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Week 9, Term 4, 2020 - Let's Celebrate our successes, let's party, let's share kai and perform, let's create and get ready for Christmas! Happy times spent together!

This is our last full week together as a team .... as the Puzzle Pieces! It has been an amazing term and indeed a fabulous year. I have loved every minute of being with my tamariki and wish them all the best as they go into new classrooms next year.

I would like to wish all the Puzzlers and their beautiful whanau's a happy and safe Christmas holiday break and a wonderful New Year, celebrating together!

Much love to you all!

Week 8 updates! The Puzzle Pieces have been busy creating!!

The creation of our CRAZY BIRDS!

The next step for our lovely creative children, was making their own native bird. We used soft paper to form their bodies, then wrapped them in masking tape. Then it was time to paint and decorate our birds! At this point our birds became a bit “crazy”. We were having so much fun, adding all the gorgeous details, that we decided to rename our birds - have a look at our beautiful Crazy birds! I am so proud of the Puzzlers! 

Look at these beautiful birds made from loose parts! Great Work Puzzlers!

Beautiful Iris!

Great job Christian

Clever work Odin

More Christmas art! The Puzzle Pieces are creating art for our families! Can you guess what we are making? Watch this space!

Great what you can do with a fork and some paint!

Here's a sneak peak of our collaboration with Te Rangimarie, our buddies in Room 20. This is us practicing together! Keep an eye out for the final performance coming soon!!


Week 7 in Room One - the Puzzlers have been super busy!

New Zealand Native Birds

The Puzzle Pieces have been enjoying the festive tale “Kuwi’s very shiny bum”. This is a story about a very generous Kiwi who makes gifts for his forest friends and delivers them for Christmas. This has led us to lots of discussions around New Zealand native birds and animals. Our oral language and writing has been all about describing the birds in the book and our play has been based on building birds with play dough and loose parts. Look at our creations - they are beautiful!!

Wheels Day!! Look at us go!

We were so lucky to have the Wheels people come in and teach us some bike riding skills. We learnt about how to correctly put on our helmet and how to adjust it to fit - SUPER important! Do you think we did well?? Look at how speedy we were and how organised!! Our teachers were very proud of us!

PMP fun - week 6

Some fabulous examples of learning in Room 1! Week 5, Term 4, 2020

Here’s one way to enter the classroom!

Look at our beautiful Rangoli pattern! We worked together to create our lovely design!

Creating our own marble run using pipes and tubes. 

Designing our delicious Rangoli pattern biscuits to celebrate Diwali! Yum

A beautiful story from a fabulous “puzzler”. Well done Polevia

Christian reading a favourite story to us! Well done Christian

Team Work!! Nice job Christian and Karlsten.

Awesome effort practicing your numbers Caden! I love your number 4!

Learning some new Yoga moves! Move it and stretch it!

Fabulous Yoga poses puzzlers.

In week 4 this term, we were lucky enough to go and see the live show Greedy Cat! For many of us, this was the first time we had seen a live performance and we were all pretty excited! The show was AMAZING! WE LOVE GREEDY CAT!

On the bus!!

Waiting for the show!

The set and stage

Meeting the cast and crew

Huge Up’s to our fabulous Indigo and Fraser, who have both learned all their Blue words!! Well done to you both! I am super proud of you both!! 

Week 3 - Term 4 - Another busy work for The Puzzle Pieces!!

 - Let's practice our simple words! When we learn these words and they become familar to us, this helps us with our reading and writing. We can find them in the books we read and use them in our sentences!

What to do with a big box, some polystyrene blocks and some sheets? Let’s explore!!

When we explore with “junk” or large loose parts, we can be extremely creative because they are so open ended and can be used in a variety of different ways. Working like this also promotes team work and helps us to think about sharing and negotiating. We soon realise that we have to work together to achieve our visions. 

Preston said “Look I made a car” and Karlsten said “I made a motorbike”.

This week we read the book “In my heart”. This is a book all about feelings and emotions. We talked about how we feel at different times and about how it’s OK to have these feelings, even when they don’t feel right or we don’t feel great! We also talked about how we can deal with these feelings, particularly the ones that make us feel bad, sad, angry or worried!! Look at our beautiful heart pictures!!

Look at our beautiful display!

Look how busy we are in Room 1!!

Practicing our words! You are all working so hard!

Nice job Quezon, Jasmine and Issac!

We are all teachers and learners in Room 1

Welcome Akeem!

Working out some Maths problems! We all do it different ways!

Nice job helping each other Indigo and Monehu!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone and Puzzlers, get some rest and get ready for lots more learning next week!

Bye for now!

Some fabulous MOTAT memories. 

Having fun on the tram

I like to move it move it!!

What an awesome day we had today exploring MOTAT. Look at all our happy smiling faces. 

Listen to some great authors 

Welcome back Puzzle Pieces!!

Term 4, 2020

It was such a pleasure to see all of the Puzzle Pieces back at school this week! I have missed each and every one of you!

This term is all about “Celebrations” and Wairua Auaha - Creativity! This topic gives us an opportunity to have FUN, FUN, FUN!! We can’t wait to share all our learning with you!

Here are some examples of our learning through play this week! Enjoy!

Writing Invitations! Who shall we invite to our celebration?

Wrapping Presents! I loved the way Indigo kept trying and wrapped up her “gift” perfectly!

A beautiful tray of cupcakes created by Jasmine! So creative and colourful!

Great job exploring with loose parts to create cakes and cupcakes Karlsten and Tianini!

Playing Musical Chairs! Lots of fun and super competitive! The best part was when we celebrated our winner at the end - nice job Puzzle Pieces.

Celebrating with some party blowers! Noisy but FUN!

Mikaera unwrapping our special present. This was a very exciting time for us all. What could be inside?

The Puzzle Pieces were super patient and waited for a day and a half before they were able to open their special present.
Inside the present was some bubble mixes for the class to share and another wrapped present!!
Time to play Pass the Parcel!

Patiently waiting our turn to remove a layer of paper!

Yay - bubbles to share!

Winners are grinners!!

Look at our special writers!! Indigo and Quezon wrote some fabulous Super Hero stories and were awarded prizes to acknowledge their efforts! Well done fabulous writers!!


Week 9 - The Puzzle Pieces 

A celebration of Te Reo Maori!!

Jasmine was having fun playing with the poi! Nice work Jasmine!

Super Hero Story Writing

Room 1 chose a Superhero name and wrote a story all about their Superhero! They were able to describe their Superhero and talk about their super powers. Great job authors! We also starting learning about graphing this week and did a great pictogram of our favourite Superheroes! Clever!!

Week 8 in Room One - The Puzzle Pieces - Busy work with Marbles

We used Marbles to make art - didn’t we do well?

Quezon is adding paint to the paper.

Monehu is dropping the paint on the paper.

Caden is tipping the box to let the marbles roll around in the paint.

Odin is tipping and moving the box, so the marbles roll around in the paint.

Polevia is making beautiful patterns by letting the marbles roll around in the box.

Nice job Preston! I love your art piece.

Look at our beautiful art and our fabulous stories about Marbles. We we were working on describing - what something looks like, feels like, is used for. 

Please enjoy reading our fabulous stories.

Aren't we wonderful writers?

We built a Marble Run!

We have been exploring with marbles this week. We had fun learning how to play the marbles game and also experimented by rolling them down ramps and across different surfaces. 

We then watched a video which showed how to make a simple marble run. The Puzzle Pieces decided that they would like to make their own marble run. Polevia, Preston and Indigo drew some designs. Then we used a large cardboard box and some wooden blocks to build our own version of a marble run. We’ve had fun trying out our marble run in different ways. We lent it up on an angle, kept it flat and took turns tipping it up and down. We rolled the marbles down and pushed them up. 

Exploring with marbles helps us learn about gravity and force. SOme terms we talked about were slope, steep, pushing and pulling, resistance and friction. Friction is the force that slows objects down. By adding the blocks and experimenting with different levels, we discovered that the marbles either go faster or slower.

Designing our marble run

Our plan!!

What about this? Trying some different patterns and combinations.

Team work! Let’s work together to build our marble run!

Quezon is pushing the marbles up the marble run!

Can you see the marbles rolling down towards the cups?

Watch some of our fabulous readers!! So proud of them all! Wednesday 9/9

Week 7 - Term 3. 

Welcome back to school Puzzle Pieces! We had a lovely week catching up with each other! It's so good to be back after our second lockdown ended. Here's some pictures of the things that we have been up to this week.

Fun with Bee Bots!

We had fun with Mrs Mayerhofler on Thursday, when she introduced us to the Bee Bot! A Bee Bot is ……….

A yellow bee-shaped robot. Buttons on the back are used to programme the robot to go forward, back, left right or turn 90 degrees  left or right.  A good introduction to robots and computational thinking. 

Mrs Mayerhofler is showing us the bee bots!

Odin and Peta are having fun, sending the bee bot around the mat. We enjoyed taking turns to give directions to each other.

Awesome team work Caden and Akeem. Great job taking turns and giving each other directions.

Quezon and Indigo are giving each other instructions to move the bee bot.

We had a great time building roads and a town together. We used blocks and shapes to make houses, we added trees and shrubs and raced our cars around the tracks and in our parking garage. Preston and Akeem built bridges and we all enjoyed watching the cars fly over them. This was a great example of teamwork, cooperation and shared creativity.

During Maths this week, we practiced writing numbers from 1 through to 10, using the correct formations. 

 Peta enjoyed using the loose parts to build her Dad.  

Buddy Reading with Room 20!

Tuakana Teina

Room 1 and Room 20 learn from each other. The beautiful tamariki in Room 1 have been teaching the Room 20 tamariki about mindfulness. 

We have been showing them how we practice mindful breathing and movement each day. We were also able to share with our older buddies why we do this and how it makes us feel. We felt proud being able to share our expertise with our older buddies. 

Thursday fun day!! Thursday August 27, 2020

Making an inclined plane or a ramp.

Hey Puzzle Pieces! Remember making ramps in Room 1? We had lots of fun, building ramps using different materials and then tested them out by putting them at different levels in the classroom. Some were low, some were higher and this made a difference to how fast and far the items went when we let them fall from the top of the ramp. We used cars, small balls and marbles!

Can you build your own ramp using things around your house? I made some this morning and used books, a tray and my old camping bread board to make my ramp at different heights. I didn’t have any cars or small balls to use, but I did have Ruby’s cheese car (YES cheese car) that she made for a school project many years ago to experiment with. I also made a round shape by squeezing paper together, to make a comparison. The cheese car definitely went further and faster! I wonder why?? What was the difference between the two? What happens when your ramp is too steep?

Have a look around you house and see if you can make ramps? How creative can you be? Do you have a ruler, an old board like Mrs Boyd, some big books would work too??

How about then experimenting by pushing things UP your ramp from the bottom of the ramp? How else can you get your car or ball up the ramp? 

The famous Cheese Car

Ready, set …...


I wonder how to make it go further?

One big book

Two big books? Will it go further?

Four books! Will it go faster or further?

What happened here? Why?

Why did the cheese car go further than the rolled up paper ball?

What made the difference?

Wednesday August 26

The Gruffalo - Click on this link if you would like to hear The Gruffalo story.

WOW - these photos are so cool - thanks for sharing these Ms Heather!! Looks like Aiza and Akeem had the best day today! The cake looks amazing!! Nice job team!

A note to Rm 1,

Today we made some breakfast and  made a cake with Ms Heather & Ms Young. It was yum! We looked at forces of energy.  We made some face masks using old socks and even had time to start a fathers day card. Today was a good day from Akeem.

Here are some pictures of us making our chocolate cake.

Here are some more pictures of us making the cake:

Here are some pictures of me making my mask:

Monday August 24

Happy Monday everyone! The weather means we will probably be inside for most of the day, but if you do get the chance, get outside for some fresh air and maybe (if Mum and Dad don't mind) splash in some puddles!!

Great to hear from some of you last week. Sounds like you are doing lots of fun things at home! Remember if you need anything, please email me or text me on the number I've been sending messages on. Stay well everyone.


CRT - Kia Ora Rm 1.      Let the games begin      24/8/20

I hope you are all doing well during this lock down. Unfortunately we will not get the chance to catch up today for CRT so instead Mr Moiho and myself have decided to put forward a challenge for your class. Your class will be challenging Rm 2 in a star jump challenge. When we are back at school we will get together and see who can do the most star jumps in 1 minute. If you think you can master this, then you may just win the challenge for your class. If you can make a video and send it to your teacher even better: Check the video below for details.

What to do with a pack of cards??

Have you got a pack of cards at home? Mrs Boyd is lucky enough to have one that has cards that include 11, 12 & 13 but yours doesn’t have to!

Have fun and let me know if you have any other ideas??

Play Snap! Remember to focus carefully and take turns!

Be the first one to say “Snap” when you turn over two cards that are the same!

Play Memory Cards! Remember to put pairs down and show each other where they are at the beginning of the game! Follow the rules!

Sort cards into their suits! Hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs

Put the cards in a repeating sequence.

What comes next?

Put each suit in order from 2 all the way to the Ace! Choose a suit and race someone in your whanau.

Sort all the cards into groups of 4 that are the same! 4 Jacks, 4 8’s etc.

Choose a number and find how many combinations you can make that equal that number. I chose 12 = 2 & 10 or 6 & 6 for example.

Add two cards together and find the answer. Maybe add two black cards to equal a red card? 2 + 3 = 5

How many can you find?

Super Hero Writing Competition

It’s time to get creative Puzzle Pieces!!

Who is your favourite Superhero? Why do you like that Superhero? What is their super power? Is it something to do with magnets, light, gravity or motion? Is it the way they move or the way they look?

Your challenge is to write a story about your Superhero. Can you write three sentences that tell us:

What my superhero looks like?

What their super power is?

What they do with it?

Your story might be one of the ones to win a prize in our writing competition! 

Watch some of these stories on-line, to help you make your Superhero come to life!

Superhero Dad        Ten Rules of being a Superhero

Lego DC Superheroes     Superkid     Ironman

Friday 21 August

Akeem and Aiza have fun at school!

On Friday, Akeem and Aiza spent the day in Room 1 with Mrs Boyd. We had such a fun day together. We enjoyed playing with the dress ups and decided to be super heroes! We talked together about what our super heroes special powers would be - Akeem decided his would be lazer beams that came out of his eyes and Aiza chose to have lazer hands that would be really handy when punching her enemies. Akeem thought that super heroes fight crimes - great thinking Akeem. We wrote a description of our super heroes - didn’t they do well??

Akeem read a book with Mrs Boyd about a naughty goat who goes exploring!! A word that keep appearing in the book was “when". We decided to practice that word. Here’s some pictures of Akeem learning the word “when”. He could also write it on the whiteboard by himself. Nice job Akeem.

Thursday August 20th - Week 5

Good morning everyone! Glad to see a cloudy but rain free morning (so far!). Make sure you get outside this morning and get some fresh air. Go for a walk around the block and see what you notice. How many people are out and about, can you hear the birds, are there many cars on the road? Notice how much cleaner and clearer everything looks after the rain. 

See if you can see forces in motion when you are out walking. When we think about motion, we think about moving from one place to another. You are doing this when you walk, when cars drive down the road, when birds fly in the sky. What else can you see that is moving?


Thinking about Pushing and Pulling?? Have a look at these pictures. Which are examples of pulling and which are examples of pushing? Have a look around your house. What are some things that you push and what are some things that you pull? What are you doing when you turn something on, like the remote or a light switch? What about when you go to sit down on a chair, at the table - do you pull it or push it or both? When you roll or catch a ball - are you pulling or pushing? When you open the fridge or cupboard door are you pulling or pushing? What happens when you close them? 

Have a good look around and see how many things you have in your home that you push and pull (somethings do both). Can you make a list to share when you come back to school? 

Wet and Wild Wednesday

Good morning everyone! Here are some ideas for things that you can do at home today on this wet and windy day! Make sure you enjoy being together and have fun!

  1. Play some card games - snap or memory card games

  2. Play a board game with your whanau

  3. Watch a family movie together

  4. Do some baking or make a shared lunch together

  5. Watch the Home learning TV channel together - Freeview channel 7

  6. Read some books together - can you read a story to your younger siblings?

  7. Do some of the activities in your learning packs or from the Distance Learning timetable shared here on-line.

  8. Help someone in your house today - clean up your room, help fold the laundry, sweep or vacuum, dust the furniture

The Snail and the Whale Click on the link and listen to a story

Word Families - Click on the link and practice your word families with Mrs Boyd

Handwriting Letters - Casey Caterpillar - Click on the link and practice writing your letters c-s using Casey Caterpillar

Before and After & Counting up and back to 20 - Click on this link and practice counting up and back within 20 and before and after numbers to 20

Here are the word lists that we have been learning in Room 1. The Puzzle Pieces learn these words so we can find them easily in books we read and use them in the stories we write. Here are some ways to learn these simple words together.

  1. Write them using a pencil or pen 5 times, saying the letters as you write. 

  2. If you have coloured pencils or felts, write each word using a different colour for each letter

  3. Put the words onto flashcards - nothing fancy, any paper will do and learn them by sight

  4. Use them in a simple sentence. I am in the car. I like to read my book. I can see the rain. 

  5. If you have some chalk (and it’s not raining) write them outside on the concrete

  6. Find some of these words in the books you have at home and share them with your whanau

Magenta List Words Level 0 - 2

























Red list words Level 3 - 5






























Yellow List Words Level 6 - 8








































Blue List words Level 9 - 11













































































Hi there Puzzle Pieces!!

By now, we are well into the first of three days of Level 3, lockdown. Didn't that suprise us all?? Please stay home and stay safe inside your bubbles! Enjoy spending the next few days together and get outside for some fresh air when you can. I am going to miss all the Puzzle Pieces and will be looking forward to seeing you as soon as it is safe to do so!! Sending love and hugs to you all - remember "we are the Puzzle Pieces and we care and look after each other at all times!" See you soon team, love, Mrs Boyd-Crofskey xx 

If I can help in any way of if you have any questions please email me at:


Something new to explore in week four!

Let’s celebrate some awesome learning! Nice job Akeem - I love the way you are so proud of yourself - and you should be! Kai pai 

What’s this?? Something new to explore! Glen made us some new wood rounds (and other shapes) to build with!

What now?

Building and counting! First of all the boys made estimates, then checked their counting! It was fun to keep the towers upright too!

This time the boys used nearly all the blocks to build a TALL birthday cake! They decorated the top with coloured beads!! 

Having fun with kinetic sand! Thinking about, what does it feel like, look like, how does it move?

“It feels crunchy” said Caden. “It’s blue” said Jasmine. “It feels soft” said Issac

Week 3, Term 3 The Puzzle Pieces are busy, busy!

Congratulations to Akeem and Braxton for being awarded certificates for Writing this week!! Nice job boys! I am super proud of you.

This week, we have been learning about how things move. We have been been experimenting with pushing and pulling. We built ramps in the classroom and made estimates about how fast and far our cars would move, dependent on how high we put our ramps. We also used small balls to push with a partner and experimented with how hard we had to push to get the ball to go the furthest. To continue to consolidate our learning, we went into the playground and climbed and swung and slid - all ways that we use our bodies to push and pull. 

We have a lovely relationship with the children in Room 20. We have a  tuakana teina relationship, whereby we support and learn from each other. The room 20 children come and read with us every week. We also share our reading with them. We also have a lovely group of children who come and play Engage games with us each day. We are lucky to have each other! 

Week two, Term three 2020

We had a super busy week in Room one this week. The Puzzle Pieces were doing lots of learning around measurement and in particular using different things to firstly estimate then check how long or short things are. We really enjoyed using the blocks to find this out. We learnt that to estimate is to make a guess and then to check, is to count the blocks later to see how well we did this. We also practiced measuring each other and made a line from tallest to shortest child in Room 1! That was a lot of fun, estimating, checking and confirming. 

Some of our clever children have been learning about building word families. We use words we know and add letters to these words to make new ones. We use the words from our readers and from our bank of words that we already know. When we are doing this we are looking, listening to sounds, writing and reading. We then were able to put some of these new words into a sentence and become authors! We are super proud and excited to share these new words with the other Puzzle Pieces! Nice job Puzzlers!!

Wow - look at Monehu’s fabulous letter that she wrote for her Mum and Dad. Monehu did this all by herself! I bet her Mum and Dad are super proud of her!!

Welcome to Term Three, 2020, Puzzle Pieces!

I hope you all had a fabulous holiday break? Great to see everyone back and ready to continue learning in Room 1. We have four new Puzzle Pieces, which brings our class to a total of 19 students. Welcome to Fraser, Jasmine, Quezon and Odin! We are all enjoying getting to know you and hope you are having fun learning with us? 

Check out a beautiful video that I received from Akeem! I'm so pleased to hear how much you love school Akeem! We love having you in Room 1 and I love you too!! 

This term we are learning about Angitutanga - Success. This is a science topic based on forces and change. We will begin this topic in Week 2.

Week 1 has been all about learning about Matariki. Matariki is the celebration of the Maori New Year and the star constellation the seven sisters. Matariki is also about celebrating new life, growing crops and sharing food together. To celebrate this special event we made a boil up to share. We cooked chicken, potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, kumara and cabbage. We prepared all the vegetables by peeling and chopping them, then added them to the chicken. It was very yummy and lots of us showed we were risk takers, by having a try. Great team work!!

The chicken went in first. Jasmine added the chicken stock.

Braxton, Peta and Indigo are peeling the potatoes and kumera.

Super job peeling the carrots Caden.

Polevia and Preston are  taking turns peeling the pumpkin!

Veges done and ready to go! Nice work team!

All cooked and ready to eat!

Yum! Here we are enjoying our Boil Up.

Nice job Christian! You ate every bite.

Here’s some other images of more wonderful learning during Week 1, by the Puzzle Pieces! Enjoy

Preston wrote the numbers from 1 -41 all by himself! Nice job Preston.

Large loose parts!

Large loose parts play! Exploring and building. Having a try, risk taking, negotiating and having fun!

Persevering during PMP. You kept trying Quezon - good job!

Karlsten is an author.

Peta is a reader!

Polevia and Preston worked together to build using small loose parts! It fell down, so guess what?? They started again! Great resilience boys!

Our new favourite thing! Exploring our race track!

We played pass the parcel. Look what we got! Cars for our race track!

Week 12 Term 2 windup!

The Puzzle Pieces make a scarecrow!

We had been talking about how we could keep the birds and bugs off the plants in our garden!

We had also recently read the book “The Scarecrows Wedding” and got the idea to make our own scarecrow to be a kaitiaki of our vegetable garden.

We originally wanted to make both Betty O’Barley and Harry O’Hay from the story, but ended up making just Harry! Check out the process below!

Here’s how we made Harry O’Hay!

First we stuffed the panty hose with the straw.

Then we pulled his pants on. 

After that we put his shirt on.

We then stuffed his shirt with lots more straw to puff out his tummy.

Look how long his arms are!! Harry is starting to take shape!

We then stuffed some more straw into Harry’s legs to fill out his jeans.

We covered Harry’s head and drew on his face. We then glued on some hair and a hat!

Time to tie his bottom and top together with twine! Nearly there!

And here he is, tied to his stake ready to go and be kaitiaki in our garden!! Nice job everyone.

Welcome back to school Karl - we missed you!! 

Room One - The Puzzle Pieces, are practicing their relaxation and breathing techniques. This practice helps us to be calm, to focus and relax. We like to do this most mornings when we first come to school. Click on the link below and watch us in action.

Room 1 mindfulness

Week 11, Term 2, 22 - 26 June

We have started our inquiry in Room 1 this week. We are learning about how to be the kaitiaki or guardians of our spaces at school. We were very keen to plant our garden and we have talked about how we have to look after our plants, so that they grow up strong and healthy. We know that we have to water them and watch them carefully so that the slugs and snails don't eat them. We wondered what else we could do?? We read all about scarecrows and decided that we would like to make two scarecrows to protect our plants from the birds. We thought about how to make them and decided to have a "try" with some boxes to make a model first. Here we are choosing our boxes and starting to put our plans into action. We are super clever and careful when using the glue gun!!

You have made some great choices Tianini. I noticed you sharing really well with your friends too! Well done!

I really like how you are being a risk taker and using the glue gun Levi! Super job!

Nice job Akeem - I think your Scarecrow is going to be amazing!

Look at how careful Aua is being and how focused she is! Nice job Aua!

Look at our beautiful scarecrow art! The Puzzle Pieces are very creative!

Keep watching this space for more amazing learning!

We also learnt a song about scarecrows and would love to share it with you! Look how clever and talented we are! Go the Puzzle Pieces! Click on the orange box and enjoy!

The Dingle Dangle Scarecrow

We love learning! We work and play hard in Room 1!

Week 10, Term 2, 2020

Learning through doing! Here we are enjoying the Perceptual Motor Programme. This programme aims to develop our perceptions and understandings of self through motor experiences. It helps us to refine our gross motor skills, which in turn helps us to learn.


In the beginning retold by Room 1.

Walt: Make a video, retell a story, Use art work to create different pictures to match the words of the story, Use a loud clear voice, Change voices to be like the character.

We have also been learning about Matariki. Here are some pictures of us making some Matariki stars:

Monday week 10, 15 June

Today we spent time talking about Rongo, who is the Maori god of Agriculture. We made the connection between Kaitiakitanga (guardianship) and how we plant, then look after the gardens within our school. We are lucky to have our own little garden next to our classroom, which until today had some flowers and herbs in it. We decided to plant some broccoli and sugar snap peas, which we are really excited to watch grow and then eat. We also visited the school garden and talked about how the plants looked, felt and smelt. We rubbed the herbs between our fingers and some of us were brave enough to taste the parsley - well done risk takers! Our next job is to carefully look after our plants and keep them healthy and well watered!

So much learning going on!

Learning about word families. Monehu and Indigo are making the word family for “look” and “at”. Super sounding of initial letters girls. 

Akeem and MJ are matching alphabet letters Great perseverance boys. You kept going until you had found every letter. Nice Job!

Preston, Karlsten and Caden are working together to match letter sounds to pictures. I love how Preston is helping Caden to find the right sound! We are great at helping each other to succeed! Super work Preston.

Levi and Caden are working with Mrs Tito to build flowers using loose parts. Each flower has a number of petals that the children need to find and add! What a super effort learning to recognise numbers and count out items. Nicely done!

Issac created some beautiful flowers, when he chose some numbers, then added the petals using items that he found in our loose parts. Issac you are a great problem solver!! Keep working hard.

Indigo and Monehu are working together to sound the first letter of each word. They are creating words by flipping letters. Super team work girls!!

Week nine in Room 1 - The Puzzle Pieces are busy, busy, busy!

We love to read!!

Indigo and Monehu are learning to read fluently, by reading with their eyes. They are practicing reading words in groups, so that their reading sounds like talking. Nice job girls!

Preston, Polevia and Akeem are reading books, by pointing carefully to each word. They are learning lots of new small words and are able to find them in the books they are reading. Awesome work boys!

Karlsten loves to read in his free time!

We learn to take turns and to follow rules by playing games together!

Here we are playing “cards memory”. This game encourages us to focus and to pay careful attention. We also have to take turns and to remember to follow the rules of only turning over two cards each time. 

Having fun with maths and shapes!

Braxton is carefully counting and matching colours and numbers. He is also developing his fine motor skills by using the tongs to pick up the pom poms. Well done Braxton!

Preston is also counting out pom poms and matching them carefully to the numbers in the bubbles. Nice job Preston!

We have been learning about shapes and their features. It’s a lot of fun building things with shapes and grouping them together.

Christian and Preston are making pictures using different shapes.

Monehu is making a person using a variety of shapes.

Nice work joining the shapes together Peta and Indigo.

Using things in nature to make shapes and then art pieces!

Week 8 Term 2 2020

Why play with Loose parts??

Loose parts are natural objects or materials, which provide children with endless opportunities to build on their play. Loose parts offer children:

Opportunities to create and expand their play skills.

Materials that support their play and development.

Children enjoy exploring and playing in their environment by manipulating and creating experiences with the materials they have access to. This is because it provides many opportunities for children to be curious, creative and make meaning of the natural world around them.

Access to a variety of transient materials during play and exploration aids in the following:

  • Problem Solving

  • Engineering

  • Creativity

  • Concentration

  • Hand-eye coordination

  • Fine motor development

  • Gross motor development

  • Language and vocabulary building

  • Mathematical thinking

  • Scientific thinking

  • Literacy

  • Social/emotional development

Room 1 - The Puzzle Pieces, plant their garden!

Thanks to Indigo and her lovely family, we were able to plant our Room 1 garden box and start to add to our herb and flower garden.

Gardening is a great activity for our children because it encourages them to become responsible for something other than themselves. They need to give the plants care and attention and will be rewarded with flowers they can enjoy and vegetables and herbs they can eat. Growing vegetables not only teaches children the hard work that it takes to grow them, but they get a sense of achievement knowing they are eating food they have grown themselves.

Additionally, while planting our garden, we  were able to think about Mahi Ngatahi - Working as a Team - we worked together to plant and water our plants. We will continue to work together and care about our garden and each other by Manaakitangi - caring for each other and other living things around us. We also talked about Whakawhanaungatanga - working for each other and developing our relationships and connections. This is important as we go forward as a class whanau and support and connect with each other.

Week 7 - 25 May - 29 May 2020

This week has been a celebration of all things Samoan! We are VERY lucky to have our resident expert Mrs Tito in our classroom and she supported our learning perfectly this week. We have learnt to count to sefulu (10) in Samoan - tasi, lua, tolu, fa, lima, ono, fitu, valu, iva, sefulu. We learnt the colours in Samoan also and sang a very lovely Samoan Song. We also heard the Samoan story Sina and the Eel and got to feel, smell and taste the coconut flesh and drink the coconut water. 

It is so important that our children get to experience cultures and traditions that may be different to our own. People often live in communities where their neighbors look like them, practice a familiar faith and have similar cultural roots. Introducing our kids to new people, traditions and religions means actively seeking out information and learning opportunities. Also as we learn more about other cultures, we are pushing ourselves beyond our comfort zone and  broadening our understanding of the world. Our children will become more tolerant and accepting of diversity, the more they learn about others.

Please enjoy our video of all our learning this week!

Samoan Language Week - Version 1

Samoan Language Week Performance   - Version 2     

Fun with a coconut

Monehu is feeling the coconut. She said it was heavy and she could hear the coconut water splashing around inside it.

Akeem thought the coconut felt rough and was a bit hairy. He was excited to see what was inside.

Mrs Tito was hitting the coconut with the back of the knife. It made a funny sound as she hit it. It sounded more and more hollow as it broke open.

Mrs Tito is pouring the coconut water out of the coconut. We were surprised that it was clear? We thought it would look like milk! We had fun making predictions!

Christian was so excited to see the coconut flesh inside the coconut shell. Look how white and clean it looks. We are pretty keen to taste it. 

Caden is being a risk taker as he tries some of the coconut flesh. He tasted it but decided it wasn’t for him! Great job taking that risk though Caden.

During the holidays, Indigo made the most beautiful "wind chamber". We loved it so much, that we asked her if she could teach us how she did it. Today, Room 1 made their own wind controller, with help with our "teacher" Indigo. Have a look at the video below of Indigo telling us how she made it.

Indigo teaches us how to make a wind chamber!

Steps for how to make a wind chamber! By Indigo

First we went out and hunted for some sticks! Look at all the sticks we found. We had to find short ones and one long one.

Then we got some different coloured wool and Indigo and Mrs Tito helped us to loop the wool around the biggest stick. Look at all the colours.

Then we started to thread the beads onto the strings. We had to be very patient and take our time. It was fun choosing all the colours.

Here we are tying some colourful feathers onto our small sticks. We then attached the sticks to our beaded strings.

Look at Indigo! I think she is very proud of everyone. We all listened carefully and followed her instructions to make Room 1’s very own Wind Chamber.

Nice job everyone.

Come into Room 1 and see our fabulous art piece!

Working hard Wednesday

In Room 1 we play hard, work hard and learn as we go. Today was all about learning to write our names using the correct formations. We looked at what our names look like, practised writing them on the whiteboards and during publishing and also went outside and wrote them using large pieces of chalk. Then we got to draw pictures - it was fun! We also were learning about patterning today using two colours to make a repeating pattern. We used the rods, counters and other maths equipment to make patterns across the floor! Making and recognising patterns is an important skill to develop as it helps us to see relationships and make predictions. Patterns are everywhere and they are at the base of all maths learning. Maybe you could make some patterns at home? They can be colours, shapes, sizes - the options are endless. Have fun!

We were also listening to patterns today and then repeating them, when we went to drumming with Mr D. Mr D shares the patterns with us while we are listening carefully, then we play them back to him. Drumming is a great opportunity to practise our listening skills, to learn about the relationships between what we hear and what we do, while also being a lot of fun. A great idea is to practise this at home too. You can do clapping patterns or make simple beat patterns for your child to repeat back to you. 

We love drumming with Mr D. We get to play, listen, focus, repeat patterns and then create our own.

We are writing our names

Nice job Caden. I love the way you kept trying when you were writing your name! Great perseverance!

Nice work Monehu! You are great at forming the letters in your name!

Great job Karlsten. I love how you kept trying!

Caden is super proud of how well he was able to write his name! 

Welcome back everyone! It was so lovely to see all the beautiful children and teachers back at school today. I am so pleased to open Room 1 today with a new class of fabulous students!

It’s our first day together here in Room 1! We had lots of fun exploring our classroom and getting to know each other.

Here’s some of what we did.

We had fun talking about bubbles and then went outside and blew some bubbles in the sun. We did really well to take turns and share the bubble mixture.

We talked together about who is in our bubbles, then we drew our people and added their clothes. We were being very creative and making choices!

Indigo and Peta had lots of fun playing in our shop! It's lovely to see how well they shared and took turns! Nice job girls!

Monehu set out all the plates and cutlery to set up in the kitchen. She persevered until she was all set up!

Issac was pretending to do some cooking in our kitchen. He would like us to make some Gingerbread Men.

Mrs Tito took us for a Patch Play session. We were all great communicators, who listened well and took turns.

Indigo had fun pretending to be a cheerleader.  Great job Indigo making some good independent choices.

We did some counting and then used the rods to do some building. We were able to count out small sets. Issac and Peta were very persistent when building with the rods - well done!

Listen to a story

Stickman - Julia Donaldson

Charlie Cooks Favourite Book

Week 5 - Hello whanau! WOW week five already! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and enjoyed celebrating Mother's Day with your Mum or special person yesterday? What were some of the fun things you did? Ruby made scones and we had them with jam and cream - yum! Then Brennah gave me a facial - it was lovely. We went for a big walk together and watched a movie. I had a great day. The best thing was that we were all together.

How have you been getting on learning at home? Have a look at the distance learning activities that have been shared for this week. Hopefully you have also been able to do some of the activities in your learning packs? I can't wait to see what you have been doing when you get back to school. Stay well everyone.

Here's a fun game you might like to play with your whanau. Think about who you are playing with and make it easier for those younger members of your family and maybe challenge those who are older than you - a great chance to practice Atawhai - we help others and Arohatia - we encourage others! Think also about what skills you are using when you play games like these? Are you problem solving? Are you challenging yourself? Are you being creative in your play? Do you wonder about how to make the game different or more interesting? Did you chose to set this game up to suit you? HAVE FUN!

Lets make a pin-ball type game at home. The idea is to get your ball (or something similar) into each container, to score points. Who can get the most points?

Do you have a box of containers like this at home? Ask Mum or Dad if you can use them to play a game?

Set the containers up on the ground. Use as many different sizes and shapes as you can.

Make up a points system for each container? Think about which one gives you most points and which ones would be hard?

Allocate the points to each container. If a container is big should it get more or less points? If a container is far away? If it is small? Agree with your players!

Find something to throw into the containers. Do you have a ping pong ball? What else could you use? 

Agree on a space to “shoot” from. Then agree who should first and what the rules should be. Should you keep getting points as long as the ball goes in? Who will keep the score? Is the first person to 100 or 200?

Ready set go! Oops i missed the first one. Never mind - I’ll get it next time. Whose turn is it now?

Perfect! Time to add my score to my score card. This is a great game for practising adding numbers together. If you need help ask your older brother or sister to help? Or maybe YOU can help a younger member of your family?

My paper ball works just as well as a ping pong ball. How creative can you be? What can you use to make a small ball out of?

Let’s think about our younger players? Can you think of a way to include them and make it achievable for everyone??

What else can you do with a pile of containers? 

Can you make something interesting with them? 

Can you build a tall tower? Maybe have a tower race with your whanau? How many did you stack? How stacked the most, the fastest?

Can you make an obstacle course for your cars or trucks? Can you make ramps or bridges??

Week 4- Tena Kotou Tamariki! Welcome to week four. Hoping you all had a fantastic weekend and are staying safe inside your bubbles? Did you hear the rain last night?? It was really heavy where I was. I'm so pleased as Auckland was getting very low in their water supplies and our grass has been brown! Let's hope for more of the same! Hope you are enjoying your learning packs and learning from home! I miss you all! See you soon I hope.

Here's some maths activities for you to do! CLick on the buttons to watch and learn together.

Let's count to 10

Writing numbers to 10


Let’s make a bingo game, that you can play with your bubble. I used cardboard from an old box, but you can use paper, or card that you might have at home.

First I cut out 6 small rectangular pieces of cardboard, each was about half the size of an A4 piece of paper.

Then I measured evenly, using a ruler, across the top and along the sides of each piece of card.

Then I drew some lines from one side to the other to make 15 small boxes.

Then I added numbers between 1 and 20. You can use a pen or pencil too for this.

I filled each box with a number between 1 and 20. Make sure that  the numbers are all mixed up. Do all 6 cards differently.

On another piece of card, draw up to 20 boxes and write the numbers 1-20. I used 2 cards for this.

Cut out the numbers and mix them up. One player is the caller each time. Keep the numbers face down.

If your number is called, put something on it. I used pegs. You could use buttons or beads - whatever you have at home.

The winner is the first person to cover all their numbers. Remember to call out “BINGO” if that’s you. This is a good game for learning numbers to 20, to practice taking turns and following the rules! Have FUN!

Week 3 - Hi everyone! Week 3, Term 2 has just come to an end. I hope you have had a busy week, learning, playing, helping, exploring and challenging yourselves in your bubbles? Did you manage to get your learning packs this week? Your teachers have put together some activities, games, art experiences and books for you, to compliment what you are learning at home. We love seeing what you have been doing at home, so please keep sharing this with your fabulous teachers and we can put it up on our pages, then all of Flat Bush can see how clever and fabulous you are.

Click and Listen to some stories:

Monster Colours 

What Are You? 

Practice the alphabet and simple words

Alphbet Letters And SoundsAlphabet letters and sounds

Have an awesome weekend everyone! Lots of love Mrs Boyd

Tena Koutou Junior Whanau,

Hello one and all! Hope while you are reading this, you are all well, healthy and happy inside your bubbles?

I am here at home inside my bubble too! My bubble is my husband Glen and our two daughters Brennah and Ruby. We are really enjoying being together and have been finding lots of ways to keep ourselves entertained. We have been doing lots of socially distanced walks, playing games both inside and out like cards, board games and table tennis, done lots of cooking and housework together and loads of gardening. It's been a quiet time, which has been really lovely. I have read lots of books and yes I will admit to have watched some television. I'm so looking forward to the new Education channels that will be starting on April 15th - have a wee look and let me know what your favourite show is. I would also love to know what you have been up to? You can email me a quick note, a letter or picture or even a photo to my email address lisab@flatbush.school.nz....

I really miss going in to school each day, seeing all your happy, smiling faces and seeing all the other fabulous teachers and staff. I also miss seeing my extended whanau, like my Mum and Dad and my nephews and neices, but have tried to stay in touch via phone calls and face time. I can't wait to get together with them after the lock down to give them huge hugs and to share food and laughter together. What is your whanau planning for the end of the lock down? 

I hope you are all getting lots of opportunities to play together? Remember all the games and things you like to do with your friends at school - maybe you can play these with your family too? This would be a great time to learn some new games or you could even make up a game or activity to share with your friends and teachers when you get back to school?? Use things around you like things you find in nature (acorns, twigs, feathers), bits and pieces in the garage, balloons or balls, or ask Mum and Dad if you could use some plastic containers or recyclable things like milk bottles (give them a rinse out first) to create a cool new game. Then teach the game to your family, send me a picture or write down the rules to your game - let your imaginations run wild! I can't wait to see what you come up with? 

Take care of yourselves everyone, be kind to yourself and everyone in your bubble, take some time out to relax, be calm and stay well. Sending lots of love to you all until I see you when we are back at school. I'll be so ready for my hugs and catch up's with each and everyone of you!

Mrs Boyd - Crofskey xxxxxxxxxxx

Hi again everyone,

It's Easter Sunday and today we decided to do some art using things we found around the back yard. We went out together and collected some things from nature like flowers, acorns, twigs, seed pods, monkey tails and leaves. Have a look and see what you think? Which one is your favourite? My challenge to you is to have a look around the garden at your house and see what you can create? Send me a photo of your art piece to my email if you can? I would love to see it!  Remember to ask Mum and Dad before you pick any flowers - they might be special ones! Happy Easter everyone! Love from Mrs Boyd 

Hey Flat Bush Whanau,

Today, we had more fun exploring with things in nature. We used the same natural items we had used for our people and added some leaves. Our plan was to make animals. How do you think we did? Which one is your favourite and can you tell what they are? I think that the chicken is my favourite and yes I did that one! My challenge to you is to have a hunt around your garden and see what you can find, then make an animal too. Take a photo if you are able and email it to me. Lots of love from all in my bubble!

What can you do with what you find around your garden?

Looking for something fun to do???

How to make bubble mix at home

You will need:       

50ml dish washing liquid

300ml cold water

1. Place the washing up liquid into a container.

2. Carefully and slowly add the water and gently stir them together. Try not to make any bubbles at this stage.

Try and leave your bubble mix to rest overnight - this will make your bubbles last longer. You can add some food colouring to make the bubbles colourful if you like? Just add a couple of drops! 

To make a home made bubble blower

Do you have any paper clips? Straighten one out, then carefully twist it to make a circle shape at one end.

Straws work too. Loop one straw around to make a circle, attach that to another straw.

Pipe cleaners are great if you have any. Twist one around itself to make the circle shape at the top.

Can you find any dried flax fronds in your garden? Carefully knot a circle at the end of a flax frond.

Have you got any plastic bottles? Ask an adult to help you chop the bottom off the bottle and remember to blow out!!

A card board inner from glad wrap or paper towels can work too.



Maths Fun!

Grab your pile of clothes pegs off the line! Let's play, let's create, let's learn!

What can I do with a pile of clothes pegs?

Sort them

Count them

Add them together

Build with them

What else can you do with clothes pegs?

Measure with them

Stack them

Make repeating patterns

Make shapes

Have FUN!!

Here's Ruby and I playing SNAP with some playing cards! Guess who won this round? Yes you are right - Ruby! Better luck next time Mrs Boyd!

Anzac Day Art - Monday 20 April

It’s nearly Anzac day whanau. Anzac day marks and celebrates the bonds and relationship between New Zealand and Australia. These bonds were formed during World War 1 and is about courage, sacrifice and mateship. We can live freely because of the sacrifices our soldiers made for us during war time. We wear the poppy to acknowledge these brave soldiers. Can you make a poppy using things from nature?