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Room 21-The Super Awesome Learners!

Week 9 Term 4 2020

Kia Ora family and friends, we are now in Week 9 Term 4 2020. School is nearly finished and we have just had a week full of fun and exciting events.

Class Shared Lunch

School Disco

Congratulations to the Winner of best-dressed girl Lusia and best-dressed boy Jerru the Grinch! 

Prize Giving

Have a great weekend. Just a reminder that on Monday the 14th of December, our school will close at 12 pm. 

Have a great holiday! 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!


Week 8 Term 4 2020

This term our Student Inquiry Topic is Celebration. Room 21 learners have been learning about many different celebrations around the world. Check them out!

On Wednesday 2 Dec, Room 21 has been invited to Room 22's Art Exhibition. They did so much cool art about Diwali and Christmas. We were amused by their colourful and creative artwork. Thanks to Room 22 and Ms Mokalei!

On Friday 4 Dec, we have vitiated Room 5’s Art Show. They have made so many gorgeous art work as well. Well done Room 5. Thanks to Ms Russell!

Have a good weekend! 


 Week 7 Term 4 2020

Room 21 has been doing some wonderful learning about Celebrations. This week our awesome learners have chosen to learn about birthday celebrations around the world. We have learned how to sing The Happy Birthday song in different languages.

Next week we will send the end of year report home on Monday the 30th November. On Thursday 3rd December, our Celebration of Success Conference will be held in Room 21 from 1 pm-6 pm. If you haven't sent your forms back o school please fill it up and book a time. I am looking forward to meeting you and sharing your child's learning success with you. Have a wonderful weekend!


Week 6 Term 4 2020

Joseph Parker, Duffy and the Super Awesome Leaners! 

Room 21 is very excited about the visit. At the assembly, Mr Parker has shared how he thinks reading has helped him to learn new words and read contracts and much more in his boxing career. He told us that his favourite books were the Hairy Maclary and Goosebumps series. He also has presented the new books that Duffy gifted to our school library. Thank you Mr Parker and Duffy.

During the assembly we have sang some beautiful songs for our guests.

Thanks to everyone who worked hard to bring this wonderful event to our school.


Week 5 Term 4 2020

Namaste, everyone! In Week 5, we have been learning about Diwali. It is an Indian festival. People will dress up and light candles on the day. We have been learning some Indian cultures and coloured our own Rangoli patterns. 

 Have a good weekend!


Week 4rm 4 2020

Kia Ora, everyone! We are now halfway through Term 4. Room 21 learners have been busy with their learning. On Tuesday Week 4, we went to the Vodafone Event Centre to see the Greedy Cat show. We have been reading so many Greedy Cat books at school. It was fun to see the Greedy Cat on the stage instead of on a page. 

Thank you to the people who have gifted us the tickets for the show.

On Friday in week 4, we also had the Duffy Show at school. This time, Duffy and his friend Becks had a very special Coggen pet. 

 Here is a video of the Duffy Song. The three wonderful actors have used New Zealand Sign Language when they were singing. 


Week 10 Term 3 2020

Ni Hao everyone! This week we have celebrated the Chinese Language Week at school. Room 21 has hosted some fun activities in our class. 

Chopstick Race

Writing Chinese Characters 

Great work Super Awesome Learners. This week is the awesome Mr Williams's last week working at Flat Bush School. It is sad to say goodbye to you Mr Williams. You will be missed very much. All the best to your new journey.

Have a great holiday! 


Week 9 Term 3 2020

Celebrating Maori Language Week

Kia Ora! This week Room 21 has participated in many amazing Maori Language Week activities

Maori Expo in the Hall

Making Maori Pendants

Room 21 has also been very lucky to pair up with the Room 16 children for Buddy reading four times a week. This will help our learners to improve their reading skills and build their reading mileage. Thanks to Mrs Fonohema and the Room 16 children for joining us. 
Have a good weekend and stay safe.


Week 8 Term 3 2020

Room 21 has been very busy this week. Have a look at what we did.

Making simple circuits.

Learning about solar power-light and heat.

Learning place value knowledge.

Celebrating Tongan Language Week.

Best Handwriting of the week-Payne


Week 7 Term 3 2020

Things to do today:

Make breakfast for dad.

Make a Father’s Day card for dad. 

Wash dad’s car.

Play rugby with dad.

Watch dad’s favorite movie or TV show with him.

Help make dad’s favorite food for dinner.

Kiss dad and tell him you love him. 

Happy Father’s Day to all the hard working dads, brothers, uncles and grandfathers in the family. Have a great day!

Week 6 Term 3 2020

Kia Ora Super Awesome Learners, how was your weekend? I am sure you had a good time with your family. I have had a great time as well. Guess why? I have been visiting the Auckland Zoo! You must have lots of question marks now do you? How did I visit the zoo when Auckland is in lockdown? Well, the Auckland Zoo has launched its first webcam system that everyone can visit the lovely animals online all over the world now. You can click here to see these amazing animals, too! You can write a little description of the animals you were looking at. What do they look like, what colours are they, what were they doing, and what kind of enclosure they live in. If you can ask someone in your family to email me your writing and I will put them on this page.

CRT - Kia Ora Rm 21.      Let the games begin      27/8/20

I hope you are all doing well during this lock down. Unfortunately we will not get the chance to catch up today for CRT so instead Mr Moiho and myself have decided to put forward a challenge for your class. Your class will be challenging Rm 22 in the squats challenge. When we are back at school we will get together and see who can do the most squats in 1 minute. If you think you can master this, then you may just win the challenge for your class. If you can make a video and send it to your teacher even better: Check the video below for details.

Our School is also running a writing competition as part of the book week celebration, check this out!

Here are some superhero stories you can get ideas from.

Super Duck

Super Duck (quick version)

Black Panther

Super hero dad



The day I lost my super powers


Incredibles 2

Lego DC Super Heroes

Ten Rules of being a Super Hero

Superhero Instruction manual

Charlies superhero underpants

For Week 6 Distance Learning, you can choose to do 3-5 activities from your learning packs. You can also carry on with the learning activities I posted in Week 5. Alternatively, you can try to make some masks at home. I know Miss Russell has posted some wonderful instructions on how to make a beautiful mask at home. You can to Room 5's class page to see how she made her ones. There are many other easy ways to make masks. This picture shows you how to make one out of an old T-shirt and rubber bands.

Happy learning!


Week 5 Term 3 2020

Hi Super Awesome Learners, how is everything in your bubble so far? We are now in the second week of alert level 3 lockdown, here are some activities you can do at home. 


Read at least 30 minutes every day.  you can break it into two 15 minutes sessions. One in the morning, one after lunch. Your Duffy books, the newspapers, mum's recipes, the books from the Learning Packs are all great reading resources. 

After your reading, you can think about questions like who is in the story, what happened in the story, where did it take place. Try to tell another person what you have read in order.

You can also learn the words from your word cards following the time table below.

Choose 5 wordsRainbow WordsWord PyramidSentencesTest
Read the words and learn the meaning of the words

For example: 
For example:
For example:

There is a colourful rainbow up in the sky.
Ask someone to test the words you choose from the word cards.

Each Room 21 learner should have a word card in the book bags. If not, here are some.


For Maths, there is a hundred-board in each learner's book bag, on the back of the hundred-board you should find the number line form 0-100. You can practice your skip counting in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s with or without the help of the hundred-board and number line. 


Number line

Skip Counting

Basic Facts-Addition

Basic Facts-Subtruction

Please do not try to finish everything in one day. Choose two literacy and two maths tasks each day. Have fun learning!



Week 4 Term 3 2020

Dear Room 21 Whanau, 

Hope everyone is well and safe. Please go to this link to find more information if your family needs support with food. 

dear parents and caregivers, this afternoon, I have sent a text message to your mobile numbers. If you did not receive that message, please email your current mobile number to cissyh@flatbush.school.nz I will update your new contact number for future communications. 

If the government decides to extend the level 3 lockdown, I will update this class page regularly for some home learning resources and ideas. Meanwhile, keep working on your word cards,  the hundred board, your readers, and Duffy books.

 Take care and stay safe.

Cissy ZHAO




Kia Ora Super Awesome Learners. Our school is now closed till further notice as the government has announced Auckland is moving to Alert Level 3 on Wednesday. Now everyone needs to stay in your bubble again. The weather is nice so do go out for a walk around your block or play outside in the yard when you can. Hope we will see each other soon. If you need any help please email me at cissyh@flatbush.school.nz 

Stay safe and take care. 


12 Week 3 Term 3 2020

Flat  School was celebrating the Cook Island Language Week this week. Our wonderful Cook Island team has been working very hard to organise many fun activities at school. Here are some of the photos of Room 21 been part of this celebration.

We had lots of fun celebrating Cook Island Language Week!

In the past 3 weeks, we have been learning about measuring length. We measured our furniture using interlock blocks and iceblock sticks. We also used our arms, feet, and hands to measure the length of our tables, the mat, and our classroom. At last, we used our rulers to measure our pencils and rubbers and many more! Can you tell how many children were there to measure the length of our classroom?

In order to see how the light and heat help plants to grow so that the lives on Earth can live, we planted some cauliflower, spring onion, and radish seeds on Tuesday. 

On Friday, we have found two tiny little seedlings! How exciting! Is there going to be more when we come back after the weekend? We will have to wait and see. Have an awesome weekend!


Week 2 Term 3 2020

Week 2 went fast. We started out Student Inquiry on Tuesday. The class discussed what they know about Science and what do scientists do. We also shared what we know about forces and motion, light, and heat. On Thursday, we had our Celebrating Success Conference. We have had a good turn up. Thanks to our wonderful Whanau. 

Have a good weekend!


Week 1 Term 3 2020

Welcome to term 3! Hope you all had a great holiday. Room 21 has participated in the Matariki celebrations at school. We have read stories about how Maori people celebrate Matariki and learned many Matariki facts.

Check out the Matariki Stars and the Matariki wishes we have made for our learning! 

This Friday, we had our first FMS session. The lovely coaches showed us how to balance the bean bags on our heads,  shoulders, and the back of our hand. It was so much fun!

At last, please make sure you have filled up the Celebrating Success Conferences form and send it to the school office. Have a nice weekend!


Week 12 Term 2 2020

This week is the last week of Term 2. We had a Mufti Day on Thursday. All of us dressed up nicely and we had a little dance.

Our Inquiry wall is now finished. We did the Rangi and Papa story and coloured in We also had our last Drum Class with Mr. D. He said we did a great job today. Listen to the beat!

Our school will finish at 12 pm on Friday 3rd July. Term 3 starts on Monday 19th July. Have a great holiday!


WEEK 11 (22-26 June)

Here is a snippet of our amazing learning during Week 11 - ENJOY!

CRT Room 21 - Myths and legends

In the beginning retold by Room  21

Walt: Make a video, retell a story, Use art work to create different pictures to match the words of the story, Use a loud clear voice, Change voices to be like the character.

Next step: to record voices - clearer

Matariki. We have also learnt about Matariki. We have made some Matariki stars for Rangi the sky fathers cloak.


Week 10 Term 2 2020

 A big welcome to our new learner Liona who started at Flat Bush School this week. Let's begin this wonderful learning journey together in Room 21.

This week we also had our first PMP session after we returned to school. We were so excited and had lots of fun!

On Thursday, our amazing learner Dash has turned 7! Happy birthday, Dash! Thanks to Jullian for the delicious cake. 

Friday, Lazarus has got his 12th Gold card!. This has granted him the Principal's Award and a prize from  Mr. Avatea. Look at the lovely smile on his face!


Week 9 Term 2020

On Friday 12th June, the Super Awesome Learners had our first Garden to Table lesson. We had 2 groups. One worked in the garden the other worked in the kitchen. 

The Garden Group was learning how to plant and look after the vegetables in the garden. The Kitchen Group was cooking Macaroni Cheese with Vegetables. It was yummy!

Have a great weekend! 


Week 8 Term 2 2020

Room 21 has been learning Geometry in the last couple of weeks. We were learning to identify different 2D shapes. We have created some shape animals in class. 

Every Thursday afternoon, we go to the hall to learn how to play drums with Mr D. He has taught us how to do Baby Shark. It was super cool! This is what we could do now in our 3rd lesson.           

Thank you for visiting our class page. Have a nice weekend!   


 Week 7 Term 2 2020

Talofa dear Whanau. This week Flat Bush School is celebrating the Samoan Language Week. We have been learning how to greet, sing, and count in Samoan in class. Room 22 and Room 21 have been practicing a Samoan dance item and a poem of counting in Samoan to share with you. 

A special thank you to Miss Mokelei for teaching us this beautiful song and dance. Fa'afetai!

Also, a warm welcome to our new learner Jullian to joining our class this week.

Payne and Tajshan in their beautiful culture costumes.

Congratulations to Layla and Sarai who have won the gold card draw this week and each has got a ball from SKIDs.

Have a good Queen's Birthday weekend!


Week 6 Term 2 2020

Kia Ora Whanau! Yes we are back to school this week. I am so glad to see our Super Awesome Learners. Everyone seems so happy and well. We also had a new super learner joined us. Let's welcome Tiarateina. She comes all the way from Katikati a little town close to Tauranga.

What a beautiful smile Tiarateina!

In week 6, we have talked about the bubbles we stayed in during the Lockdown. We have shared our stay home stories with each other, too. Please have a look at the work we did.

By Maleah

By Tioata

By Payne

By Tajshan

By Lazarus


Week 5 Term 2 2020

Friday 15 May 2020

Kia Ora Room 21, 

Finally, we are going to see each other in person next week. Are you ready to come back to school? Make sure you go to bed early this weekend and get up early to come to school before 8:55 on Monday morning. Room 21 is ready to welcome all of the Super Awesome Learners. Please make sure you read this Letter for more information about school reopens next Monday. 

Lusia has sent some photos this week. Check them out.

Looks like Lusia has had a great time at home playing and learning! You can keep sending me your photos from home and I will post them here. Our class page will be updated regularly in the future for our lovely Whanau to see what we are doing at school.  

Enjoy your weekend!

Mrs. Zhao

Teacher of The Awesome Super Learners


Room 21

Flat Bush School

Monday 11 May 2020

Kia Ora Room 21 whanau, 

I hope you had a great Mother's Day weekend. This week the government will announce when New Zealand will enter Alert Level 2. This means we have all been doing a fantastic job fighting the Covid-19 virus and hopefully, we will be able to meet everyone at school soon. Please keep doing all the good work, wash your hands, and keep the correct social distance. 

Week 5 we will continue our Distance Learning program. Click the link to find the Week 5 DL Activities. You can find some very interesting books read by our awesome Flat Bush School teachers and staff here. Or the books related to your learning pack activities here. Don't forget to use the chalks or crayons to make wonderful drawings/decorations for your driveway. 

There are two more activities below.

1. Once upon a time, there was a frog. He lived in a well. All he can see was the round piece of sky above the well. Occasionally, there might be a few birds flew pass the piece of sky. He was very lonely. One day, the frog wondered, what does it look like outside the well. Is it going to be as dark as here? Or is there more food? Or friends? The best way to find out is to climb up the wall to get out of the well. So he started climbing. The well is 12 meters high and the wall of the well is very slippery. Each day the frog climbed 3 meters but slipped down 2 meters. He did not give up! Could you please find out how many days did the frog use to get out of the well? 

2. Make a list of things you want to do with your friends when you come back to school. Or think about some interesting things you did when you were at home.

Last week, Kura's brother Antonio and William have sent me some photos. Let's take a look at what Kura was doing at home.

Good work Kura!

Don't forget to send your photos or work to cissyh@flatbus.school.nz 

Happy learning!

Mrs. Zhao

Teacher of The Awesome Super Learners


Room 21

Flat Bush School


Week 4 Term 2 2020

Friday 8 May 2020

Kia Ora Room 21! Time flies! It's Friday already. How did you go with your week 4 activities? Have you tried the Dress up game? How about reading the books from your learning pack? Or making a Mother's Day card? I'm sure you must have done some great fun learning activities at home。 Wanted more? Here we go!

Making jelly soap!


food colouring (optional)

1/2 cup of body wash or dish wash or hand wash liquid

1 cup of boiling water (please be careful with this and ask an adult to help you)

2 heaped tsp gelatin powder


1. Add 1 cup of boiling water and the gelatin powder in a large bowl and mix well. BE CAREFUL! The water is very hot so you will need an adult to help you.

2. Pour the liquid soap into the bowl and stir to mix.

3. Add food colouring (optional)

4. Pour the mix liquid into a container. It can be muffin cases, cupcake molds, a takeaway container, or you can just leave it in the bowl.

5. Wait till the liquid cools and put it in your fridge until it sets.

6. Take the soap out of the molds and wash your hands with it! If you are using the bowl or a large container, cut it into the size and shapes you like. 

It will be a good idea to make a few colourful body wash jelly and shampoo jelly as a Mother's Day gift.

Let me know if you have tried this! 

Stay Safe!

Mrs. Zhao

Teacher of The Awesome Super Learners


Room 21

Flat Bush School

Wednesday 6 May 2020

Happy Wednesday everyone!Earlier this week I have received some photos from our Super Awesome Learners. It is so great to see your happy faces. You are working hard on your learning and helping others in your family. That is SUPER AWESOME! Check them out!

Oazrra Has made a bracelet using the pipe cleaners from the learning pack. What a creative idea! She has also been doing her Maths work. Well done Ozarra!

 Here comes Tajshan in his Spiderman's suit. Have a look at what he has been doing at home. 

What a hard-working superhero! He has also joined a little learning group!

Tajshan is reading the Greedy Cat book. 

There is a worksheet for this Greedy Cat book in your learning pack. If you don't have the book here is a link to listen to our fabulous Flay Bush teachers reading it! 

Now let's look at this photo. Can you tell who this is?

Yes, this is the lovely Lusia! She is doing the activities from her learning pack. Good job Lusia! What a nice learning space!

If you want to see yourself on our class webpage please send your photos to cissyh@flatbush.school.nz I will post them here for other Super Awesome Learners to see.

Also,  don't forget this weekend is Mother's Day. Miss Haynes is holding a Mother's Day Card competition. The Winner will win this wonderful prize.

The runner up will get some special soap hand made by Miss Haynes. You can find some coloured paper in your learning pack and use those to create your Mother's Day card. Take a photo of your card and send them to my email. I will pass them to Miss Haynes. Good luck!

Have fun learning!

Mrs. Zhao

Teacher of The Awesome Super Learners


Room 21

Flat Bush School

Monday 4 May 2020

Welcome to Week 4! Hope everyone had a great weekend. Have you been trying to play the string games? How did you go with your handwriting practice? Now we are in May, the 5th month of the year. It is a bit cold and wet to go outside so this week you can do some indoor activities. Below are two ideas you can try at home.

1. Dress up!


--Things in your bedroom and wardrobe. E.g, your own clothes, socks, towels, pillowcases, bedsheets, etc

--A clock or a timer

--Pen and paper


--Write the name of a job or animal (nouns) on a small piece of paper. E.g. doctor, firefighter, tiger, etc. Fold the paper so you can't see the words. Put them into a container.

--Draw a piece of paper out of the container. Check what word is on your paper.

--Now you have 10 minutes to use the things in your bedroom to create an outfit that matches your word.

--Let your audience guess what or who you are. 

--Take some photos of your fashion show and send them to me!

You can also invite more family members to play and make this game a family competition. 

2. Dance Party!

Turn on the radio or turn the music Channel on TV. Have a dance party in your bedroom or in the living room. Try some new dance moves and see who got the best ones!

Have fun learning!

Mrs. Zhao

Teacher of The Awesome Super Learners


Room 21

Flat Bush School


Week 3 Term 2 2020

Wednesday 29 April 2020

On Tuesday this week, the junior school teachers have been working very hard to put a new learning pack together for your Distance Learning program. Make sure you choose one or two activities to do each day. Below are some extra activities you can do at home.

1. Te Ao Kori-Whai (String Games). You can play this game by yourself or with a partner.

         Equipment- one piece of string (or cotton, wool, thin ribbon)

         Click this link to see how to play by yourself and this link to see how to play with a partner.

2. Handwriting. Practice writing the alphabet letters (both capital letters and lower case letters) and numbers in the air and then on a piece of paper. Make sure you form the letters and numbers correctly and leave a finger space between the letters/numbers. Think about the size of your letters, have you made it too small or too big?

If you can, ask someone to take photos of you learning at home or photos of your work. Then email them to: cissyh@flatbush.school.nz

 I will post them on this page. 

Have fun learning!

Mrs. Zhao

Teacher of The Awesome Super Learners


Room 21

Flat Bush School


Thursday 23 April 2020

Ozarra-Learning at home is fun!

Check out what Ozarra is doing at home.



Week 2 Term 2 2020

Tuesday 21 April 2020

Dear Room 21 and Whanau,

I hope you have all had a great start for the Distance Learning Program. We will continue to update our pages to support our Tamariki to learn at home. You can find 4 or 5 activities from this link to do each week. Please email me some photos of your children learning or playing at home. I will share them on this webpage with the rest of our class and their Whanau. 

This week you can try to make some playdough at home. This is the recipe. 


1 cup flour

2 tsp cream of tartar (optional)

half cup of salt

1 tbsp cooking oil

1 cup water

food colouring (optional)


1. In a large bowl, combine all of your dry ingredients (flour, salt, cream of tartar) and mix well.

2. Mix food coloring with your water first. Then add the vegetable oil and water with food coloring to a large pot. Mix together.

3. Cook over low to medium heat until very warm.

4. remove the pot from the stove.

5. Add the dry ingredients to your pot and mix well.

6. Once the dough is not too hot to touch, knead the dough for 5 minutes to make the dough soft.

7. Store in an airtight container or a bag.

You can make letters, numbers, animals, and many more creations with your playdough now! Don't forget to send me some photos of you making and playing with it! Have fun!

Keep learning. Stay safe and be strong! Miss you all!

Mrs. Zhao

Teacher of the Awesome Super Learners


Room 21

Flat Bush School


Week 1 Term 1 2020

Monday 13 April 2020

Kia Ora! The Super Awesome Learners and your wonderful Whanau.

Welcome to Term 2, 2020. This is Mrs. Zhao. I hope you are all well and happy. 

Term 1 was a busy and short term. We have had a few changes to our class. First, we moved from the lovely CSI to the beautiful new classroom. Then we joined the Junior School and became a Year 2 class. 

In week 8, the nationwide lockdown has been announced by the government and our school was closed and we all have to stay home in our bubbles since then. You probably wondering what Mrs. Zhao is doing within her bubble. Well, there are 7 members in our family. My two children and their grandparents, Mr. Zhao, meself and Da Tou (our family cat). We have been doing lots of cooking, cleaning, and gardening. Of course, the two little ones have been doing some learning at home like you guys. Sometimes Mr. Zhao and I would go for a long walk and try to count the Teddy Bears. If you have a chance to go for a walk around your block, don't forget to count how many Teddy Bears you can spot. Here are the ones from our window. We also played some old fashioned games that I used to play when I was little. It was long before the digital devices were invented. Guess what? My kids love them more than iPad and TV! Maybe you can ask the adults in your bubble what they have played when they were at your age. They may teach you, too. We have also made some Easter Eggs for our Egg Hunt. Check them out! Term 2 will start on the 15th of April. It is important for our young ones to keep learning. There will be some useful tips on our school website and as well as on this class page to help our learners to maintain their learning. We are trying our best to keep it simple and fun. There are many ways you can help to keep your kids learning at home. The Ministry of Education has sent out some educational resources to homes to support our children's home learning. Also, the Papa Kāinga TV and Māori Television will start education programme broadcasting for early learners and students (Years 1–10) from 9am on Wednesday 15 April. Papa Kāinga TV will be shown, free to air, on TVNZ channel 2+1 and on TVNZ on Demand, as well as on Sky Channel 502. It will run from 9am to 3pm on school days with programming for children and young people aged 0 to 15, as well as for parents. Home Learning TV will initially be on air for one month – with provision to extend beyond that depending on the COVID-19 situation.

Please don't feel you have to be a full-time teacher for your Tamariki. Remember, keep it simple and fun. Use the resources you have at home. Here are some activities you can start with your tamariki this week.

1. Draw a picture of the bubble they are in and label the name of each person.

2. Plan a meal and make it with an adult. They can do some maths problem solving while making it, e.g. calculate the amount of each ingredient, measure the ingredients, record the cooking time. In the end, draw a picture or take a photo of the meal.

3. Play some games with someone in your bubble. You can choose to play a board game, or Simon Says, or design your very own fun games.

4. Do some physical activities at home. This will help you to keep fit. You can find more information from the Physical Activity page.

If you have any questions, please email me at cissyh@flatbush.school.nz, feel free to let the children email me their home learning stories, tell me their family bubble, photos, and even just to say hi!

Keep learning. Stay safe and be strong! Miss you all!

Mrs. Zhao

Teacher of the Awesome Super Learners


Room 21

Flat Bush School