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  Welcome back to Term 4 Rm18 learners and whanau!

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Week 7 - Rāapa

1.  Join us 12.45pm meet.


2.  WELCOME  to the season to be jolly!  Xmas!

See your SI folder for the following:

Read "The Story of Xmas" and answer questions.  Can you find out more information behind the story of Xmas.  What are we really celebrating? 

Read "The History of Xmas cards"   Who began the custom of sending Xmas Cards? When, order events onto timeline?       

Popup christmas cards https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ph1SZo5UrnQ


3.  Creating/Decorating a Christmas Tree-

Decorating a Christmas tree is a popular tradition during this festive period.  Can you find out why people do this?  How did this tradition start?

Take a look at some of our learner below construct their own Christmas trees with jubes and toothpicks being their only materials to use.

What materials could you use around your home to create, make a Christmas tree?

XMAS TREE decorations

Origami Star  ,  Origami Pointed Star ,   Origami Gift bow    &   Origami Pine Tree.


4.  Christmas Traditions -  What are your families?  Can you imagine and create a new tradition for your family?  See below.


5.Refer to NEW Rm18 Term4 Weeklyplan for Math, additional possibilities Distant Learning.


Rm18 learners in class and from a distance join in on the tradition of decorating a Christmas tree.  These learners went the extra mile and were challenged to create their own with limited building supplies!

Winning creation with Mr Snowman guarding the tree!

Team’s creations are judged by our very own Mr Avatea!

Ake puts the final touch on her team’s creation.

From a Distant  Sarah, Miah and Tyler!

Wonderful to catch up with these learners last Friday completing their fabulous Art work based on the text "TuMeke Tuatara!" where we are all reminded, kindness goes a long way! 

 Faafetai tele lava Mrs Aneru for leading our learners in this creative learning task!

"The Great Escape-Aotearoa"  See your SI folder for more information regarding this adventure seeking learning task.

Can you design a new parliament building as the boys did below? Pencil to paper design, build using resources available to you, within your home or garden!  Record yourself orally or written version explaining your creation!  

Darrell and CJ design and build a new government building, they included 2 fale for when it gets too hot for MPs in the debating room.

A message from Parliament educator Caroline:


Thank you for coming in to our virtual visit to Parliament this morning.  It was great to host your students and they had so many questions – really kept me on my toes!


There were a couple of questions I couldn’t answer so I’ve found out what I can:

  • The Beehive is 72 metres tall
  • I can’t locate the number of room in Parliament Buildings sorry, but I can tell you it has 350 clocks and 1513 windows!.

FBS learners at home and at school visit Wellington via a Zoom meet and take a virtual guided tour around Parliament, the Beehive etc. Where  many important decisions are made including lockdowns!

FBS Learners learnt about petitions if they weren't happy with decisions.  They even initiated the educator Caroline to seek permission to have the Pasifika and Rainbow meeting rooms included on the virtual tour. Unfortunately without this permission we were unable to take a sneek peek into these rooms.

Hi Miss Vaka,

The Maori name for Wellington is Te Whanganui-a-Tara.

From Sarah Moungaafi.

GREAT ESCAPE from Auckland around AOTEAROA! 

It was great catching up with these Rm18 learners last week as they begin to map out their whanau escape from Tāmaki-makau-rau! Firstly learning the locations of NZ regions, towns and cities on the "Land of the long white cloud".

Too cute for words!



I travelled to my nan's house and I found  4 adorable puppies. There were  2 golden puppies, 1 dark brown puppy,and 1 light brown(youngest puppy).One of the puppy's eyes are blue the rest have green eyes.They love to sleep in the shade. When I first touched one my brain lit up. I can't wait till I get one of those endearing puppys. If I had a choice I would name them  Rocky, Chap,Meme and Grumpy.

They are locked in an iron cage  and  a wooden house that looks like a dwarfs house from snow white. There are 3 cheeky girls and 1 brave brother.

When I hold the puppies I feel special, they are so fluffy and soft.

by Sarah Moungaafi.


The ADORABLE puppies!

 Today we went to see Sarah's ADORABLE  puppies.It was a boiling hot today and we went to feed the starving puppies.I went with my nana Mary and Sarah in the car, we went to Sarah's nana's house.There are four tiny puppies and there is one playful boy and three fabulous girls.There are two blondes one is a girl and one is a boy,the boy is the biggest.The two others are grey like  rain clouds.The puppies love the shade and love to sleep a lot.

When I hold them I get excited and worried that they will pee on ME.

They tried to bite my feet and they chased me around until I fell over.Nana Mary got them food and they didn't want to eat so she grabbed them by the neck and they cried. After that they ran away from nana Mary and they were scared of her.If I had a choice I would name them Mya,Frankie,Ella and Rockie.The blonde girl would be Mya,the dark grey girl would be Frankie,the other light grey girl would be Ella and the blonde boy would be Rockie.When I hold them I'm so excited yet always worried that they will pee on ME! 

My street 8am, what's happening in your street today?