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Tēnā koutou katoa, Kia orana, Talofa lava, Malo e lelei, Bula vinaka, Fakaalofa lahi atu, Namaste, Ni hao,

Blessings to you all


Finally had a day where we had 100% attendance and was able to capture my awesome kids.

Tēnā koutou whānau o te Rangimarie (Rm 20)

Wahanga Tuatoru, Wiki Toru - Term 2 Week 3

Wahanga Tuarua, Wiki Rua - Term 2 Week 2

This term we are our Student Inquiry focuses on 'The Material World'.

This week we started talking about The Three State of Matter. Please talk to your child/ren about  Solid, liquid and gas.

Can they tell you about the States of Matter?

What have they decided to base their inquiry on? Why?

The following are the choices - Rubbish, 'Sand Salt and Jelly Crystals', Eggs, Bread, Fabric,  Ice & Candles.

Wahanga Tuarua, Wiki Tahi - Term 2 Week 1

Just a reminder that we will be back at school this Monday 3 May - Mane 3 Mei.

School starts at 8.55am, so having our tamariki at school by 8.45 at the lastest would be appreciated please. The time will allow our tamariki to catch up with friends before their formal learning begins.

We have a busy fun term planned for us all.   

I look forward to seeing everyone's smiling faces on Monday morning. 

Until then, I hope you have a fabulous last three days together.

Ngā mihi 

Whaea Dinah


Wahanga Tuatahi, Wiki Tekau ma tahi - Term 1 Week 11

Happy Holidays e te whānau o Room 20

Congratulations to us all. We have made it to the end of the first term for 2021. 

Thank you to my parents for ensuring that your children arrive at school knowing their purpose. For example, I am at school today and I am ready for learning. With your on-going support, we can make a difference for every learner in Room 20.

Reminders: let's not switch our brains off. It is really important that we continue to read a little each day, write in our journals about the things we do/see each day and practice the times tables that we are not so confident with.

Nga mihi Whaea Dinah

Wahanga Tuatahi, Wiki Tekau - Term 1 Week 10

Nate-Leigh enjoying his first session of Pasifika math.

Wahanga Tuatahi, Wiki Tuaiwa - Term 1 Week 9

Mane 29 Maehe - Wenerei 31 Maehe - Monday 29th - Wednesday 31 March

Just a reminder that school will finish at 3pm this Wednesday for the Easter break. Have a restful week, enjoy the extended weekend with your lovely children and family and eat lots of chocolate. 

 Wahanga Tuatahi, Wiki Tuawaru - Term 1 Week 8

 Mane 22 - Paraire 26 Maehe - Monday 22nd - Friday 26th March

Remember to choose a time to come and see me (Whaea Dinah) this Thursday. Our classroom will be open for you to come in and celebrate all the awesome things your child has done so far this term. 

It is important that you fill in the letter that was sent home last week. You have been invited to choose a time which suits you to come in. 

If you need another form please ask your child to see me and I will send another letter home with him/her.

Looking forward to seeing you all Thursday 25 March 1pm - 6pm

Teena koutou katoa

Ko ________________tōku ingoa  My name is _____________________

Ko _____________raua ko ____________ōku mātua My parents are ___________

Ko ____________raua ko _____________ōku tipuna My grandparents are ________

Nō  _____________________ōku tipuna My grandparents come from ____________

Kei te noho au ki __________________ I am living in _________________

 Wahanga Tuatahi, Wiki Tuawhitu - Term 1 Week 7 

Teenaa koutou katoa

Ko _________________ tōku ingoa     My name is ______________________

Nō ________________________ ōku tipuna  My grandparents come from ________

Kei te noho au ki ________________________ I am living in _________________

We have been very active this week (inside and outside).

Hockey skills with Coach Rochelle

Today we were introduced to a new game 'magic stick'. Our focus was to work as a team, giving each other compliments as we negotiated starting at a standing position with two fingers always touching the stick. We had to encourage each other to get the stick down to the ground without taking our fingers off. 

We noticed we needed to talk to each other and to keep our stick balanced. It was a challenge but we also had a lot of fun.

Wahanga Tuatahi, Wiki Tuaono - Term 1 Week 6

Thank you to Mrs Boyd-Crofskey who came in to talk to us about being mindful of others. We focused on breathing, being respectful, balancing and relaxation. 

Nau mai haere mai to the newest member of our class. We look forward to you joining us in our classroom soon.

This week we were lucky to start our hockey skills sessions. While some of us were new to the sport the rest of us could remember some of the skills learned from last year. Lots of natural ability observed and fun was had by all.

 Tēnā koutou katoa - Please continue to learn our school pepeha this week and we will add a mihi

Ko _________________ tōku ingoa     My name is ______________________

Nō ________________________ ōku tipuna  My grandparents come from ________

Kei te noho au ki ________________________ I am living in _________________

School Pepeha

Kia ora tatou katoa

I te taha o toku kura

Ko Te Puke o Tara te Maunga

Ko Tamaki te awa

Ko Tainui te waka

Ko Tara te Irirangi te Rangatira

Ko Waikato raua ko Ngati Whatua nga iwi

Ko Ngai Tai te hapu

Ko Umupuia raua ko Ihumatao nga marae

Ko Te Puke Otara te wahi

Ko Flat Bush te kura

No reira, 

Tena koutou, Tena koutou, Tena koutou katoa

Antonio's Block Letter Values, School Pepeha (practicing his handwriting) and compliments for his family.

 Wahanga Tuatahi, Wiki Tuarima - Term 1 Week 5

Kia ora koutou, 

Please keep checking our class page for daily activities while we are away from school this week. 

 I will be sending you all an invite to daily google meets. It would be great if you could join me for a daily  catch up. Our google meet will start at 10.00am. If you are unsure on how to join the google meet, please  email: dinahw@flatbush.school.nz

 Friday 5 March - Paraire te 5 o Maehe,

Mahi shared today

Write something when you have read a book with your 

Sibling by Antonio

Today  I have helped my brother (Kura) learn how to read his books.

I taught him how to pronounce difficult words, and to understand the meaning of the words in the book (Pen Pals). Showing him how to also use the pictures to help him understand the story, explaining how to read and to use his fingers to help guide the sentences in the book.  

Karla's whānau bubble

Antonio’s Lockdown Ōku whakawhetai (I am grateful for:)

Monday 1 March

Today is the first day of our 7 day lockdown. When I woke up this morning I was grateful to be in lockdown with my family.

Tuesday 2 March

Today I am grateful to have a roof over my head.

Wednesday 3 March

I am grateful today knowing that my dad has learnt how to cook.

Thursday 4 March

I am grateful to have woken up healthy this morning.

Friday 5 March

I am grateful to have a family.

Antonio out and about with his whanau visiting the Fresh Gallery in Otara

Morena koutou, here is todays Team activity

Activity 5

Tū Pono

We know who we are

Draw a picture of all the people in your bubble and write a compliment for each of them.


Learn a karakia, to start and end the day and before a meal

 - Join google meet with Whaea

Cook Island - compliments to Mrs Tuteru (2019)

Pure Akamataanga ( Starting Prayer for the day)

Te Atua mana, e te kaka

Aroha mai ia matou taau au tamariki

Oronga mai te kite, marama e te pakari

Tauturu mai i to matou au puapii

I te apiianga ia matou

Noo mai to vaerua mana i teia nei e tuatau uatu


Pure Kai - Grace

Kia akameitakiia te Atua

Te pu o te kai ta matou ka kai

E te pu o te vai ta matou ka inu

Ei meitaki no to matou oraanga kopapa ete vaerua


Pure taopenga -End of the day Prayer

E to matou metua tapu

Kua tae matou ki te openga o teia ra

Teia matou ka oki i to matou au ngutuare 

Te pati atu nei i taau paruru no matou katoatoa

Kia tae matou ki te ngutuare ma te au e te mataora

Tangi mai i ta matou e pati nei


 Thursday 4 March - Taite te 4 o Maehe,

So lovely to see Tauaroa learning our school pepeha. Ka pai e tama!!!

 Huge THANK YOU to Enua's whanau for taking the time to support his learning at home. Your on-going support is much appreciated.

Todays catch-up. Was lovely to have Ake from Room 18 join us today. Nau mai haere mai Ake!

Don't forget to learn our school pepeha tamariki ma.

Activity 4

School Pepeha

Kia ora tatou katoa

I te taha o toku kura

Ko Te Puke o Tara te Maunga

Ko Tamaki te awa

Ko Tainui te waka

Ko Tara te Irirangi te Rangatira

Ko Waikato raua ko Ngati Whatua nga iwi

Ko Ngai Tai te hapu

Ko Umupuia raua ko Ihumatao nga marae

Ko Te Puke Otara te wahi

Ko Flat Bush te kura

Ko _____________ ahau

No reira, 

Tena koutou, Tena koutou, Tena koutou katoa

Room 20's activities for the day

- Encourage your bubble to have outdoor play, not a very nice day to be outdoors. However if you have a covered space, such as a carport or garage you could spend time in that saying the school pepeha, reading a book to someone in your bubble or walking up and down the driveway. 

- Email photos to Whaea if you are able to.

- Join google meet with Whaea


 Wednesday 3 March - Wenerei te 3 o Maehe,

Activity 3

Another piece of work sent in from one of my awesome students. Embracing te reo Maori with adding the Maori numbers. Tu meke!!!

Very impressive sets of things found around the home sent in from Antonio. Not only did he find these sets but he has also used te reo Maori. Ka mau te wehi Antonio.

Lovely to catch-up with Antonio, Karla, Simrah and Enua this morning. Thank you all for taking an interest in our Distant Learning. 

Today we are grateful for many things but especially:

Antonio - waking up this morning and being surrounded by my awesome family.

Enua - granny helping me with my learning.

Simrah - my parents for their 100% support in mine and my siblings learning.

Karla - my whānau for helping me to log onto the google meet and for supporting me with my home learning.

Whaea Dinah - today I am grateful that my granddaughter is an independent learner. While I am at school, Gwenavea is at home interacting with her class friends and teacher on their class google meet. She is able to log onto google meet without nana's support.

Tuesday 2 March - Turei te 2 o Maehe,

Activity 2

Start a gratitude journal - every day write about something you are grateful for.

Today, Whaea Dinah is grateful to be healthy. I look forward to my daily walks and can't wait to walk with Miss Browne and her adorable dogs Akuma and Eden once this lockdown is over. Let me know what you are grateful for.

- Read a book with or to one of your siblings

- Join google meet with Whaea - you have been sent the invitation link to your gmail account

- Learn the School song

Thank you to Enua for joining me on our class google meet today. Sorry Enua lost opportunity of taking a photo this morning. We'll try again tomorrow.

Thank you to Jayde's mum for responding to my text. Really love how Jayde is balancing home life and school life in her day. Always chores first then school learning.

Thank you to Karla's mum for making contact via email. Hopefully we will see Karla and her mum on our google meet tomorrow. 

Had an awesome yet brief chat with Tauaroa and his nana this morning. Confident that both Tauaroa and Ake will do a little bit of learning from their learning packs today.

Spoke to VJ's mum. Glad to hear that he has recovered from his sore throat and that he is able to read aloud. Awesome teamwork VJ and mum.

Lastly, thank you to Simrah for sharing her awesome photos of herself sharing a story with her brother. Loving the happy smiles from you both. 

Kia haumaru te noho tamariki ma - Keep safe children

Ka kite apopo! See you tomorrow!

Monday 1 March - Mane te 1 o Maehe,

Activity 1

School song 

Make sets of numbers using household objects, eg: pens, fruit, plastics lids, pegs. Start with sets up to 10 then extend to 20. Have fun!!!

Challenge - find the Maori word for the numbers and teach the people in your bubble.

Kia haumaru te noho tamariki ma - Keep safe children


 Wahanga Tuatahi, Wiki Tuawha - Term 1, Week 4


Wahanga Tuatahi, Wiki Tuatoru - Term 1, Week 3

Taite te 18 o Pepuere,

Nau mai back to school after our brief lock down. 

Today I was blessed to have 17 awesome tamariki join me for an action packed day of learning. 

In class we have been able to split our desks so we have distance between each other. We are sanitizing and washing our hands regularly. 


Turei te 16 o Pepuere

Aroha mai tamariki mā,

Each day while we are in lock down we will focus on a different value. If you go back to the home page and click on Distance Learning activities you will see a list of activities you could attempt. 

I look forward to seeing and hearing about all the interesting things you were able to do, each day. 


Tēnā koutou Room 20 whānau,

Stay home and stay safe please. Remember to continue to wash your hands and if you have to go out, wear a mask and scan the QR code.

This week we are focusing on Manaakitanga. If you can take a photo of yourself and your whānau showing manaaki to eachother or your neighbours. You can email it to me if you are able to.

My email address is: dinahw@flatbush.school.nz  Looking forward to seeing all of your awesome photos.

Nga mihi nui

Whaea Dinah 

Wahanga Tuatahi, Wiki Tuarua - Term 1, Week 2

Wahanga Tuatahi, Wiki Tuatahi - Term 1, Week 1

Thursday 4th & Friday 5th Pepuere

Welcome back to my awesome learners this week. Thank you to my families ensuring that your children were ready for learning. Please remind your children to bring a hat and drink bottle to school every day. 

For the whole of 2021 our children will receive a free lunch. 

If you haven't already I encourage you to pop into the Fresh Gallery at the Otara Town Centre. The exhibition of fluro crochet art will have you smiling. Below is just a snippet of the art on display.


Welcome to Room 20 for 2021. My name is Whaea Dinah and I will be your child's teacher for this year. I look forward to supporting the learning of all my learners and I invite you to come and have a chat when you are able to. 

This is going to be an incredible year for us all.

Nga mihi nui Whaea Dinah