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Each week I will add activities that you can do with your child. Please do only as much or as little as you would like to and have fun together! Some activities will be repeated - practise makes perfect! Scroll down for some learning ideas for each day

This is a great video to watch as we learn to count up to 20. Make sure you are standing up and following the directions as you count!

Emergent List Words

These are the pink words. These words are the first ones we learn and are important because we find them in the simple books we read and use them when we write stories. Please help your children to learn these words! This is on-going over the next few weeks.

























Here are some ways to help you teach your children these simple words.

  1. Choose THREE words to learn at a time.

  2. Read the words together.

  3. Write the words with your child, saying each letter as you write it.

  4. Write the words on scrap paper. Cut out the letters and assist your child to put the word back together.

  5. Use magnetic letters to make the words IF you have some.

  6. Write the words outside on the concrete using chalk. Use different colours each time you write the word.

  7. Find the word in stories you read together. 

  8. Play the Memory game using the words. Write the words on scrap paper - make sure you have two copies of each word. Turn them face down and take turns to find pairs of the same word. Say the word aloud when a pair is found.

  9. Use the same words on scrap paper as flashcards.

10. Put the words into simple sentences and read them together. For example I went to the ?? or I went to look at the ??

Tuesday 26th October

Can you write an “I can” story today? Can you see the word can in the blue box? The word I is in the blue box too!

After you have written your story today, practise writing the word can by:

Writing it 5 times on a piece of paper

Writing it outside with some chalk

When you have done this, take a photo and send it to me - I would love to see your hard work!

I used four words from the word card today. I wrote “I can”. Now it’s your turn!

Read this poem with someone in your whanau today. How many times can you see the word can? 

Wednesday 27th October

Maths Fun!

How many rungs are there on this ladder?

How many rungs are there on these ladders?

How many ladders are there on the snakes and ladders board?

How many snakes can you count?

How many ropes are there in the two pictures?

How many green squares?

How many red squares?

How many pink squares?

How many purple squares?

How many hula hoops can you count? Look very carefully - some are well hidden!

Fill in the missing numbers - write the number sentences on some paper, adding the missing numbers!

Thursday 28th October

Here’s some questions about today’s story. 

  1. Where did Father Bear go fishing?

  2. What did Father Bear use to catch the fish?

  3. How many fish did he catch?

  4. Who was looking for Father Bear?

  5. Why was Father Bear sad at the beginning of the story?

Did you notice the word “look” today in the story? I saw that word twice - once with a capital letter and once with a lowercase letter. How many times do you see the word look in the word maze below?

Can you write a fishing story? Can you use the word “look” in your story?

Did you notice I wrote 2 sentences today? And I used the word Look using a capital letter, twice. 

Share you story with me if you can!

Friday 29th October

Thanks to those who joined our Zoom today - so great to see you!! Hope to see you next week too!

Now can you make your own Leaf Man? Go outside and gather up some leaves. Find as many different types as you can - look for different shapes and colours! 

Here’s the leaves I found. Do you like the purple ones? I found some skinny ones, some fluffy ones and some oval shaped ones.

And here’s my Leaf Man. What else could I make? A turtle, a cow, a fish, a duck??