Flat Bush

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Distance Learning Weeks 3 and 4

Here are some new activities for while we are at Alert Level 3.  

Remember to share your amazing work (and anything else you might be doing to help at home) with your teachers. 


We work for each other

  • Do some chalk art on your driveway

  • Read a book with or to one of your siblings

  • Design a poster to tell your family the importance of washing their hands

  • Make sets of numbers using household objects, eg knives and forks, spoons, plastics lids, pegs.

  • Make paper planes and have a paper plane competition with your family bubble.

  • Read a recipe and make a simple meal for your family

  • Draw a picture of what your learning spaces looks like

  • Offer to help prepare one of the daily meals 

  • Create a word find with your family on new words that you can capture from the TV.


We care and respect


  • Tidy up a space in your bubble that is not your bedroom

  • Make a card for a friend whom you miss in class

  • Make a Mother’s Day card, using the coloured card and paper in your learning pack - juniors

  • Read the Covid 19 book (click the link) for Children

  • Imagine that you have a family member living in the islands and you have to send them a barrel of supplies after Cyclone Harold. What would you send them and why?

  • Show your appreciation for people in your family by doing some nice for them

  • Record a message with your siblings or family ok kindness through this lockdown  to others in our FBS community, send through to teacher so they may upload on FBS website

  • Listen to music - have it loud enough to hear, but not too loud to disturb others.

  • Read a story to anyone in your bubble


We encourage others

  • When the washing has been done, hang out your own clothes and get them in when they are dried. Fold them and put them away

  • Teach your younger siblings a new game and remember to praise and encourage them as they learn it

  • Use items in your garden to create a face from nature - share with your bubble

  • Do an activity from the Ministry of Education Learning from Home pack or the FBS Home pack

  • Encourage your bubble to have outdoor play, picnic on the lawn, or cleaning the garden

  • Have fun with your whānau. Using sign language learn your name and teach others theirs

  • Watch a session on the Free to Air Education TV (Home Learning | Papa Kāinga TV) on TVNZ channel 2+1 and on TVNZ on Demand, as well as on Sky Channel 502 between 9am and 3pm and follow along with the activities. 

  • Email your teacher and tell her what you have been doing from the Distance Activities

  • Learn about a famous artist and use their art as inspiration for your own creation


We value others

  • Write a thank you letter to one of the adults who came on our trip in Term 1

  • Make a chore list with your siblings

  • Write a thank you letter to Mr Avatea and the board for sponsoring each child’s stationery.

  • Learn some sign language - the National Anthem in Sign Language   or anthems of other cultures at our school

  • Give everyone in your family a positive compliment every day.

  • Learn a karakia, morning, night and kai karakia

  • Choose a role model or a famous person to research - share your findings with your classmates

  • Reflect at the end of the day 5 things you are grateful for

  • Choose a mother’s day activity from the Flat Bush learning pack

  • Design a ‘thank you’ poster to all the essential workers and display it on your      window or by the letterbox

Tū Pono

We know who we are

  • Wake up early on Saturday 25th and stand at dawn with the rest of the country - stand silently for one minute

  • Draw a picture of a field of poppies, make it into a card.

  • Design your own family tree - ask an adult or older brother or sister to help you.

  • Perform 3 waiata for your whanau

  • Work out the differences and similarities of our lifestyle today (Lockdown) than before.

  • Learn some new words from your own culture and try using them in a sentence.

  • Write an alternate ending to the “Three Little Pigs” / “Snow White”

  • Design an ultimate outfit to wear once the lockdown has ended, explain what you have chosen and why

  • Make a list of essential service workers and why they are essential workers

  • Record how you feel at the end of each day

Mahi Ngatahi

We work as a team

  • Work with someone in your bubble - find 26 items around the house. Each item must begin with a different letter of the alphabet.

  • Make up a song/rap of how you want your family to work as a team.

  • Learn a magic trick with your brothers and sisters and show it to your whanau

  • Make a scavenger hunt.  Create a list of clues that would help your whanau find the different things on your list

  • Set the table and serve your family dinner

  • If able, create a dance video with your siblings/whanau and send it through to the class teacher.

  • Do the dishes - wash one night and dry the next night (or at each meal)

  • Make a whanau book , Everyone to record their thoughts,  feelings, or happenings, Don't have to sign it so all can just read and see how everyone is keeping.

  • Recite the covid 19 practices that we all have to follow to keep our nation safe with your whanau / Create a song and make some actions with it. 

Physical Exercise

  • Do JUMP JAM - watch the VIDEOS & follow along

  • Walk/run up to the end of your driveway, do star jumps, walk/run back down your driveway do high knees continue for 5 sets

  • Design an obstacle course in your garden

  • Go for a walk staying close to your bubble.

  • Challenge your whanau to a thumb war.  See who becomes champion

  • Every hour on the hour, pick a movement from the list below and do it for 30 to 60 seconds 

    • Push ups, Planks, Lunges, Squats, Burpees, High knees, Star jumps, etc.

    • A move of your own choice

    • Netball passes - passing from the chest

  • Senses - ask someone in your family to play with you. Blindfold either yourself or your sibling or parent. Whoever is blindfolded needs to be led to different spots where you are required to use one of your senses (not sight because you are blindfolded) to guess what the thing/object is. Change the thing or object each day, change who is blindfolded each day too.

  • Watch TV1 at 9am for Les Mills Body Balance or Body Attack Monday to Friday

  • Dance Videos - Just dance - Power, Kung Fu Fighting,  We No Speak AmericanoDynamiteEye of the Tiger

  • Alphabet search - use your exercise book to record your answers and remember to date the page. Each day you walk around your home looking for 6 things beginning with a letter. For example:

      • Monday - Look for 6 things beginning with A, B & C

      • Tuesday - Look for 6 things beginning with D, E, F 

      • Wednesday - Look for 6 things beginning with G, H, I

      • Thursday - look for 6 things beginning with J, K, L

      • Friday - look for 6 things beginning with M, N, O, P, etc.