-web.pdf

#2. Can you write a list of words that have the 'OO' sound in it. For example: shoot, hoot, spoon etc

#3. Work on a worksheet from your home learning booklet.

#4. Answer these questions based on the story HOOT HOOT

Write a for true or F for false:

1. Ruru sleeps at night2. Ruru eats bugs and small mice/ rats and birds.3. Ruru caught a mice for his dinner.
4. Ruru felt happy after he ate his snack.
Answer: Answer:Answer:

Have a great day whanau.

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