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Sharing Time with our Team Tupu Team

Ms Young using Stopmotion with her Te Reo lesson about ANZAC

Ms Heather and Mrs Hou's stopmotion about The Lizard.

Week 11 Inquiry Presentation!

Well done Room 8 for your wonderful sharing.  Thank you to Tito for learning how to present your pepeha using the green screen.  Thank you to Vili and Ama for presenting how to use Stopmotion for presenting your pepeha.  Thank you to Polevia for using makey makey to present your pepeha.

Here is a collaborative spokenword poem that our students wrote as part of our Inquiry!

Week 5- Lockdown Level 3! 

Friday 5 March


We value others

  • On your family walks, collect 10 different leaves & put them in order from the darkest to lightest or biggest to smallest

  • Write a thank you letter to Mr Avatea and the board for sponsoring each child’s stationery.
  • Offer to say the prayer during evening devotion and give thanks to every member in your family for all the things they do to contribute to your family in order to keep everyone safe.

Please take the time to learn our school karakia.  Thank you to Mrs Heather for making and sharing these videos for us to learn with.

Morning alphabet-  name and sound

Physical Activity from Ms Young's Hau Ora page 

Thank you so much Ms Young for the fun active activities you and your whanau have created for our whole school!

Reading from Mrs Togiatu's web page.  

Thank you Mrs Togiatu for reading with Room 8!

Swimming Lessons

Written by Emeli Sione

Illustrated by Jenny Cooper


  • Who was your favourite character and why?
  • How do you think Dad would have felt if Pati and Tusi laughed at him when they found out that he couldn't float?

Blue Words 

Watch the video of the blue words.  Try and say these words!

Put the following words into a sentence.



Count to 100 and back to 0.  Skip count in 2's,5's and 10's.  Make a list of all the odd numbers that you know of.

Answer the follow question.  Show your maths smart!  Draw a picture of what is happening in the story.  Who is the main character in this story?  What is he doing?

Tali gathered a 2.5kg bundle of talo leaves.  He gave half of the bundle of taro leaves to his neighbour.  How heavy is his bundle of talo leaves now?

Fa'afetai Room 8 learning village for all of the hard work that you have been doing this week.  I really look forward to seeing every single one of you in class as soon as we go back to level 2.  Thank you to all parents for the tireless work that you have put into your children this week.   You are all superstars!  

Please share your learning with me by sending your photos to sinal@flatbush.school.nz

Manuia le aso

Mrs Lologa

Thursday 4 March

Children's Voice in Room 8!

This is Rosinah and her family completing the hopscotch activity that Ms Young kindly modelled for us on her Hau Ora webpage.

Rosinah's positive message of aroha

PJ's learning for today!

Well done PJ for practising your yellow words and writing your yellow words in to a sentence!

PJ's family from shortest to tallest!

Thank you so much parents for the work that you have completed today with your children!  Thank you for your on going support!  You are all simply amazing!

Remember to keep on sharing your children's learning photos with me... sinal@flatbush.school.nz

Keep safe and be kind to others!

Manuia le po!

Mrs Lologa

Arohatia - We encourage others

  • Use chalk on the footpath to create a hopscotch pattern for people on their walks

  • Use chalk on the footpath to write encouraging messages for people on their walks

  • Make a line with those in your bubble from the tallest to the shortest. Now try from the oldest to the youngest. Draw a picture or take a photo and send it to your teacher

Let's start with some physical challenges from Ms Young!  Thank you Ms Young for your awesome hau ora challenges.

Have a go at some of these games!  Ms Young teaches you how to play hop scotch in this video!

Story time for today!  My own children have a few fears about being in Lockdown and going back to school.  This is a really good story on how to overcome some of these butterflies in your your tummy!

How does Aroha overcome the butterflies in her tummy?

Take a photo of a part of your garden that you like to go and sit to enjoy the wind in your hair, the smell of nature or simply the sun touching your face.

Who is the person in your family that you share your fears with?  

How do they make you feel at peace?

Practise the skill of Box Breathing.  This is a breathing technique that I teach my own children when they feel a lot of butterflies in their tummy.

Have a go with your family!  We will go over this technique in class!

Practising our words- Yellow words. 

How many words can you recognise and say quickly?  

Write a sentence using some of the yellow words.

played- I played rugby with my brother.




Maths ( Don't worry about the decimal numbers)

PJ's paper plane flew 3.6m.  His brother St John's paper plane flew 2.1m.  How many metres did the paper planes fly altogether?

How about you make your own paper plane and measure the length that it flies.  You can measure by walking or use your hands span.

Have fun!

Thank you parents for all of your hard work with your children.  Please keep on sending in your photos! Please send them to sinal@flatbush.school.nz

Manuia le aso

Mrs Lologa

Wednesday's Sharing Time with our Fanau!

Thank you fanau for the amazing learning you are doing at home for our children!

Rosinah has sent in photos of her bubble!

Awesome work Jeremiah!  I love hugs from my mum too!  

Thank you Sina for all that work that you are doing at home with Jeremiah!

I can't wait to see more photos tomorrow!

Look at PJ's paper plane!  Isn't it amazing?  I wonder which brother won this paper plane competition?

The boys made a spider out of twigs.  Note that it is a spider as it has 8 legs.  

What a wonderful letter PJ has written to Emmanuel!  

PJ showed whanaungatanga by setting the table ready for the koko laisa and scones made by Mum and Dad.

Thank you to all the parents who have sent me photos of what your children have been learning today.  Please email me on sinal@lologa.school.nz

Thank you for your work with your children.  I look forward to seeing everyone back at school very soon!

Fa'afetai lava

Mrs Lologa

Wednesday 3 March Challenge


We care and respect


  • Read a story to anyone in your bubble

  • Show your appreciation for people in your family by doing something nice for them

  • Help a big person in your bubble weed the garden.

 Send me photos of your learning!

If you are on your red words.  Practise your red words here.  

Use your chalk to practise writing all of your Flatbush Red words!  You can do it!  Write outside on a concrete path.  Send me a photo!

Let's listen to a story about kindness.  Knowing how to be kind to others is a good start of showing Manaakitanga!

What is the most powerful thing about being kind?

Why is it important to be kind to others?

Create a list on all of the ways you can be kind to others

Maths Counting - forward and backwards to 100

Complete the following problem.  

Draw a picture of what the number story is trying to tell you!

You help by folding the washing.  There are 8 towels, 2 tea towels, 17 T shirts, 3 pairs of shorts.  How many items have you folded?

Thank you so much for your continued hard work.  

Manuia le aso!

Mrs Lologa

Tuesday 2 March Challenge

Learn the School Song!  Play this link and learn it!  Send me a 4 sec video of you singing our school song!

Whakawhanaungatanga - We work for each other

Identify warm fuzzies that make you happy and cold prickles that make you sad.  How do you overcome these cold prickles?

Watch this story!

What was the story about?

Identify the warm fuzzies in your life.

What makes you feel warm and loved in your bubble?

Identify the cold prickles in your life?

What makes you feel sad?

Write a list of warm fuzzies:

Write a list of cold prickles

Fale made a talley chart of all the warm fuzzies and cold prickles he got during the week.

Warm FuzziesCold Prickles

Which day or days did he get more warm fuzzies than cold prickles?

How do you think he felt on those days?

Can you draw a picture graph for the above information, that you can share with me?

Thank you Room 8!  I am looking forward to seeing all of your wonderful learning today.

Please keep on sending me lots of photos or videos of your learning to sinal@flatbush.school.nz

Manuia le aso

Mrs Lologa

Thank you to all the parents who sent in photos of their children's learning today!  Well done!

Thank you Sina for sending me these wonderful photos of Jeremiah's learning.

Here is another wonderful Room 8 learner!

Thank you so much Samantha for sending in the photos of Tito learning at home.  Keep up the good work Tito!


My thoughts are with you all during this difficult time as we go into Home Learning!  We can do it!  

Hard copy Learning Packs can be picked up from school tomorrow from 10am-1pm.

Packs will be given out in our school Library.

Both gates will be open, please wear a mask and we will have contact tracing in place.

These packs are for our children who did not get one in the last lockdown.  

We need 8 parents from Room 8 to pick up the learning packs please.  I will email and text these 8 parents personally.

Suggested Room 8's learning activities for today
1.  Help broom the floor at home.
2.  Find different leaves and sticks in your garden.  Create an insect with it.  
3.  Ask a big person at home to tell you their favourite Samoan legend.  Listen to it.  Act it out.
4.  Count to 100 and back to 0, skip count in 5's , 10's and 2's.  
5.  Clean up your room and put all your clothes away in the right place.

Thank you Jeremiah for sharing with our fanau your learning from home!

Creative Time-  Creating an insect using sticks or leaves found around the garden.

Thank you Sina for sending in the home learning tasks your boys are doing with you!  Keep up the good work!

Maths Challenge

PJ has decided to write his numbers from 1- 100!

PJ likes to help out his family by doing the dishes!  Good boy PJ!

Thank you so much Tina for the work that you are doing at home for your family!  Thank you for sharing the videos of your family with our Room 8 fanau!

Check out Tito's learning at home today!

Thank you Samantha for sharing with our fanau Tito's learning at home.  Can't wait to see his end result for his garden insect!  Well done Tito!

Keep on sending those videos and photos to Mrs Lologa via sinal@flatbush.school.nz

Thank you for your hard work today Room 8!

Look after each other and be kind!

This is what some of my children have been doing for their home learning!

Nelisa, Malama, Tuilosa and Sala'a all turned up on time to their google meets classroom learning time today.  Salina missed her one because she was not organised.

The younger ones also went to school to help their dad out early in the morning to pack all the chromebooks ready to be picked up by parents today at their school!

Keep on serving your family!  Work hard today so we can look after our parents as they get older!

Manuia le Aso 

Mrs Lologa!

Week 4- Talofa fanau!  We have our book bags going home this week for the first time. Here is PJ's family sharing with us a wonderful video of how they use the 100 number board at home to learn his numbers!

Jeremiah using his 100 number board to count to 100 and backwards from 100 to 0!

Thank you to our Room 8 fanau for supporting our children with their learning at home!  We are stronger as one- rowing our vaka together!  We can do this!

Aviti making a soup!


Rosinah watering the flowers.  So many keen gardeners in our class.


Room 8 fanau with our councillor in training!


This flower was picked up off the ground by Evelyn!


Emmanuel making a car!


Quezon loves water play.  He was so very interested in how the water pump worked.


Week 3

Wednesday 17 February

Shifnal Children being Thankful!

 We have a Bokashi system at home, we throw all our food waste into this bucket! 

Thankful to be connected to Papatuanuku!

We are now more mindful about the waste we produce in our house hold!


Connection with our Learning Village

Thank you Tito for your learning today.  I love how you help your nana out every morning by picking the tomatoes!  Your nana must be a great gardener!

Thank you Jeremiah for sharing your learning today.  Well done for going outside to play.

PJ's Distance Learning!  Thank you so much for sharing these pictures with your Room 8 fanau!

Communication with our Fanau!

Fa'afetai parents for your ongoing communication via email!  I am enjoying all the pictures.

This is Tito's family completing "Passing the Ball" challenge!  Fa'afetai Samantha for sending in the photos.

Thank you Ama for helping your grandparents make kopai! I love kopai! Great to Ama helping her family! We row our waka together!

Mahi Ngatahi

Today's Value is Mahi Ngatahi we work as a TEAM!  I am looking forward to seeing what Room 8 have been doing at home for Mahi Ngatihi!  

Please send me your photos on my school gmail address:


Shifnal Drive Family Games- Created By Mrs Lologa 

Purpose:  Keep my children busy!

Pick up the Leaves off the Drive- Way game- 

favourite game to give to a child not rowing our waka together!

Cleaning the Garage Floor Game

Siblings vs Siblings- See who can clean the garage floor the fastest.

Cook the Lunch while Mum is Working

Michelle's favourite game:  Create a meal using leftovers.

The whole family gave Michelle and Salina 8/10.  They made their own pastry from scratch.  Used the leftover curry from last night and used lots of our leftover salad in their little surprise pastries.  


The Laundry Game

Mum's favourite game:  Who can fold up the washing the fastest and the neatest?  Plus put it away!

Ball Game

Malama, Sala'a and Tuilosa have to work together to catch the ball more than 100 times.  Passes can be bounce, lob or chest passes.  Only played after the household games are finished.

Thank you to all the Room 8 parents that I talked with today.  If you missed my call, I also texted or emailed you.  The connections that we managed to make today was very helpful.  Stay safe fanau!

Week 2

Partnership- As part of our Treaty of Waitangi work we talked and acted out the first P from article one of  the Treaty of Waitangi. 

What does it mean to be a good friend?  What does a good friend look like?  Sound like?  How does a good friend make you feel?

Do you think the Pakeha (crown) has been a good friend to the Tangata Whenua ( Maori).

Watch the following video of the Treaty of Waitangi from a child's perspective.  The Real Waitangi Day

Week 2- Room 8 .... We Row our Waka Together!  He waka eke noa!

These photos are for our self portraits that we started on Friday!  Can't wait to finish these.

We are so lucky to be part of the Free Lunches in Schools programme!  We are all learning to eat more vegetables every day!

Week 1

Meet our very talented learners in Room 8.  We row our waka together!  He waka eke noa!

Thank you to Mama Paese for being an awesome teacher in Room 8!  Mama Paese will be teaching alongside me.  She will be speaking Samoan to our children.  Room 8 is so blessed to have Mama Paese!

Jeremiah is a gentle friend to everyone!  His mother Sina is a mother, an aunty to all of children in Room 8.  She is a very popular mum!

Chris has been the maths champion a few times now!

Tala is a kaitiaki of our our learning equipment.

Ama is so caring, she always comforts those who are a bit sad.

Joslin and her mum!  Joslin is a great helper in our class.

Thank you Emmanuel for your helping hands!  

Christian is a fantastic artist!  A good eye for detail!

 Quezon loves to dance.  

PJ and Mum... look at PJ's new hat

This is Aviti Junior and his nana!

Thank you Charles for bringing your mum to school.

Thank you so much for all the parents who have come into class to say hi.  It was lovely to meet the Maifala family again.  I taught Pelu's older sister 2 years ago!

My Family

Talofa fanau o Room 8!

Ko te Moana-nui-a- Kiwa te Moana

Ko Tepapauoatua te Rangatira

Ko Niutao toku 

No Tuvalu ahau  

Ko Sina Lologa taku ingoa!

My name is Sina Lologa.  I was born in Niutao, Tuvalu.  I was adopted at the age of 7years old and went to live in Dunedin with my uncle and his palagi wife.  I grew up in Dunedin, then my family shifted to St Andrews, I completed my last 2 years of High School at Timaru Girls' High School.  I completed my Bachelor of Teaching and Learning Degree at Canterbury University.  

I am married to a Samoan, Sala'a Lologa and we have 7 children.  Tiare (23yrs), Michelle (20yrs), Nelisa- Ailini (16yrs), Salina (12yrs), Malama (10 yrs), Tuilosa (9yrs) and Sala'a- Troy (6yrs).

I love my family and my favourite thing to do is to have fun alongside my children from playing sports to cooking or digging around the garden.

I look forward to serving my Flatbush family with an open heart and to do my very best for your children.