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Have a Go Day

Working on the 
Jenga set for the Juniors

Life back at school after lockdown

Mindfulness with Mrs Boyd - helping us focus and be ready for the day of learning

Lots of exercise

Science Lessons 

Tasks for Week 5

Here's Friday's Team Task - Last one for the week.  

Draw a picture of all the people in your bubble and write a compliment for each of them

Other tasks you could work on are: 

  • Practice your times tables- have someone test you. 
  • Learn the School song
  • Solve Mrs Boyd's Jenga Maths Problem (scroll down)
  • Keep up with your gratitude journal

Remember, you can also check out the other Class webpages for more ideas. 

See you at our Class check in at 12pm!

Keep safe.  Have a good weekend.

Second to last day of the lockdown (fingers crossed!)

Here's THURSDAY's team task:  Learn the School Pepeha

I would love it if you sent pictures of what you have been doing.  

Maybe send me an email telling me how it went with the game you taught your siblings yesterday.  Are you still keeping up your gratitude journal? Do you think you know the words to our Talanoa Time songs?

Make sure you out the our Senior Team class webpages for more ideas.  

See you at our Google Class Check in at 12pm!

Jenga Maths Problem

Do you remember how we were going to work with Mrs Boyd to create a giant sized Jenga set for the school?  Mrs Boyd needs your help to solve  this Maths problem 

A Jenga set has 48 pieces which are stacked in layers to make a tower. Each layer has 3 pieces and each layer is stacked on top of and across the other.

Room 19 are going to make a Jenga set. We need enough wood pieces to build it and have 7 long pieces of wood.

Each long piece is 84cm long.

Each Jenga piece needs to be 12 cm long.

How many pieces will we get from one length of wood?

How many pieces will we get from all 7 pieces of wood?

How many pieces high will our Jenga set be if we use all the pieces?

Will we have any pieces left over?

What if the Jenga set is so much fun, that the other senior classes ask for one? There are five other senior classes at Flat Bush School.

How many long pieces would we need in total to make 5 Jenga sets?

How many small pieces would we end up with in total?

Once the Jenga’s are all set up, how many small pieces would we have left over?

Image Caption


WEDNESDAY's team task:

Teach your younger siblings a new game and remember to praise and encourage them as they learn it

You can also try learning these songs for our next Team Talanoa Time

Ko otara

School song

Haere mai

Want more ideas? Check out the our Senior Team class webpages.  

TUESDAY'S team task:

Start a gratitude journal - every day write about something you are grateful for.  More ideas can be found on the team webpages.

If you would like to work on extra tasks, you can try these:

Learn Ko te Whaea

Learn the School song

Want more ideas? Check out the our Senior Team class webpages.  

Our class Google Meet is at 12pm today.  

Check your emails for the link.  

Looking forward to seeing you

Class Meet and Activities You Can Do At Home

1st day of Lockdown. I hope you are all doing well.  

If you are able, feel free to do this activity at home.  I'd love to get pictures of your completed activity. 

Make sets of numbers using household objects, 

for example - knives and forks, spoons, plastics lids, pegs, etc.

I'll post another activity tomorrow.  Have a look at other class pages to see what else you can do.  

There will also be a Class Google Meet check in tomorrow at 12:00pm.  check your emails for details.  

Keep safe. 

Great Initiative!

Thank you for those of your using your initiative to do some work.  Thank you for the pictures.  Keep them coming in!

Working hard on MathsDesk all set up and ready to learn !Working on some of the maths problems from the Learning Packs

Level 3 again 

Hey Room 19!  

We're back in Level 3 Lockdown again.  I hope you are all safe and well.  

I'd love to hear from you. Click on the picture below and let me know how you are doing.  Feel free to send me any pictures / videos of what you are doing at home.  

Keep an eye on this page for updates.  Keep in touch.

Life Education Session

Luckily we managed to get one of our Life Education Sessions in before the 2nd lockdown.  

Another way to message Ms Fernando

Click on the picture below if you would like to send Ms Fernando a message.

Hi Room 19.  I hope you are all well.  

As you all know, we are are Alert Level 3 right now.  

The Distance Learning page will give you some ideas for activities that you can do.  

Thank you to those of you who are sending photos of what you are doing during lockdown. I am  adding those below.  

Please feel free to email me and let me know how you are doing.  My email address is emilyf@flatbush.school.nz

You can also click on the face below and check in there.  

Help your families.  Be Kind.  Keep safe.      

Ms. F

Photos shared from Lockdown

Doing Yoga togetherWorking from the Learning Packs picked up from school

See the link below to try some out yourself

Mindfulness Yoga

This is the YouTube link we used in class. Try it out with your families.

Cricket Lessons

Looking forward to meeting the new members of Room 19 

on Thursday 4 February 2021!

Ms Fernando