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Pakirehua-Student Inquiry

Choose a mini project from either the Kindness or Creativity sections to work on during this term. Check in with Whaea Dinah each day, so we can celebrate your progress.

Keep working on your mini projects - as of Friday 29th October Antonio and Peniiti were adding the finishing touches to their first project and had started a mural. 

Both Jayvez and Karla continue to add to their projects.

Laurel joined us last week and was going to make a start on her project so keeping watching this page for an update.

Tui sketch shared by Jayvez


Mural created by Peniiti

 A sneak peek at a mini project Antonio and Peniiti are working on . . .

. . . you will have to keep popping in to check on their progress . . .

Just a little teaser from Karla's project . . .

Looking forward to wathcing your mural plan evolve Jayvez . . .