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Team Tupu - Room 22

Week Five

Happy Samoan Language Week

Week Four

We sadly had to farewell one of our amazing students Luke Kibtiani. We know that he'll be amazing at his new school. We will sadly miss you Luke, but we know you'll make new friends at your new school. You will always be apart of us here at Flat Bush Primary School especially being in the BEST CLASS in the whole of FLAT BUSH    Take care Luke - go with all our love x

Week Three

This week the children wrote a recount about their experiences at the Auckland Zoo. First up we have Aiza and Cyrius, who will be sharing their recount stories - hope you enjoy it!

On Friday we celebrated Pink Shirt Day. The children came dressed in their pink outfits. A huge thank you to the families who donated a gold coin to this great cause. Here are some pictures of the children who are dressed up in their pink outfits and heading over to the coin trail.

Our Fabulous 6 

These students are our seniors students who come in everyday from Monday to Thursday from 12.15 onwards to read with our learners. They have been amazing and we would like to acknowledge how AWESOME and GRATEFUL we are in Room 22 to have them.

Week Two 

Our Student Inquiry for this term is looking at Native NZ Endangered Animals and part of the inquiry was going to the Auckland Zoo. When the children heard they were going to the Auckland Zoo, they were excited. During their learning at school, the children were able to learn more interesting information about the NZ native animals, what was more buzzing, is that the children were able to see these animals at the zoo. We are very grateful to have our Principal Mr Avatea come along as an helper, together with my amazing TA Ms Katipa and our lovely parent helper Mrs Gatoloai.

Here are some of the pictures from our trip to the Auckland Zoo

Week One

We are very EXCITED, as our inquiry for this term is looking at New Zealand's Endangered Animals. The children's first activity is matching names to the picture of a NZ animal. They had a lot of fun learning and being able to identify NZ native animals for the first time!


Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! It has been awhile and we sure do miss you! 

COME and CHECK out what our fabulous LEARNERS have been learning this term! 

Term Two 2021

Term One, Week 5 - 2021

Distance Learning Activities

Check In Video - Friday

Here is a snippet of the children's amazing learning at home!

Mason and his learning activities

Mason learning to sequence the months of the year.
Well done Mason for learning the months of the year! 
Sequencing Activity
Mason writing a card to his friend Cyrius
I am very sure Cyrius  will love his card from you! Great Job!
Mason learning how to spell 
Wow, this is great Mason, look at all these words you can spell!
Mason making a paper plane
I love your paper plane Mason, it looks cool! 

Saint Paul and his learning activities

Saint Paul sharing a video message to his teacher 

Hi Saint Paul, I definitely am from watching your video :)

I'll see you next week on Monday x

Saint Paul chose his mother to write 5 interesting facts about her.

This is awesome Saint Paul, thank you for sharing your 5 interesting facts about your amazing mum. 

Thank you Ms Heather for the photo :)
Write to your teacher & tell her what you been doing

Amy - Dear Mrs Mokalei thanks for teaching me and I hope you have a good time with your family at level 3 

Thank you Amy for your text. I look forward to seeing you next week on Monday. Take care Amy x

Uriah - Hi Miss, Uriah here, I'm feeling happy because I like staying home and doing my homework. See you on Monday Miss. 

Thank you Uriah for your text. I will see you next week on Monday for sure. Take care Uriah x

Friday Learning Activities

Atawhai - We value others

Activity One

Choose a favourite family member and write 5 interesting facts about him/her.

Find someone in your family that you would like to write about it. Write 5 interesting facts about that person. 

Here is an example: 

My Mum

She is a great cook.

She is a loving mother and grandmother

She has a beautiful heart.

She loves to wear red lipsticks.

She is my best friend. 

Activity Two

Learn our school karakia, morning, night and kai karakia.

A huge THANK YOU to Ms Heather in Room 6, for putting these amazing clips together. Now you can practise the Karakia from the comfort of your home.

Lunch Prayer

Morning Prayer

Closing Prayer   

A special thank you to all the families who have sent texts and pictures of their child's learning. They are where they are because of your amazing love and support, so thank you!

Here is a snippet of the children's amazing learning at home!

Kayden and his learning activities

Kayden working out addition and subtraction number problems. 
Clever boy Kayden, keep it up!
Kayden reading on his iPad. 
Kayden doing more reading.  
Awesome Job Kayden!

Luke and his learning activities

Thank you Luke for your lovely letter. I'm glad that you feel great and that you're having a wonderful time being with your family.
I hope you enjoyed the story Luke. Were you able to answer the questions? I'm sure you did :)

This is amazing Luke - WOW! not only do you know your yellow words but you have learnt all the orange list words too! You are one CLEVER boy! So proud of you Luke!

Aiza and her learning activities

Thank you Miss Shoemark for these photos :)

Aiza writing her story. 

Aiza is learning to sequence the days of the week. 
Awesome Job Aiza
Aiza listening to her teacher read Dragons! Dragons! Dragons! online. 
I hope you enjoyed the story. 

Saint Paul and his learning activities

You are amazing Saint Paul, you were able to answer the questions correctly. Great listening skills! Keep up the fantastic job!
This is awesome Saint Paul. You were able to sequence the months of the year correctly - Wooooohoooo! 
Here is Saint Paul reciting the months of the year in order - you sure do have an amazing memory Saint Paul!
Wow! look at you! These are great sentences Saint Paul, great thinking!

Children's response to the Thursday Check In video

I feel happy because I love learning. I feel perfect because I went to Wendy's with my mum on our date night yesterday. I miss my friends and my teacher.
From Haloe

I'm glad you're feeling happy Haloe. Wow, a dinner date with mum, that is awesome! You are one very lucky boy - thank you for your text x

I am feeling good.
From Cyrius

I'm glad you're feeling good Cyrius - thank you for your text x

I am feeling happy today because I am playing with my brother and sister. I miss going to school. I miss my teacher and my friends. I can't wait to come back school. 
From Massiah

I'm glad you're feeling happy Massiah. You have worked very hard during lockdown - thank you for your text x

I am feeling good. I’m enjoying doing my learning from home. I’ve been doing my reading, writing and math. I miss school and looking forward to coming back. 
Have a good day and take care. 
From Kayden

I'm glad you're feeling good Kayden. I see you've been very busy with your learning - thank you for your email x

Check In Video - Thursday

Talofa Room 22 and to your families. This is our check in video, where I check in to see how you are feeling and why? I would really love to hear from you. So tell mum or dad or whoever you are living with and ask nicely if you could send me an email or a text. I hope to hear from you soon x

Saint Paul and his learning activities 

Saint Paul drawing a picture of his family - I love the drawing of your family Saint Paul - So Cool :)
Saint Paul helping out with serving his family with koko alaisa - I love koko alaisa, it's definitely one of my favourite dishes. Don't forget to invite the teacher next time :)

Saint Paul choosing the paper plane activity - Wow Saint Paul, your paper plan looks good - we need to try it out when we head back to school. 

Massiah and his learning activities

Massiah practising his letter C's - I love how hard you are concentrating Massiah - Awesome Work :)
Massiah having a bit of a down time - Make sure you colour in between the lines - great colouring in :)

Massiah and Saint Paul letters to their classmate

Massiah wrote a letter to Saint Paul hoping that he is safe and how much he misses playing with him and some of the other members of the class. A very lovely letter to Saint Paul, Massiah. I hope you get to see your friends very soon.

Saint Paul wrote a letter to T-Jay, telling him how much he misses him and that he hopes to see him soon. A very cool letter to T-Jay, Saint Paul. I hope you get to see him soon.

Thursday Learning Activities

Shared Reading Book: Dragons! Dragons! Dragons! W.A.L.H.T Identify Punctuation Marks

Question Time - Let's see who has been listening?

Question 1 - What is the name of the book?

Question 2 - How many dragons were there in the story?

Question 3 - Can you name each dragon?

Question 4 - What were the dragons looking for? 

Question 5 - Why do you think people are afraid of the dragons? 

Question 6 - How did the dragons make friends? 

Well done if you answered the questions all correctly! 


Arohatia - We encourage others

Please choose two of the following activities to do:

Write to your teacher & tell her what you been doing

I would really love to hear from you all. You could do this by taking a photo of your letter and sending it through by email or even sending me a quick message through text. But make sure you ask your parents first! 

Read a book with an older sibling or an adult from your Learning Pack.

Find a book that you enjoy from the Learning Pack and read it to a family member.

Listen to a story from Mrs Togiatu’s page on the school website.

Here is a link to Mrs Togiatu's page - check it out and see if you can answer the questions on her page - 

Good Luck!

Reading Activities

A huge thank you to Mrs Lologa in Room 8 for putting these clips together. The children in the Tigers and Leopards reading group, this will be a great opportunity to learn as many words as you can.

Red Word List

Yellow Word List

For the other reading groups, I want you to select 5 words from the Yellow List Word and see if you can write a sentence for each.
Here is an example:
inside -I am tired of staying inside the house.
today - Today I am going to clean the dishes.
had - I had to watch my naughty baby.
Mother - My mother is an amazing cook.
Father - My father loves to watch wrestling.
Give it a go!

Math Activity 

Let's continue with learning the Days of the Week and Month of the Year. Here is a simple and fun way to learn the days of the week and month of the year. 

You will need paper and pen.

Write the month of the year and days of the week on the piece of paper. 

Then once finished, rip the piece of paper carefully. Start with the days of the week. Mixed the days up and see if your child can put the days of the week in order. 

Once they have mastered putting the days of the week in order, challenge your child and see how fast he/she can sequence the days in order. Make it a competition, have someone in your household challenge your child. Try it with months of the year and see how they go. It's easy, simple and a fun way to learn!

Have fun Room 22 with all the learning activities!

Wednesday - Distance Learning Activities

Manaakitanga - We care and respect others

Please choose two of the following activities to do: 

  • Read a story to anyone in your bubble...

  • Show your appreciation for people in your family by doing something nice for them...

  • Make a card for a friend whom you miss in class..

Read a story to anyone in your bubble...

Find someone in your bubble that you can read to, it can be anyone. 

Show your appreciation for people in your family by doing something nice for them...

You can do this in many ways, you could give them a compliment by saying something nice like, "You look stunning today" or "Wow, you look handsome today". You could help out with the cleaning or if you're making yourself a sandwich, make an extra one to give to mum or dad or even to a sibling, now that's showing appreciation!

Make a card for a friend whom you miss in class...

You can make a card or write a letter to a friend whom you miss in class. Once we come out of lockdown, bring your card or letter to school and share it with that friend. I'm sure that person will definitely appreciate it. 

This is a letter Ardelle wrote to Grace in our first lockdown.


Math - For our math lesson today is learning the Days of the Week and Month of the Year.

Click on link Month of the Year (English)

Click on link Month of the Year (Te Reo Maori)

Click on link Days of the Week (English)

Click on link Days of the Week (Te Reo Maori)

Shared Reading Book: The Hole in the King's Sock 
W.A.L.H.T Identify Capital Letters and Full Stops

Let's see if you can answer these questions?

Question 1 - Name the characters in the story?

Question 2 - What was wrong with the King's sock?

Question 3 - Who stitched the sock with gold thread?

Question 4 - Who stitched the sock with dough?

Question 5 - Did the Queen help with stitching the King's sock? 

Question 6 - Can you describe how the King felt when he finished knitting his new sock? 

Send me your answers through an email or a text. Those who do, will get a GOLD CARD and a PRIZE from the prize box - Good Luck!

Please feel free to send through any photos with your child's learning - martham@flatbush.school.nz 

Thank you to all the families who have come through and have collected a learning pack!

Tuesday - Distance Learning Activities

Whakawhanaungatanga -We work for each other

Please choose two of the following activities to do: 

  • Draw a picture of what your learning space looks like...

  • Make paper planes and have a paper plane competition with your family bubble...

  • Write a letter to a family member and tell them how wonderful they are and why...

Math - Here is a link to help your child enjoy and practise counting from one to hundred - numbers

Did you have a go with the learning activities?

Check out the paper plane I made from this YouTube clip - paper plane

How COOL is my paper plane?

Who did you write a letter for?

 I wrote my letter to my mum.

The school will be closed until further notice.

Hi there, as you would probably know that Auckland has gone into another LOCKDOWN.  I know this must be very disheartening especially for our children. However, we must stay strong and know that we can  do this! 

This morning you would have received a text from me, saying if you need anything please feel free to reach out. My email again is martham@flatbush.school.nz.. For now, please use the learning packs that you would have picked up during the last lockdown.  I will be updating this page for learning activities and web page links that you could do with your child, so WATCH this space!  

Stay Safe Room 22

Much love x

Term One, Week 4 - 2021

Here is a snippet of our amazing art this week.

Silhouette Self Portrait Art

Term One, Week 3 - 2021

A big THANK YOU to the families who sent in pictures of their amazing children, who have really enjoyed the learning packs.  It really warms my heart that even during lockdown the children are keen and happy to do school work! I really do have the BEST LEARNERS in the whole of FLATBUSH primary school, not forgetting their families - THANK YOU   

(students below are Ardelle, Saint Paul & Massiah)

A big thank you to Ms Karo (Massiah's mum) for sending these cute pictures of Massiah who loves playing with his little brother. 

Monday 15 February 2021 

Thank you to all the families that I was able to get in contact with and to those who responded back via text.  It was nice to finally chat with you and I'm glad that both you and your family are coping well, especially during these unforeseen circumstance. Not a good start to the term, but I know we CAN DO THIS!

For those who are seeking learning activities to do with their children for the next two days, please click on this button ACTIVITIES  this will take you to a link where there are activities that your child can do independently or with a sibling. If your child has completed an activity, please feel free to send me a picture, where I can display on our class website for everyone to see. 

A message to my amazing Room 22 learners, I miss you all   I can't wait to see all your beautiful faces when this lockdown is over! Please take care and stay safe and I will see you ALL very soon! 

Much love from your classroom teacher - Mrs M Mokalei x

Sunday 14 February 2021

Evening Families, as you would have heard from our Prime Minister this evening, that Auckland is now in ALERT LEVEL 3 - LOCKDOWN, which means all schools across Auckland only will be closed. Tomorrow (Monday 15th February 2021) I will be doing a courtesy call, just to check in and see if you and the family are ok and to answer any questions you might have. If you would like to contact me, my email address is martham@flatbush.school.nz during my phone calls, I will leave you my personal number incase you need to get ahold of me. 

Till then, I look forward to chatting to you all tomorrow. 

Take Care & Stay Safe

Mrs M Mokalei x

Term One, Week 2 - 2021

Here is a snippet of our amazing learning this week.

This week the children were learning about themselves, what they like and what they want to be  when they grow up.  I can definitely say these children have a very BRIGHT future ahead of them!

Here is us taking turns and learning how to give each other a positive compliment.

The children from Room 22 have worked so hard this week, it's a FRIDAY, the sun was out...why not play a game of Hide & Seek to end the day with!  There was a lot of laughter and tears, but at the end it was definitely worth seeing their smiles before they head home! 


 Term One, Week 1 - 2021

A very warm welcome to the students of Room 22. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the lovely parents whom I met on Thursday. I look forward to working alongside you as we navigate a GREAT year of learning for our tamariki. 

I would like to congratulate our Room 22 CLASS CAPTAIN FOR 2021 - Haloe Gatoloai & Ardelle Langi. I know you both will be amazing leaders in leading our classroom this year. 

Here is a snippet of our wonderful learning this week.

A big shout out & a heartfelt thank you to the Ka Ora, Ka Ako lunch programme for the FREE lunches which is provided to ALL FBS learners! They are delicious and very healthy!