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Nau Mai, Haere mai! Welcome! 


Week 7, Term 2

Wow! The weeks are flying by aren't they? Last week we celebrated our support staff. We are very lucky at FBS to have wonderful Teacher Aides and support staff to help teachers and tamariki. They are instrumental in our school. In Room 6 we are fortunate to have Miss Maggy. She helps us with our Reading programme and takes the Year 1 children for PMP. Did I mention she takes one on one with some very lucky students and helps them with identifying letters and word work. Miss Maggy is a great listener and encourages all Room 6 learners. She is one of our favourites. Thank you for all that you do for Room 6.

Miss Maggy

A huge thank you to all our FBS Teacher Aides and support staff. You all are fantastic people and have caring hearts. 

Our Wonderful FBS support staff


Stop Motion in Action

We have been working on Stop Motion, where children will be able to bring their story to life. What does this mean? Well, it is a filming technique. Where bits of paper used as models will create movement (like a cartoon). Check out their planning. I will post their movies once it is complete.


Week 6, Term 2

After an amazing Samoan Language Week we returned back to normal. Business as usual in Room 6. We did finish off our story writing Sina and the Eel and will publish them on here. So stay tuned.

TUPU LIBRARY visit in Week 5

For most of us, this was the first time we visited the library in our community. We got to look around the library and read some books, which we really enjoyed.

Business as usual in Room 6

Kezia is counting all the beans
Math activities
Payton is adding sets together
Before school writing
Before school writing
Before school writing


Week 5, Term 2

Samoan Language Week

Talofa Lava! 

Wow! Samoan Language week was amazing. We finished the week on a high with an amazing assembly. Our tamariki loved the experience. They sang Samoan songs, they watched dancing and listened to some speeches. 

Today we had our Samoan Market. A huge Faafetai lava to our Teachers and our families for putting on an amazing day. Have a look and see what our tamariki got up to this morning.

Mativa and Lesham wearing their Samoan outfits. They look stunning.

Issac and his sister wearing their Samoan outfits. They look super!

This week is Samoan Language Week. In class we are retelling Sina & the Eel story and reading the book about the Manumea. Our children are allowed to wear their Samoan outfits throughout the week. Check out Dennis.


Week 4, Term 2

We ended the week with a Cross Country Competition. Congratulations to Team Rimu for winning the House Competition. I must admit, they were on fire   Also congratulations to all our running participants. You all did so well.

Check out our Room 6 Runners!

Week 3, Term 2

Pink Friday for our Whole School. Check out our Tamariki wearing Pink from Room 6. They look gorgeous!

We had the opportunity to create with some Loose Parts. Check it out

Week 2, Term 2

Our Zoo Trip

We were very excited to go to the zoo. We could not wait. We saw everything we wanted to see. Thank you to our parent helper Mr Jacob and our teacher supporters Miss Tania and Mrs Moodley.


Term 1

Week 11 is here. It has been a while. We have been busy doing so many things in class and at school. Let's have a look and see what we have been up to.

Classroom Work

Our learners are feeling successful when they have completed work or can show their thinking. These photos show our learners are thinking, talking and working together.

Play based Learning Activities

Here, Room 6 learners have been motivated to learn through play. They have taken charge of their own learning and have chosen activities that will motivate them to think, talk about, discover and to develop skills by sharing with others. 

Cricket Skills

Room 6 learners have been working with Coach Nick. They have learnt how to throw, catch a ball, run to and from wickets and batting skills. Thanks Coach Nick for all your help. 


Team Rata, Team Rimu, Team Kowhai, Team Kauri

Today was a day of friendship and learning new sports skills. The tamariki enjoyed themselves. Thank you Mrs Young for organising an awesome event.  



Level 2 on Monday

Yippee! We are returning to Level 2! Looking forward to seeing our Learners on Monday.

Do you remember what to do when you return to school Room 6?

Look below to help remind you:

Check out our Families sharing their learning for today


We value others

Kybah is a great older brother

Thank you once again for sharing your work and photos with me Kybah. Your family pictures are awesome and they keep you safe. It is nice to hear how much you love playing with your sisters and hearing your baby brother is your favourite. Take care Kybah. 

Preston getting on with Learning in Lockdown

Kia Ora Whaanau

Today - Friday, we are offering Food Packs at the school from 11am - 1pm. It is a first in, first served basis. As per normal, you are required to wear a mask and sign in.


100 Food packs on offer (one per household)

Hopefully, today is the last day for Lockdown Level 3. I miss our tamariki and teaching them. Parents, you have all done a wonderful job at home helping our children. Thank you for completing the daily activities and sending in your learning. Please continue to do so today. Wishing you all an amazing, blessed day. Our School Value for today is Atawhai - We value others. See the activities below


We value others

Start the day with our Morning Karakia - Karakia Timatanga. We say the Kai Karakia before we eat and to end our day we say the Karakia Whakamutunga.

Activity 1 - tahi

Learn and say our Karakia Timatanga. If you are brave enough, record yourself and send is to Ms Heather-elizabethh@flatbush.school.nz

Activity 2 - rua

Learn and sing our school song. We began singing this song just before our school went into Lockdown Level 3. Also do you remember our song we learnt Haere mai? If you are brave enough, record yourself and send it to me. Don't forget to do some challenges with Miss Young.

Activity 3 - toru

Draw a picture or take a photo of your family. Write one simple sentence about each member, describing how you value them. See what I wrote about my family below.


Check out our Families showing their learning for today


We encourage others

Brax's Fantastic Writing

Ka Pai Brax. Thank you for giving the activities a go today. I like how you wrote all those sentences by yourself. How was it writing in chalk? When you return, we are all going to give chalk writing a go outside Room 6. Take care now Brax.

Kybah's Whaanau

Kybah, what you have shared today is fantastic. You should be so proud of yourself. I like how you did all the activities for today and you wrote your Pepeha. We have been working on our Pepeha just before we went into lockdown. Take care of yourself and keep reading to your sisters. Tino pai! 

Glacier sharing Thursdays fantastic learning!

Thank you Glacier and to your family for taking part in today's activities. I love all the photos, but especially of the photo where you all lined up from the tallest to the shortest and the oldest to the youngest. Was there much of a difference? Take care Glacier


Thursday - Kia Ora e te Whaanau

Kei te pehea koutou? Today marks Lockdown Day 5! You have done so well keeping safe in your bubbles. Thank you to Glacier, Kybah, Kezia and Brax for sending in their work. How wonderful!  Today's activities will be based around the School Value - Arohatia, We encourage others. 


We encourage others

Activity 1 - tahi

Write I am sentences on the drive way using chalk from your learning pack. If it rains, write in your work book. Write I am, My ______ is. Use the alphabet card and the pink card to help you.

 Don't forget to show me your sentences. 

Activity 2 - rua

Read a book with an older sibling or an adult from your Learning Pack. If you want, you can read along with me. 

Activity 3 - toru

Make a line with those in your bubble from the tallest to the shortest. Now try from the oldest to the youngest. Is it the same? Draw a picture or take a photo and send it to your teacher.


Thank you whaanau for helping your children write messages and take photos relating to our value Manaakitanga. Here are a few messages and beautiful photos that came through today. 




Kia Ora Whaanau

Thank you to those families who were able to pick up their child's Learning Pack yesterday. Today, we are offering Food Packs at the school from 11am - 1pm. It is a first in, first served basis. As per normal, you are required to wear a mask and to sign in.


60 Food packs on offer (one per household) 

See Below - Please complete today's activities. Don't forget to send your completed work to Ms Heather's email - elizabethh@flatbush.school.nz.. Our value we will be working with today is Manaakitanga - We care and respect others.

Have fun!


We care and respect others

Activity 1 - tahi

Read a story from your Learning pack to or with a family member in your bubble. Click on the button links below to read with the story. If you have other books to read, even better. There are stories Ms Heather has read, see below in Tuesday's activities.

Activity 2 - rua

Send a text message or an email to your teacher or simply write her a letter. Tell her how you have been and what you have been up to. Ask your parents first. Or write a letter to your friend. 

Activity 3 - toru

Send photos of people you care about in your bubble. You can draw a picture if you wish, but if you do have a picture, send it to Ms Heather. Let her know who you care about and how you care for them. Good luck! 

My Family Bubble

I care about my son
I care about my Dad
I care about my Mum
I care about my sister


Tuesday 2nd March

Whanau, please pick up your Learning Packs today from our School Library, if you did not get the chance to pick them up during the last lockdown. You are required to wear a mask and you must sign in before entering our school gates. 

See Below - Please complete the following activities today and Good luck! Send pictures of your completed activities so I can post it on our webpage - elizabethh@flatbush.school.nz. New activities will be put up each day. Today's activities is from our School Value: 


We work for each other

Activity 1 - tahi 

Write the letter and the word of the week in chalk. You can use the chalk from your Learning Pack!

The letter of the week is: I i - say the letter name and sound

The word of the week: is - say the word is, write the word is

To challenge yourselves, write the letter 'i' in a writing book from the Learning pack. Set it up as if you were writing in your handwriting book. Use a finger space and sit your letters on the line. Try to write as many words as you can with the letter i, I. I know two words starting with I - Ioane and Issac. Can you think of some words?

Activity 2 - rua 

Make sets of numbers using household objects, eg fruit, knives, forks, spoons, plastics lids or pegs. Add them all together. Send me a picture to show me your thinking.

Activity 3 - toru

Read a book with or to one of your siblings. Take a photo of you reading to your sibling and send the picture to me so I can post it on our page.

Big Book - Familiar Read

Take care now

Ms Elizabeth Heather 


Monday 1st March

Kia Orana Families

You would have received a text from Mr Avatea about our Learning Packs. Please pick up a Learning Pack tomorrow, Tuesday 2 March from our School Library.

You will have to sign before entering the school and please wear a mask. Here is the Learning Pack below. Each day I will show you how to use one of the items in the pack. 

Take care 

Ms Elizabeth Heather

Some activities to do at home today

Activity 1 - tahi
Activity 2 - rua
Activity 3 - toru
Write your name in a book or on a piece of paper. Write your name as big as you can. Write your name as small as you can. Write your name 7 times on the page. Don't forget to make sure your letters are turned round the right way.Say the alphabet and don't forget to say the letter names and sounds.

Read a book to an adult or a sibling. Try your best to read a book everyday.


Kia Orana Room 6 Families

Here we are, going back into Lockdown Level 3. You would have received an email from Mr Avatea explaining school will be closed over the next week. We will wait on what the government says as to when school will re-open. At the moment, please spend this time with your tamariki and take care of yourselves. I will touch base with you all again very soon. 

Please send me your updated phone details if you have recently changed your number by sending me an email, elizabethh@flatbush.school.nz or if you have pictures you would like to share over the lockdown period, you are welcome to share with me.

Take care of yourselves and keep safe

Ms Elizabeth Heather

Meet our new students

Finally, you can now meet our new Room 6 members. They all fit in beautifully into our class and get on with everyone. They have moved recently from another classroom or Flat Bush is their new school. 


Kia Ora Koutou

I hope you all have had a great weekend with your tamariki. This week we will be learning our Pepeha, knowing who we are and where we come from. So far we have identified who lives with us in our homes and naming our family members. 

Lastly, we have had to let go of four of our Room 6 learners who will now be in Room 22 with Mrs Mokalei. We have gained two amazing students from Room 2. We welcome Locrian and Lesham. Hoping you both have a great learning year ahead with the rest of Room 6. We are still waiting to welcome Lesham.

Here is Locrian   

Ms Elizabeth Heather

Wishing Caden a very Happy Birthday!



Kia Orana Room 6. 

Today we had a good turn out, with 7 children who attended school. We miss all our friends.  See our  message below.

Please take care and we will see you all again soon.

Ms Elizabeth Heather

Our Learners during Reading time

Happy Belated Birthday to Issac

We hope you had a great day today!

Lunch time

We love our lunches and we enjoy eating with our friends


Kia Orana Family

Unfortunately we are in Alert Level 3, so there is no school for the next three days. Please keep safe at home with your tamariki. I will keep in contact through the website & by messaging you on your personal phone. You can email me ás an alternative - elizabethh@flatbush.school.nz 

Wishing you all good health & blessings.

Ms Elizabeth Heather

Proud to be your child's classroom teacher

Activities you can do at home

Please feel free to do one or two activities a day. 

1. Read a book to yourself, a toy, a sibling or your parents. If you are unable to read a book, ask an older person to read to you. 

2.Draw a picture of your favourite part of the story you have read. Write a simple sentence about it.

3.Say the alphabet and practise writing the letters. Make sure you remember, all letters start at the top and sit them on the line. 

4. Get counting! Count to 100 if you can. See if you can write the numbers to 100. If you can’t, write up to what you can. 

5. Write as many high frequency words as you can. Do you have a copy of the pink, red, yellow, blue & green lists? Begin writing some words.  

6. Do you have a colouring book and crayons or felts? Perhaps colour in. Use as many colours as you can.

7. Write a simple story using the words 

‘I am’ as your sentence starter. Write several sentences. Don’t forget to draw a picture for each sentence.

I am __________.

I am __________.

I am __________.

I am __________.

I am __________.

I am __________.

8.Do you have a pack of cards? Play some cards with your family members. Can you play

-Last card

-Fishy, fishy


-Add two cards together

9. Help in the kitchen, plan and cook a meal with your loved one. Then write what ingredients were needed and what you cooked. 

10. Do some chores around the home. Start with cleaning your room and check in and see if your parents need help with anything else. 

11. Write a letter to a friend in your class. Let them know how you are and what you have been doing. Don’t forget to ask them how they are and what they are doing too.

12. Do you know your basic facts to 5 or 10? Write out as many addition and subtraction sums as you can.

1 + 4 =

5 - 1 =

2 + 3 =



Kia Orana and warm greetings to you all

My name is Elizabeth Heather and I am your child's classroom teacher and Team Tupu's syndicate leader for 2021. I am excited for the year ahead. This will be week 2 of learning, where the children will be learning new routines in the classroom while still finding their feet. 

A reminder we will be providing school lunches and stationery this year. We are so lucky and thanks are in order to our wonderful Principal Mr Avatea and our B.O.T for making this happen. School start times are 8.55 - 3.00pm. Should your child be late, they are to go to Miss Sheree to obtain a late pass.

Any questions, please come in and see me

Ms Heather

Meet the team!