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Rm 18 gets to visit the FBS Samoa Market in celebration of Samoa Language Week.  A great amount of fun and learning experienced by learners, whanau and teachers!

Garden to Tables- This time round the children go to the chicken coop to collect some eggs for their savoury muffins.  Thanks Ms Ann, Vicki and Ms Tupou for yet another wonderful fun learning experience.

Mr Avatea literally runs a Flat Bush School Crosscountry where every house team member collects points for participating.  Fun had by all as all learners give it their best effort!  Well done to all!!!

Flat Bush School support the 2021 Anti-bullying Pink Shirt Day campaign with a coin trail and some wonderful pink wear.   Check out Miah, her mum and sister Sarah.

Rm18 continuing to try their best and all their efforts are rewarded immediatly after putting their very best independent effort into a Writing task.

After selecting complementary colours and studying the process of blending, Carloz begins the final part of his journey.

TERM 2- The beginnings!

Otago Sciences Doctural student, Tongan  Mary-Jane Kivalu  kindly shared her extra-ordinary achievements to date with our FBS learners and helped them realise there are lots of different career options out there.  One of her many messages, let your culture and Otara be your strength not a limiting factor to your future success, as they have been in her life.  

FBS Rm18 learners thoroughly enjoyed her inspiring visit and back in class looked forward to sharing their aspirations for their futures.  See below Rm18s dreams.

When I grow up I really want to work in IT because they make a crazy amount of money like $30,000 – $182,000 per year.

If I don’t achieve  IT then I really want to become a doctor because every time I go to the doctors they tell me different parts of my body so I will one day become an incredible doctor.

My dream job  is to be a Cook Islander dancer because I really want to show off my amazing dance moves.


I want to be a singer because I have a smooth and great voice.        


I really want to be a medical doctor or  a lawyer because they make the most money in the world.  


When i grow up I want to be a teacher to teach  kids


When I grow up I want to be an artist because I want to be an idol to inspire people.


When I grow up I want to become a lie detector girl and a lawyer because I want to help my brother out of trouble and to be able to tell if someone is lying.


When I grow up I want to be a prime minister so I can drive a lamborghini and have a mansion.


When I grow up I want to become a doctor so I can look after my family, the poor people,the sick and to  make sure everyone is ok.


When I grow up I want to be a math teacher so I can teach kids algorithms and other strategies to figure out different math problems like decimals, large numbers, and etc.


When I grow up I want to be a famous singer because I love to sing and when I was 8 year old I would alway sing with my voice.


When I grow up I want to study law and politics because I love to solve cases that they haven’t  found the person .I also talk a lot that I get a growling from Ms.


I’d like to be a police officer because you wear a light blue color and I’d love to have a police car. 


When i grow up I will be a teacher and I will teach everyone math.


When I grow up I want to be a teacher because I want to help little kids that need help and so I can help them learn new words. 


I want to be a lawyer because they make a lot of money and I want to help my family if they need it.


When I grow up I want to be a police officer because I like policemen or policewoman because they obey the law and they can just go through a party and just say put your hands up. I’ll get to go through a red light chasing someone not obeying the law or to get to someone who has died.  


I want to be an Artist and a Cook Island dancer, to teach others and to have 2 options for what  I want to be, because they are something I'm good at and comfortable with.


When I grow up I want to be a hair stylist because I love to make people’s hair pretty, if I don’t get that job I would love to be a teacher because I love teaching new things. I mostly believe that I will succeed in anything. 


When I grow up I want to be a money making business person so I can get rich to help out my family and if that doesn’t work out I would like to be a IC technician so when I break my phone I can just fix it or if my brothers break their phone or computer.    


When i grow up I want to be a lawyer. I also want to be the boss of everything in a store. 


When I grow up I want to be  a terrific astronaut and a part time scientist so I can turn myself into the hulk. I want to work with tech things so I can be like Iron man. 


Congratulations to all the students who confidently shared their chosen successes with their whanau last Thursday evening at our CELEBRATION OF SUCCESS evening.  Just a few photos below.

Huge shout out to whanau who were able to make it and all whanau who continually support their Rm18 learners and their learning journey at FBS.

Have A Go Sports Day enjoyed by all of Room 18.

Jahzara enjoys giving a new sport a go!

Rekohu making a run for that TAG.

Toa giving Volleyball a go!

Room 18 congratulated fellow peer Tyler Semau for his outstanding achievement learning all of the basic multiplication and division facts.  There was no rest for this Year 5 during lockdown. We are all super proud of his efforts and achievement!!

Post lock down, getting back into the swing of problem solving as a team.

Hockey action back at school post lockdown, big shout out to Rochelle and Kolmar Centre.  Thankyou!

Mamia with her eye on the ball under the the watchful eyes of Coach Rochelle.

Francis keeping that ball glued to his stick.

Mavae not letting anything stop her from dribbling that ball!

Fridays's Google meet, it was great to see you then and it will be great to see you and the rest of Rm 18 Monday 8th March FBS, until then Rm18 have a wonderful weekend!

Great to see Rm18 learner Ake working on a variety of distant learning activities including learning the school song.  Well done Ake!

Wonderful effort Tyler with members of your bubble drawing and Science learning.

Well done FBS learner Francis for displaying school values, teaching his siblings a new game and all the effort he has put into completing Distant learning tasks!!!

Friday's Learning Task

Draw a picture of all the people in your bubble and write a compliment for each of them

Other tasks you could work on are: 

Write your pepeha - where do you come from. What is the name of your village/marae? Write the name of your mountain or if you are from the islands - the higher ground that you go to if a Tsunami hits.

Learn the School song

Remember:  you can look at what is on the other Senior Classes webpages for more ideas.

Great to see some more Rm18 learners at our googlemeet this morning.  

Well done to the girls below!!

If you missed the google meet today you can catch up with us 9.30am Friday.  Please check your emails for the link.

Francis has been working through his Science workbook from his learning pack and learnt about Pollution, Camouflage, Vertebrates & Invertebrates.  Here are some drawings of animal examples for each he completed.  Great work Francis!

Week 5 Learning Activities

Thursday's Learning Task

To learn the School Pepeha

Other tasks you could work on are: 

Make a scavenger hunt.  Create a list of clues that would help your whanau find the different things on your list.

Learn the School song

Remember:  you can look at what is on the other Senior Classes webpages for more ideas.  

Tyler working with his siblings.  Great work Tyler!

Wednesday's Learning Task

Teach your younger siblings a new game.  Remember to praise and encourage them as they learn it

Other tasks you could work on are: 

Make a list of activities you could do outside.

Learn the School song

Remember:  you can look at what is on the other Senior Classes webpages for more ideas.  

Hi Room 18. Here is Tuesday's learning task.

Start a gratitude journal - every day write about something you are grateful for.  More ideas can be found on the team webpages.

If you would like to work on some extra learning tasks, you can try these:

Play catch with someone in your whanau.  How many times can you pass it without dropping the ball?

Learn the School song

Want more ideas? Check out the our Senior Team class webpages.  

     Thursday 18th February 

See you in the morning Room 18 Skyriders!

Really happy to see Ngamarama and her siblings caring for each other as they look like they are about to start some work from their Distant learning packs.  Way to go FBS learners!

Ngamarama demonstrating Manaakitanga for a furry friend:)

Well done Ngamarama for taking on the Math problems!  Remember mistakes are OK, what's important is giving it a go!

Well done Tyler !  Great independent effort and self-motivation.

Today in the morning I picked up the pack from school and did some work on the maths and i looked at some of the science.

GAME on Room 18! Mathew Jackson Pati is at it again practising his timestables ready to win TABLES TAG when we return to school.  Thanks for your support MUM Korina!

Also super proud to hear from other children/whanau they are doing the same.  Thanks for the lovely conversations learners and whanau!

The caring Rm18 FBS learner Tyler Seau displaying Manaakitanga

This is  me making my Papa's tea and breakfast and my brother and sister helping too.

I will be playing Prodigy, learn my 9, 8 7 timetable so I can win in math tag.



As a team of 5 million, Kiwis united together in 2020 stamping out Covid in our community, united in one goal.

We got this our Rm18 learners and whanau!  My fingers and toes are crossed I will see you back at school on Thursday:)  Until then:

Distant Learning programme

Thankyou whanau for keeping your children home safe and sound until then.

Rm18 Learners I am looking forward to hearing from you, let me know how you are at  annev@flatbush.school.nz . 


We care and respect others.

Rm18 learners now is the time to practise our school value Manaakitakitanga, showing respect towards those at home with you and showing you care for others. It would be great to see some photos of you demonstrating this value in your home. 

Learners hard at work, deep in thought sharing all their problem solving math strategies for me to see.

Rm18 girls getting back into the swing of school!

Rm18 boys getting back into the swing of school!

One more sleep Rm18 Learners!!!

Very much looking forward to seeing you all Thursday morning.

Together lets make this year one of greatness, you, myself , FBS and your whanau!

Room 18 Ms Vaka