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Mother’s Day 2020  

It’s Mother’s Day on May 10th. Here are some ideas of things you can do or make for Mum or Nana or your special someone on their special day to celebrate.

Make a wordle for Mum. Get a big brother or sister to work with you and write down all the words you think of that describe your Mum!

Pick some flowers from your garden and give them to Mum. Remember to check that they are not special ones!

Write a poem about your Mum and draw a picture to go with it.

Make Mum a special breakfast in bed. Get your older brother or sister to help you

Make Mum a special Mother’s Day Card.

Make a massage or manicure voucher for mum which she can redeem from you when she is ready

Make a chore voucher for mum which she can redeem from you when she is ready

Clean mums car inside and out with help from an older sibling

Here’s how to make a really easy window hanging for Mum.

Place some flowers inside the pages of a book and leave them for 4-5 days to flatten and dry out.

These flowers have dried out really well.

See if you can find a plastic cover, such as those on top of cakes or salad boxes.

Carefully cut out a flat piece of the plastic box.

Lay the flowers on top of the piece of plastic.

Carefully cover the plastic and flowers with Glad Wrap. 

Carefully push as many bubbles and lines out of the Glad Wrap as you can.

Trim around the edges of the plastic and the Glad Wrap.

Use a hole punch to punch a hole at the top of your window hanging.

Tie either some string or wool or something from nature and display it in your window.

Upcycle - DIY 

1. Make Mum a Mother’s Day card, using ripped or cut up pieces from magazines to create a heart.

2.Handprint boutique - you need paint, paint brush and some spare hands. 

Egg carton flowers. You will need paint, egg cartons and glue. 

DIY Candle holder or flower vase

You will need: pegs, two empty food tins - 1 big and 1 small tin. 

Mothers Day Picture - Draw Mum a special picture - see how to do it! Click the link!