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WEEKS 3 & 4

Talofa Lava Everyone!

Lumana'i Fou would like to share a few pictures with you all relating to our ongoing journey with our class.

Pink Day

(No More Bullying Day)

Lupe Group Doing Shared Reading

Fa'afetai tele lava!



WEEK 1 & 2

After a lovely two week break, we decided to initiate a name for our class. Yes, we are now going to be called ...

 Lumana'i Fou 

(Future Generation)

We are the World

We are the Future

We are the Ones  

That make a better place

So let's keep learning

We are absolutely ready for another great term of learning and showing Arohatia towards each other. 

The following pictures are of Room 10 learning Rugby League skills with Ms Fea and eating ice blocks that we were blessed with. Lastly, for our Expression Time, Ellice was so keen to share her keyboard skills. She was AWESOME!!!



Fa'afetai lava!


WEEK 10 & 11

Talofa Everyone!

Room 10 made it to the end of Term 1!

We had a lovely surprise comeback from one our dear student member. Yes, it was Dayton and he has been in hospital most of Term 1. It was so lovely to see him back in the classroom. So, we couldn't resist taking a photo with him. The rest are photos' of what happened throughout the two weeks.


Shared Reading


 Cultural Wear

Thank you for keeping up with following our Room 10 learning journey in Term 1.

Fa'afetai tele lava!



Talofa Everyone!

Week 9 was cool because Room 10 got to do some cooking and gardening at Garden To Table! Also, we had a lovely visit from Mary-Jane Kavila who came to speak to the Middle and Senior Schools. She shared about her life story about School, University and Work. She was amazing!

The following pictures are of us baking Banana Muffins & Feijoa Muffins, and listening attentively to Mary-Jane Kavila.

We hope you had some more fun following our webpage.

Take care and keep safe!

Fa'afetai tele lava



Talofa Everyone!

This week was amazing because the Seniors did First Aid. The wonderful and awesome Kassandra who is from St. Johns came and taught us some very valuable and important life skills on how to treat someone if they were hurt or in a life threatening situation when in an accident, at home, at work, on the road, etc.

The following pictures are of Kassandra showing Room 10 life saving skills.

Thank you for following Room 10's webpage.

Fa'afetai lava!



Talofa Everyone!

This week was a very busy week for Room 10.

We started the week off with our Hockey Lesson. Then throughout the week we were visited by our lovely Student Teachers and we learned about Science, ie, looking at Floating and Sinking. 

To end our week off, we had Life Coach Lessons with awesome Rush, then we had an exciting time for our sports activities for HAG's Day (Have A Go Day) and wearing our House Colours: Kowhai, Rata, Rimu and Kauri! 

Have a look at our amazing pictures of our exciting and busy week!


Fa'afetai lava!



Talofa Everyone,
Great news, we are finally back to Level 1!!!

The following are a celebration of events throughout the week. Enjoy looking!

Fa'afetai lava!


Level 2

Good news! 

Students will return to school on 

Monday 8 March


Google Meets...

It was so wonderful to catch up with these beautiful Room 10 students at our class Google Meetings.


WEEK 5 (Friday)

Talofa Everyone!

I just want to thank those who made our Google Meet yesterday. It was so great to see your beautiful faces again.

To those who missed the Google Hangout, just join in today at 10am. I have sent you all the link to your parents and through your Gmail.

The following are the activities of our Flat Bush School value for today. It is, Tu Pono (We know who we are.)

Please continue learning through the activities, the Learning Packs and your work on your Reading, Writing and Maths Task Sheets if you have a digital device.

Tu Pono
(We know who we are.)

Activity 1

Draw a picture of all the people in your bubble and write a compliment for each of them.

Activity 2
Learn the School Song


Extra Activity

Design your own family tree - ask an adult or older brother or sister to help you.

The following photos are of the wonderful Room 10 students doing their work at home with the help of their families. Malo oulua le galulue ma taumafai i meaaoga!

Please continue to stay safe and take care!

Fa'afetai lava!


WEEK 5 (Thursday)

Talofa Everyone!

We are coming to the end of this week of lockdown, and praying all is well with you all. Hopefully we can go back to school next week.

Here is the Flat Bush School value for today. It is Manaakitanga (We care and respect each other). 

Below are the activities to continue working on with your child.

(We care and respect each other.

Activity 1
To learn the School Pepeha

Activity 2
Write some positive home values that you and your whanau are practicing throughout this time.
Extra Activity
Learn the School Song

Please let your child know that there will be a Google Meet on today at 10am. 

Take care and keep safe.

Fa'afetai lava!


WEEK 5 (Wednesday)

Talofa Everyone,

How are you all doing today? I hope and pray that you and your aiga are all doing well.

Unfortunately, one of our class members is in Hospital. His name is Dayton and he is trying his best to get better. His teacher says that Dayton has been busy doing his school work in hospital and that Dayton is missing all of us. Please keep him in your family prayers. (If you are looking at our class webpage Dayton, Room 10 and myself love you very much!) 

Now, the following is a list of our activities for our Flat Bush School value, Arohatia (We encourage each other.) Please help your child to work on the activities. The learning will be more fun if you were to do them together. Don't forget to take photos of your child working on the activities and email them through to me so I can display them here on our class page.

(We care for each other.)

Activity 1
Teach your younger siblings a new game and remember to praise and encourage them as they learn it.

Activity 2

Learn the School song

Extra Activity

When the washing has been done, hang out your own clothes and get them in when they are dried. Fold them and put them away.

Please let your child know that there will be a Google Meet on Thursday. 

Here is the link for them to join in. 


Take care and please keep safe.

Fa'afetai tele lava!


WEEK 5 (Tuesday)

Talofa Everyone!

Hope you are all well and keeping safe.

The following are a couple of activities for Tuesday and an extra one just in case your children finish their activity early.


(We value others.)

Activity 1

Start a gratitude journal - every day write about something you are grateful for.

Activity 2
Learn the School song


Extra Activity

Plan a picnic.  Plan what food you will need 
and where you could have the picnic 
in your bubble. 
Write down 10 things you are grateful for.

Here are some photos of TJ working hard at doing his activities relating to Atawhai at home. Thank you to his mother Sina for helping TJ with his activities and sending through his photos. Malo lava Sina ma TJ!!!

Keep safe and take care!

Fa'afetai lava!


WEEK 5 (Monday)

Alert Level 3

Talofa Everyone!

NZ is on Level 3, so please keep all students home until further notice is given

We will inform you when school will start again, so please keep visiting the Flat Bush School webpage.

Also, please reach out via email or phone if you require any further information about anything.

Take care and keep safe.

The following will be an activity for the students to do today.

Connect with families


Make sets of numbers using household 

objects, eg knives and forks, spoons, plastics lids, pegs.

Have fun learning with your children!

Fa'afetai tele lava!



Talofa lava,

This week, Room 10 were working on creating more 'Unity' in class. We did this by working as a team doing activities throughout the week. The following pictures are highlights of us learning how to use more of our bowling and batting skills in cricket. The other pictures are of some of our class learning some Maori actions to a Maori song.

Continuing on, are pictures of our Samoa Focus Classes Talanoa Time. We sang, we laughed and enjoyed our mafutaga (unity) time together!

Enjoy watching the highlights of our awesome week!!!




Talanoa Time 

Fa'afetai lava!



Talofa Lava!,

School will be closed until further notice. So, please keep safe and take care.

Please reach out on my email (siligastanley@flatbush.school.nz) if you need more information about anything.


The following pictures are of the students from Room 10 at home doing chores and school work with the help of their awesome parents!

This is TJ doing chores and helping his relative by giving him a massage. TJ is definitely showing family Unity. TJ also used his initiative by reading a story, then write information about the story. 

Malo lava le taumafai TJ!!!

The following picture is from Joelle, who had put her thinking into action about Unity. The art work is about how Flat Bush School's values brings Unity into our aiga and our community. Also, the other picture is of Joelle doing some intense study.

Malo lava le galue Joelle!!!

Fa'afetai lava!



Talofa Lava!,

This term, the school is learning about Unity (Kotahitanga). So, Room 10 was learning about this week's School Value, (Mahi Nga Tahi) working together as a team.

Also this week, we learned how to bowl a ball, bat a ball and catch a ball in our Cricket Lesson. It was amazing! We learnt a lot about ourselves applying all the ball skills. Here are some photos of two of our class members who also held birthdays this week and last week. So, Happy Birthday to Aylyra for this week and Happy Birthday to Niseana for last week!

We also expressed our talent through Expression Time we have on Fridays. Here are a few students who shared their talent in dancing.

Fa'afetai lava!



In Week 1, we got to meet and greet each other. We noticed that we had missed each other and we were very excited to be back at school to see in what the Year 2021 will bring.

We also missed our Expression Time, so we couldn't wait to get started. Here are a few photos of a couple of our eager Room 10 students who shared their beautiful voices.

Keep watching this space and keep following us!

Fa'afetai lava!


ROOM 10 



Welcome to our class webpage! 

Please follow us on our 2021 exciting learning journey.

Fa'afetai tele lava!