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Wāhanga wha - Term 4

Wiki Tuaono Week 6

Wiki Tuarima Week 5

Wiki Tuawha Week 4

sent in by Laurel 

Choose a story that you would like to share at our google meets. Be prepared to read to your friends and teacher.

Antonio sharing a  story during our google meet today.

Wiki Tuatoru - Week 3

Write a review of the last book you read. Would you recommend the book to others to read. Why or Why not?

Wiki Tuarua - Week 2

Please continue to read your Duffy Books and the School Journals from the Term 3 Learning Pack.

Lovely quote by Dr Zuess, worth sharing.

Wiki Tuatahi - Week 1

Come and join Whaea Dinah and your friends each day on our google meets.

This week we are focusing on: