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At Home Exploring Packs


In the next few days, all of of our Year 1-3 learners will recieve a Home Exploring Pack from the Ministry of Education. These are packs that contain lots of different learning activities and are for our learners and their whānau to keep. They don't need to come back to school once the lockdown is lifted.

There were 6,000 packs given out across the whole of New Zealand, FBS were lucky enough to be part of that number and we have around 230 packs ordered for delivery. These packs were only for children in Years 1-3, hopefully whānau with older learners who recieve a pack can find ways to share this resource.

Thank you to Mrs Mayerhofler who worked with the Ministry of Education in ordering and organising delivery of all of our resource packs. A big job, but one done because FBS staff want all of our learners and their whānau to know, that we are constantly thinking of you and how we can support you.

To learn more about how to use some of the activities in the kit click on the links below;

Feel free to contact your child's classroom teacher by email, if you have any questions about how to make the most of this new resource. Click  Flat Bush Staff 2020 on our home page to find trhe email address of your child's teacher.