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This week we are sharing with all FBS learners and whānau our Distance Learning Timetable. This is similar to the timetable we have at school and is intended to support our learners to have in place a routine that they are familiar with. 

We also are providing DL activities for our amazing learners to work on. These activities are linked with our 6 FBS Values and each value has 6 activities. The activities are for ALL FBS learners from Years One to Six. 

Our learners are asked to complete 1 activity from each of the 6 values each day, they can do more than one if they want to.  

Don't forget to share your awesome work with your class teacher.


We work for each other

  • Count the teddy bears when you are out for a walk and draw a picture of your favourite one

  • Make sets of numbers using household objects, eg knives and forks, spoons, plastic lids

  • Write down how your chores/jobs changed during the lockdown.

  • Design and draw a machine or robot that could make life easier for you and whānau.

  • Create a menu for today’s meals - include breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner

  • Create a Tik Tok / dance


We care and respect


  • Watch a session on the Free to Air Education TV (Home Learning | Papa Kāinga TV) on TVNZ channel 2+1 and on TVNZ on Demand, as well as on Sky Channel 502 between 9am and 3pm and follow along with the activities. 

  • Email your teacher and tell her what you have been doing from the Distance Activities

  • Recount a time that you showed kindness

  • Wave to 5 people out on their walks.

  • Send an email to a class member, share what you have done from tasks and in your bubble, encourage them to complete tasks and share back

  • Whole whanau to trace their hand and write ‘positive’ adjectives to describe each other (everyone writes on each others hand)


We encourage others

  • Ask your parents if you can go outside at 7pm and clap for all of the NZ Essential workers for one minute

  • Make a card for someone who is not in your bubble

  • Watch a session of the Home Learning TV - do a task from there

  • Email your teacher & tell her what you been doing

  • Write a letter to someone who is not in your bubble, e.g the nurses at Middlemore hospital, the Prime Minister (Jacinda Ardern) or the Director of Health (Dr Ashley Bloomfield)

  • Listen to a story from the school website


We value others

  • Have a technology free day.  What could you do instead?  At the end of the day, reflect on how the day went.

  • Plan a picnic.  Plan what food you will need and where you could have the picnic in your bubble. Write down 10 things you are grateful for.

  • Learn a new song - share with others.

  • Write a letter to a friend from your class telling them what you have been doing during lockdown, what you enjoy about your friendship with them , how you look forward to seeing them and what you are most looking forward to doing with them when we get back to school

  • Give thanks to someone who you would like to show appreciation for something/anything. Share orally or in written form such as a thank you  letter/card.  Either share with someone in your bubble,  if they are not in your bubble you can email it or give it to them at a later stage.

Tū Pono

We know who we are

  • Learn some new words in Te Reo Maori and try using them in a sentence

  • Design a room you could live in without leaving for 4 weeks.   What does it have in it?

  • Make some ANZAC poppies & put them on your window/fence.

  • Research ANZAC - why do we celebrate it?

  • Design a whole page with patterns from your culture. Explain why these patterns are important to you and your whanau.

  • Research ANZAC Day and ask your Whanau if you have any relatives that are or have been in the defence forces. Make some ANZAC poppies and put them on your fence.

Mahi Ngatahi

We work as a team

  • Play catch with someone in your whanau.  How many times can you pass it without dropping the ball?

  • Help an adult to plan and cook a meal together, then ask your bubble members to give you a score out of 10

  • Dust one room a day 

  • Make a list of activities you could do outside.

  • Create a dance video with your siblings/whanau and send it through to the class teacher. Use what you have available around your home as instruments...e.g, spoons, wooden spoons, papers for different sounds. Also if you can dress up based on what theme you decide to call your group. 

  • Imagine you have met an alien? It has no idea how to wash its hands. Write a set of simple instructions from beginning to end. How about social distancing? Teach the Alien in a few steps and explain why?

Physical Exercise

  • Amazing race outside with the whole family. Create 5 stations, 3 minutes for each station. 2 minutes to look for the clue if not found MUST do exercise like - (a) skipping 20 times, (b) squads 20 times, (c) star jumps 10 times, (d) burpees 10 times...choose only 2 activities to do. Clue will be given once exercises are completed

  • Hold a plank.  How long can you hold it for?  Who in your house can hold the plank the longest

  • Go for a walk or bike ride.  Remember to keep the 2m distance between yourselves and everyone else who is out there

  • Sweep the paths outside your house and pull out any weeds that might be growing in the cracks

  • Watch some on - line Yoga and practice some poses. (Cosmic Kids)

  • Play ‘Captains coming’ (Mr D’s game)