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Enviro school

Wāhanga wha - Term 4 

 Wiki Tuaono - Week 6

 Wiki Tuarima - Week 5

Preparing a new garden bed - if you are wanting to start a new garden but don't want to clear the top of weeds and/or grass, then try laying cardboard over the space where you want your garden. Cover cardboard with mulch if you have it or bits of timber and leave for a couple of months. 

After two months and no direct daylight on the new garden space the grass or weeds would have died off. Remove the timber bits and any left over cardboard (if any). You will need to turn the soil over to get ready for planting.        

 Wiki Tuawha - Week 4

What is a herb? How easy/hard is it to grow herbs?

Make a list of herbs that mum or dad uses when they are cooking.

 Wiki Tuatoru - Week 3

manu - bird

rakau - tree 

Explore possible rakau that are child and size friendly

Consider what the rakau can do for our school environment.

Would it be useful for climate change? Explain how

Would your list of rakau encourage manu to nest in them? What type of manu would the rakau attract?

 Wiki Tuarua - Week 2

Climate change is . . .

Why is it important for us to know about climate change?

Wiki Tuatahi - Week 1

What is climate change? What can we do to take action against climate change? 

Watch the 6pm news each night either on TV1 or TV3 to keep up to date with what is happening in the world and to understand how climate change plays a huge part in the changes in our Taiao (Environment).

Log into Education Perfect to explore the Climate Change tasks

What are the main ways that people use the whenua?

What are some of the consequences that people have had on the whenua?