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Tuhituhi - Writing

 Class google meets are at 10am daily - if you have access to a device please email Whaea Dinah

 dinahw@flatbush.school.nz  a google meet link will be sent to your inbox

Wāhanga wha - Term 4

Wiki Tuaono - Week 6

Wiki Tuarima - Week 5

Keep a diary of what you did at home from Wednesday through to Friday - share with your teacher.

Wiki Tuawha - Week 4

My hope for 2022

If you could hope for something that you would like to see happen in 2022, what would that be and Why?

My hope for 2022 ...

Is for me to go back to school. I also hope that covid goes away so stores can reopen and I can go to see family and friends and to see extended family also to have a great year for 2022 . By Simrah


Wiki Tuatoru - Week 3

Write your thoughts  

During kindness week, I would expect to see, hear, feel . . .


Wiki Tuarua - Week 2

One Good Thing

This week we will focus on good things that have happened to us or that we have done for others.

Pause and think of one good thing each day as a way to maintain a positive attitude.

Please share with Whaea Dinah via email: dinahw@flatbush.school.nz

OR create a google doc and save the document into your Tuhituhi folder. Alternatively, you could record your one thing into the book you received in the learning pack from last term or on a piece of paper. 

Ko Wenerei, te ruatekau ma whitu o Oketopa

Jayvez - I emailed my teacher asking questions about my project.

Antonio - being creative with my mural project.

Priscilla - coming onto google meet for the first time.

Peniiti - celebrating my birthday with my little brother.

Karla - helping mum to clean the house.

Whaea Dinah - catching up with our Team Panekiretanga teachers via google meet.

Ko Turei, te ruatekau ma ono o Oketopa

One good thing from Antonio - being able to spend quality time with my cousins.

Whaea Dinah - to be able to ring and speak with some of my students who I haven't been able to speak to this term.

Peniiti - being able to spend a long amount of time with my parents.

Jayvez - I was able to go to my cousins birthday party.


Wiki Tuatahi - Week 1

Feelings List

 write a list of feelings - give an example of when you may have felt like this and a reason why. Can you think of a colour this feeling makes you feel?

by Antonio