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TALOFA! We are The Cultivators. We are a Year 1 and 2 Samoan Focus class filled with lovely, wonderful and amazing students. If anyone needs to contact me (Ms Ezekiela), then you are more than welcome to use my school email kielaomie@flatbush.school.nz. Also, feel free to drop by our class at any time throughout the school day :) Manuia fa'afetai.

Below are our Flat Bush School values:

Week 6, term 4 - CRT

This term Rm 8 has been working on NZ native animals. Through art they created a stencil sketch of their chosen animal. They used chalk and pastels and had to learn the Maori name of their animal. They then created a class animal song.  Here is the video link below:

Ms Young & Mr Moiho

Week 3, Term 4 - 2020

 This week, we have been hard at work learning about different things during our Reading, Writing and Maths time. 

Here is a photo of Vili, who worked really hard on his writing on Aso Faraile. He got a Principal's award sticker for his hard work! Well done Vili!

Week 2, Term 4 - 2020

Junior School MOTAT trip

Talofa all! On Aso Faraile 23rd Oketopa 2020, Rm 8 went on a trip to MOTAT with some of the Junior classes. Thank you to our parent helpers and families. We had so much fun exploring different parts of MOTAT with our class. Here are some photos below:

Looking at the big vats and wheels


Class photo of us outside the big vats building. 


Posing with the #MOTAT sign


Playing with the Totally Rad Vocoder. We could hear our classmates talking to us from the other side of the Vocoder!


Looking at the photos and exhibitions in the Science photo gallery


Our educator led session on Simple Machines with Damon

These photos show us listening to our MOTAT educator Damon while he demonstrates how someone can lift heavy objects using a lever. Emily was our volunteer that was helping Damon out.

These photos show Damon explaining what each of the activities are and how we can use them. We are listening super hard so that we know what to do with each activity!

These photos show us working at different activities and figuring out how to use them. 

We are having fun typing, screwing in screws, building with blocks and experimenting with mechanical cogs! It was so much fun!


At the next part of MOTAT that we explored (Machine Makers), we could play with different machines to see how they worked. Here is a photo of Faith rotating the wheel of the Big Twister so that he can fill up the water tank: 


We saw some old cars and we found an old machine that was once used to help make butter from milk! 


Next, we explored this room that had different kinds of telephones and communication devices. Some of them were so old that when they were made, our grandparents hadn't been born yet!


Taking a class photo before we go to the tram station. Everybody SMILE!


Waiting patiently at the tram station for our tram. We always have to wait behind the yellow lines so that we are safe. For our tram ride, we had to stay on the tram the whole time until the tram came back to drop us off at MOTAT.


When the tram had reached MOTAT 2, we were meant to stay on the tram. But we were super lucky that our nice tram driver said that we could get out at MOTAT 2 to have a look at the planes. Here are some photos of the massive planes that we saw at MOTAT 2:

Week 8, Term 3 - 2020

07.09.20 - 11.09.20

Aso Gafua 7th Setema 2020

Buddy Reading with our buddies

Today was our first time buddy reading with the wonderful Room 9. We enjoyed reading with our buddies on the deck outside.


Today in Writing, we were learning about nouns. We were in groups of 2 or 3 and we had to use our FBS value of Mahi Ngatahi to work as a team. 

We were sorting our pieces of paper into two groups: one group was for the nouns and one group was for the words that are not nouns.

From our team work activity, we found out that nouns are the names of people, places or things. 

Week 7, Term 3 - 2020

31.08.20 - 04.09.20

Aso Faraile 4th Setema 2020

Today we had FMS with our coaches. We were learning how to jump. Our coaches Chris and Siale told us that we had to land with two feet on the ground. Here are some photos of us having fun with our classmates and coaches.


Aso Gafua 31 August 2020

Talofa lava. Flat Bush School is now open as Auckland is now on Alert Level 2. Please click on the link to find out more:

FBS open during Level 2 

Week 6, Term 3 - 2020

24.08.20 - 30.08.20

Aso Gafua 24 August 2020


Talofa Cultivators! As per the announcement made by our Prime Minister today at 3pm, we will be in Level 3 until Aso Sa 30th August 2020, 11:59pm. After that, we will be at Alert Level 2 until Aso Sa 6th September 2020. Then we will await instructions to see what happens next for us in Auckland. 

Hope all of you are doing well. Remember if you are doing any of our distance learning activities, you can send through a photo of you to my email address: 

- Miss Ezekiela

Activities for this week

Here are some activities that you can do:

FBS Distance Learning Activities (click on the link)


There is a writing competition that you can take part in. You need to write a story about a superhero who uses a special force for their super powers. So some of you can use what we wrote in class about our superheroes to help you.

Here are some links to videos of people reading books about superheroes if you need some inspiration:

Super Duck

Black Panther

Superhero Dad

Ten rules of being a superhero

Once you have written your fantastic superhero story, you can send me a photo of it using my email address: kielaomie@flatbush.school.nz.


For Reading this week you can:

- Read the book in your learning pack or in your bookbag.

- Read things that are around your house. You can read the back of cereal boxes if you want to.

- Read any books that you have around your house. You can try and read a Bible if you have one at home as well.


For Maths this week, you can:

- Practice skip counting in 2s, 5s and 10s to 100. If you feel confident, you can skip count in 2s, 5s and 10s to 500 or even 1000!

- Practice saying your numbers in English and Samoan. Let's see how many numbers you can say in both languages!


Week 5, Term 3 - 2020

17.08.20 - 21.08.20

Aso Faraile 21 August 2020

Today is Aso Faraile! Below are some learning activities that you can do with your family:

Word Card Work

Choose 5 words from your word card and make sentences with them. I am using the green list word card as an example, but you can use the word card that you have in your book bag.

1. before - I brush my teeth before I sleep.

2. bring - I bring my book bag to school everyday.

3. everyone - I help everyone.

4. morning - I brush my hair in the morning

5. gave - I gave my brother some food.

Below are some of the word cards:

Hundreds Board

You can use this hundreds board (or the one in your book bag) to help you skip count in 2s, 5s and 10s from 0 to 100 and back.

Here are some basic fact maths equations that you can do:

If you are up for the challenge, then you can do some of this next sheet as well.


Aso Lulu 19 August 2020

Yesterday, our bubble did some activities from our Flat Bush School distance learning page. 

This activity shows our Flat Bush value of Mahi Ngatahi (we work as a team) and we had to read a book to someone else in our family. 

Sometimes other people in your family can be busy so you can read to your favourite toy if you want. 




Distance Learning 

Talofa our awesome Cultivators! This week, we will be doing distance learning. Hope all of you are keeping safe. On Aso Gafua 17th August, you will be able to collect your learning packs from FBS from 9am to 3pm using the Flat Bush Road gate.

The distance learning activities for this week are here:

Distance Learning Activities Term 3, Week 5

Please click on the link above to see the activities for this week.

I will be texting and/or calling your lovely families this week to see how you are all getting on. If anyone needs to contact me, please use my email address kielaomie@flatbush.school.nz 

Fa'afetai tele lava.

- Miss Ezekiela


Week 4, Term 3 - 2020

10.08.20 - 14.08.20

COVID 19 Level 3 Lockdown

Talofa Cultivators! As you know, Auckland has gone into Alert Level 3 starting from Aso Lulu at 12pm. Our school is closed until further notice.

I hope that everyone is keeping themselves safe during this time. Remember to stay inside your bubble. We will be updating you through the school website to let you know what is happening, so please keep checking the website if you are able to.

 Please email me at kielaomie@flatbush.school.nz if you have any questions or concerns. Remember to keep safe and stay calm. I am hoping that we get to see your lovely faces soon.

 Manuia le aso. Fa'afetai tele lava.

- Miss Ezekiela


Week 3, Term 3 - 2020

03.08.20 - 07.08.20

This week, we celebrated Cook Islands Language Week by watching a performance from Manurewa High School on Aso Gafua and then we had fun at our Cook Islands Arts and Crafts day on Aso Lulu!

Our class really enjoyed dancing to the drums, looking at the flowers, the family trees, the Cook Islands hats and some of us even coloured in pieces of material using the tie-dye technique.


Week 2, Term 3 - 2020

27.07.20 - 31.07.20


WALT: compare the heights of our classmates using the words 'taller than' and 'shorter than'.

Our maths topic for the next few weeks is measurement. This week, we were using the words 'taller than' and 'shorter than' to help us sort our classmates into height order. We had fun deciding on who was taller and who was shorter. 

Below is a photo of us in height order.


Week 1, Term 3 - 2020

20.07.20 - 24.07.20

Balancing with our coaches

WALT: use our body to help us balance.

This week, we met our coaches from Counties Manukau Sport. We were practicing how to balance on one foot and how to balance a beanbag on different parts of our body. Our coaches will be taking us every Friday for the next four weeks so that we can work on different skills.


22.6.20 - 26.6.20 (Week 11)

CRT Room 8 - Myths and legends

In the beginning retold by Room 8.

Walt: Make a video, retell a story, Use art work to create different pictures to match the words of the story, Use a loud clear voice, Change voices to be like the character.

We are also learning about Matariki. We made some stars. Here are some pictures of our stars below:

25.5.20 - 29.5.20 (Week 7)

Aso Faraile

Yesterday Room 8 made some Panipopo (coconut buns): we wrote the down the  ingredients and then we went to the multi purpose room to make them. Melesete was helping Ms Young:

  Here is what the buns looked like after they were cooked. This is a short video of Melesete helping Ms Young. Here are some pictures of us making the buns:

Ms Heather making Sapa sui

Ms Young and Melesete making coconut buns
Making Sapa sui

Sina and the eel - A story retold by Room 8

We also made tapa cloth! watch this space for our final product which we will add when it dries.

Aso Tofi 28 Me

Room 8 singing a popular Samoan song: Ufitia Au

Mrs Letele from room 8 reading: 

Can you answer the following questions?

What food is in the shopping bag? O a meaai sa i totonu o le ato? 

Where did the cat look for the food? -O fea sa tilotilo i ai le pusi mo se mea ai?

Who brought ripe bananas - O ai sa faatau faiota?

What happened at the beach? -O le a le mea na tupu ia pusi?

Aso Lulu 27 Me

Room 8 singing a popular Samoan song: Lau Fuarosa

Faith from room 8 is reading - Fruit - Fualaua ina

What fruit can you remember how to say in Samoan?

Mrs Letele is reading 'O le 'Isumu ma le Fe'e

See if you can listen to the video and answer the questions below:

What is the relationship between the mouse and the octopus?

O le a le soo taga? 

Where did they go? -O fea e o i ai?

What happened at the beach? -O le a le mea na tupu?

Who jumped into the sea? - O ai na oso i le sami?

Aso Lua

Jack from room 8 reading At the beach

Room 8 singing an action song

Teachers learning Samoan language:

Talofa lava - Aso Gafua

Talofa fanau

Sa Manuia le vaiaso na te'a. Fa'apena fo'i le vaiaso lenei, o le vaiaso lenei ole gagana Samoa.  O le a matou saunia le pani popo ia male siapo aua le fa'amanatuina o le aganu'u Samoa. Tatou feiloa'i  i le  tatou aoga.

Manuia le fa'amoemoe. 

We are going to start the week with our National Anthem:

Then the lords prayer will follow:

A few simple phrases you could learn:

Today's story is read in Samoan by Mrs Letele:

Can you answer these questions? A mafai ona outou tali mai fesili nei?

Where is the safe place? O fea o le nofoaga malū ?

Why did the hen need a safe place? Aisea e su'e ai e le moa se nofaga malū ?

Where did she look for a safe place? O fea e su'ei ai se nofoaga malu?

What other animals are in he story?  O ā isi manu na ei le tala?

18.5.20 - 22.5.20 (Week 6)

Talofa lava - Aso Gafua

Welcome back guys. Today we started back at school. It was awesome to see you all. We did a few things like catching up about what things we did over lock down and writing about it. We created some pictures about our homes that we stayed in during lock down and the types of homes that are in Samoa. We liked the fale samoa homes so we made some using sticks and leaves.

On Thursday we had drumming with Mr D. He taught us how to count in beats and how to use body percussion We enjoyed making soft and loud beats.

Others things that we talked about was the teddy bear hunt that some of us went on during the lock down. We used a map to find teddy bears around the neighborhood. Take a look at Mr Avatea's teddy bear.

We also learnt how to play some card games, like fishy fishy and memory. We are hoping to learn last card and adding numbers next week.

Another thing we did this week was that we had a look at the FBS website and tried an activity that Ms Heather posted on her class page - Scavenger hunt.

Ms Heathers Scavenger huntRoom 8 scavenger hunt
Here is a picture of room 8 finding things around our classroom.

We drew a picture about who was in our bubbles and shared our stories of what we did during the lock down:

Next week it is going to be Samoan Language week: Room 8 are going to try and make some panipopo  and a paper tapa cloth. check out our videos next week. I have attached a link for samoan activities you could try at home:


15.5.20 (Week 5)

Talofa lava - Aso Faraile

Hey guys today is Fantastic Friday. Yesterday we moved into level 2 of the lock down. It was very busy out in the community yesterday. The roads were back to having loads of traffic and it was the first time I have seen so many children out shopping with their parents in such a long time! I saw many children out playing on the playgrounds and lots of restaurants were finally open. I can see we are slowly getting back to normal. I finally got to have one of my favourite Thai foods today as the shop that sells panang curry was finally open.  I was wandering what you got to buy or do that you haven't done for such a long time. Can't wait to talk about it next week. Reminder that means that we will all be able to be back at school on Monday 18th May. I am looking forward to seeing you all again.

Story time: Today's story is called Grandpa's slippers:

Follow up activity:

1. Draw and sequence: Can you draw what happened in the beginning, middle and the end of the story? Get a piece of paper or your writing book and divide it into 3 sections. Label one with Beginning, middle and end.

Follow up activity 2:

Write about your grandpa or the graandpa in this story. See if you can find out or make up some of the following questions about grandpa from the sheet below:

1. His name

2. His age

3. He lives

4. What he likes to do in his free time

5. Favourite food

6. Best qualities

7. Favourite memory

Follow up activity 3:

Design your own slippers for Granpda. Get creative with designs and patterns

Our final "Minute to win it" activity is as below.

Challenge #5:  Cup Towers

How many cups can you stack in a minute?  You can count the score by number of cups stacked or by number of levels tall.  We went by levels tall.

14.5.20 (Week 5)

Talofa lava - Aso Tofi

Hey guys today is Thankful Thursday. Today we move into level 2 of the lock down. Reminder that means that we will all be able to be back at school on Monday 18th May. I am looking forward to seeing you all again.

Again a big thanks to those parents that have responded to text and phone calls this week. The school text should have been sent out to remind you that school will be back in action on Monday. You should also be receiving a letter from the school confirming school to start back on Monday 18th May.

Story time: The magic hat by Mem fox - one of my favourite authors!

Follow up activity: writing

1 - On a piece of paper think about if the magic hat landed on your head what would you like to turn in to and why? Follow an example below.

Follow up activity: Rhyming words

2 - On a second piece of paper find the word in the story that rhymes with the following words. In the next column try and think of your own word that also rhymes with the word in the first column.

Follow up activity: Rhyming words

3: Can you remember what the magic hat turned  the people into First, then next . See if you can write them in the correct sequence.

Our  "Minute to win it" activity is as below.

Challenge #4:  Balloon in the Air

Use a fly swatter to keep a balloon from touching the ground for one minute.  The boys especially loved this one!  They enjoyed trying to beat their records.  Jonathan (age 2) just had fun swatting the balloon all around the house – great for gross motor skills!

13.5.20 (Week 5)

Talofa lava - Aso Lulu

Hey guys welcome to Wacky Wednesday. Only one more day (Thursday) until we move into level 2 lock down. This means that we will all be back at school on Monday 18th May. I am looking forward to seeing you all again.

Thank you to those parents that have responded to text and phone calls this week. Most parents have said that they are working hard with their children and their distance learning at home - "well done"   Keep up the great work!

Food parcel available from Mangere see link below: 

A reminder  to click the green button for the distance learning page: -Week 5 DL

Story time with follow up activity: Please write back

I hope you enjoyed this story. I thought for our follow up activity you could write a letter to your friend from school. You could ask them what they have been up to over the holidays and tell them about what you have been doing during lock down.

Make sure you include the Following:

1. Who is the letter to:

2. What class number and school name:

3. Write who is in your bubble:

4. Say 3 things that you have been doing during lock down:

5. Ask them a question:

Follow up activity sample:

Our  "Minute to win it" activity is as below.

Challenge #3:  Sock Toss

How many pairs of socks can you toss into the laundry basket in one minute?  Again, use a tape line on the floor and move it back for older players.  We found that 20 pairs were a good number to have for this challenge.  We fold our socks together as pairs with one around the other, and they make a good “ball” for throwing that way.

12.5.20 (Week 5)

Talofa lava - Aso Lua

Hey guys welcome to Terrific Tuesday. This week on Thursday we will be moving to level 2. This means that we will be able to return to school on Monday the 18th May. 👍😊 Click the link to see what level 2 looks like:

Level two means:

Tomorrow I will be contacting your parents to follow up and let them know that school will be returning to normal hours on Monday. Reminder learning for week 5 of our distance learning we are still using the main page for our learning activities. Click the green button for the distance learning page: -Week 5 DL

Today's story is about wheels.

Our follow up activity is as follows:

Our  "Minute to win it" activity is as below.

Challenge #2:  Penny Tower

How many pennies can you stack in a minute?  It’s harder than it looks!


11.5.20 (Week 5)

Talofa lava - Aso Gafua

Hey guys welcome back to another week of distance learning. This week we are going to find out what level two means during our lock down I hope you all enjoyed a fantastic weekend with your family, especially your Mum/ Nana and Aunties on Mother's day. This is week 5 of our distance learning and we will still be using the main page for our learning activities. Click the green button for the distance learning page: -Week 5 DL

Today's story is about a park ranger called Marvin who finds a strange egg.

Follow up activity:

Can you answer these questions:

1.How do you think the egg might have got into the park?

2.What do you think Marvin could have done with the egg?

3.What else do you think Marvin could have got the alligator to eat?

4.How can you tell Marvin knows something about alligators?

Here are some interesting words from the story. Can you write in your own words what these mean?

1. park

2. alligator

3. Surprise

4. Snap

5. Busy

Making  a map of your back yard or a park and add some signs. See attached picture:

Write about 1 character from the story:

Marvin, Birds, Alligator, Children

Draw the character 

1. describe what they were wearing, or what they have on their body

2. What do they like to eat

3. How are they feeling

4.What were they doing

Under the value "Whakawhanaungatanga" - there is an activity to make a simple game for someone in your bubble. This ties in well with our focus on our games week which we talked about last week of including the game "Minute to win it" .

Challenge #1:  Rubber Band Shoot-out

How many rubber bands can you shoot into a shoe box?  Put a masking tape line on the floor for players to stand behind.  Adjust the line based on age.  We cut a hole in the top of a shoe box and stood it up on a tray table.  So fun for any age!



8.5.20 (Week 4)

Talofa lava - Aso Faraile

Hey guys hope your having a Fun Friday. It is getting so much closer to Sunday "Mother's Day". Yesterday we made a simple facial scrub as a present for Mum. Today I thought I could show you how to apply the scrub to Mum's face. Making sure you give her a nice soft facial massage and take your time, which I think she would totally enjoy. See below for link:

Story time: Our story today is called are you my mother 


I have a list of questions as a follow up task that you can try and find the answers too.

1: Who was in the tree?

2: Who was in the nest?

3: Who hatched from the egg?

4:Who was the little bird looking for?

5: How was the bird feeling when he couldn't find his mother?

6: Name all the animals that the bird spoke to?

Now that we have completed our mothers day week. I would like to focus next week on something fun for you to participate in. So I will be sending out a daily task for you to participate in at home. It would be wonderful if you all did each challenge and posted a picture to Ms Young's email so I would be able to share it on our class page. Here's a heads up for over the weekend if you wanted to practice. 

Challenge #1:  Rubber Band Shoot-out

How many rubber bands can you shoot into a shoe box?  Put a masking tape line on the floor for players to stand behind.  Adjust the line based on age.  We cut a hole in the top of a shoe box and stood it up on a tray table.  So fun for any age!

7.5.20 (Week 4)

Talofa lava - Aso Tofi

Hey guys. Hope your having a Top Thursday. Last night was super cold and I'm so glad the sun is out today to warm us up. I heard on the news today of what a level 2 lock down will look like. This is great because it means that we maybe allowed to return to school soon. :-)

Now that we have completed our mothers day cards. I would like to make a small gift for Mum to go with her breakfast, lemon drink and mothers day card. Something I enjoy making for my Mum is face scrubs. An easy scrub to make is olive oil face scrub using only two ingredients. See below for link:

I hope you are able to give it a go and make mum this simple gift. For story time today I am reading the book called: Presents.

I liked guessing what presents were hidden behind the wrapping paper, did you? Hopefully you have a good afternoon and I will catch up with you all tomorrow. Tofa soifua.

6.5.20 (Week 4)

Talofa lava - Aso Lulu

Wow! it's wonderful Wednesday and the sun is shining but it is still cold outside so make sure you dress warm today. How is your learning at home going? Do you need any help? Remember if you are stuck or have any questions or even some pictures to share on our page please email Ms Young on natashay@flatbush.school.nz .

Yesterday I posted up a video about how to make mothers day cards. Today we are going to look at what we can write inside the card. On one side of the card I am going to show you how to write an acrostic poem... see link below:

On the other side of the card we are going to write why we love our Mums, Nana or Papas - or whoever you are writing your card to. Remember to look around and see what your Mum does at home for you whether it is helping you with homework, making you dinner or keeping your house clean. Your starting sentence is..... I love my mum because...... Then try to think of 3 things that your Mum does for you. I have put up a video to help you write this. Check out the link below.

Story time. Today I am going to read you one of my favourite stories that my Mum used to read to me when I was a child. I hope you like it just like I did. At the end of the story remember to give your Mum a big hug today to remind her of how much you love her.  See link below:

Have a good day Room 8. Catch up with you all tomorrow.

5.5.20 (Week 4)

Talofa lava

Hi everyone. I hope you all got a good rest yesterday. It was a pretty wet night with lots of rain and wind. I saw on the news that there was 0 cases of the virus so that means that we are getting closer to being virus free. This also means that we will be back at school soon. I bet you all can't wait to see your friends again and be learning in your classroom.

Today I thought it would be a really good idea to make a mothers day card . Some of you might like to make a card but give it to your Nana or Aunty or Papa. It is always nice to give a special card to someone who looks after you. So here is my link below to help you get started with your card.

Task 2

Another good recipe  that I thought you might like to make for you Mum for mothers day is some eggs on toast. 

Remember to always have a big person handy with you while you are using the oven to cook.

4.5.20 (Week 4)

Talofa lava

Hi everyone. I hope you are all enjoying the sun that has come out this morning after a wet weekend. It was great to talk to some of you and your parents over the weekend. It was great to hear that you were all doing your home learning packs at home and that you are all well.

This week please continue to do your learning and if some of you are online a reminder to please send me some pictures so I can post it up for others to see. See email natashay@flatbush.school.nz .

Did you know this coming weekend, On Sunday it is mothers day? So it would be a good idea this week to help out Nana or Mum with doing chores around the house and being super kind to them this week. You could give them lots of nice compliments and you can even help make their breakfast too. It's going to be a different mothers day because you can't really go shopping to buy them anything so i thought a good idea would be to make something for your Mum, Nana or Aunty to show them how special they are to you. This week Ms young will post up an activity each day to give you an idea of something you might like to make using things around your home.

Task 1:

Today We are going to make: Lemon drink.

We know that there are plenty of lemons in season whether it's in your backyard or your neighbors backyard. You could grab one lemon and make a special hot lemon drink which will help soothe sore throats and it tastes yum too. Watch the video and hopefully you can make Mum or Nana a nice hot lemon drink. 

Here is a story I like to read about kiwi mum's and it reminds me of my mum. I hope you enjoy it.

Have a good Monday and see you back tomorrow for a check in. 


Talofa lava

I hope your having a great Friday. It is the first day of May today so at Ms Young's house we decided to build huts. My children wanted to do their online learning homework in their own space.

We also learnt a few games today  as it was nice to get outside in the sun for a bit. We played some hopscotch and some heads, tail and grab. Check out the video link below.


Have a great weekend and I will post up again on Monday, Don't forget to send me your pictures so I can post them up for you to share with Rm 8. Please (Mum and Dad) if you are needing any help with food or learning you can contact me via email (natashay@flatbush.school.nz).


Talofa lava

It was great to see some of you yesterday (from afar) picking up your home learning packs. If you haveen't already make sure you pop into school to pick one up for you. In the pack there are some resources such as chalk. You can see Honor here drawing rainbows. A good activity for you would be to try and write out as many words as you remember how to spell using the chalk.

Another activity that has been added to your pack is some reading follow up work sheets which are related to the online stories in the ready to read follow up activities on the junior page. Remember other places you can find learning are from the -Flat Bush Learning pack (from school) and -FBS Values learning experiences on the FBS website. Please email me a copy of your work so I can post it up on here for the rest of Rm 8 to see.

A book that you might like to listen to "Dawn Parade by Phillippa Werry, read by Ms Young". 

This relates to Anzac day which some of you might know about. If you have any Anzac art you might like to send to me so I can share with Rm8 you can email me (Ms Young on (natashay@flatbush.school.nz).



Talofa lava

I hope you are all doing well in your bubbles.

I thought I would just pop in to Room 8 to see how you are all doing? I will be helping Mrs Mayerhofler with room 8 and making sure you have some learning activities available and to keep you updated with what is happening online, at school and a few activities that I have been doing at home that you might also like to try.

Anzac day

For Anzac day me and my children made some Anzac candles and an Anzac wreath. We also got up early in the morning to listen to the Anzac service. We waited out by our front gate to listen to the trumpet. Our neighbors were outside their gates too. Here is a picture of us making our Anzac wreath.

If you made something for Anzac don't forget to send a picture of it to Mrs Mayerhofler or Ms Young (natashay@flatbush.school.nz) so we can post it on this page.

Tofa soifua, Ms Young


Week 3 (Monday 27- Friday 1 May 2020)

Talofa aiga uma lava,

Well it's been 5 weeks since I saw any of you and I am really starting to miss seeing all of your beautiful smiling faces! By the time, you come back to school, it will be like seeing you after the Christmas holidays! But the safest place for you right now is in your bubble. So even though we are moving into Alert Level 3, you still need to stay in your bubble and stay at home!

This week begins with a public holiday on Monday to commemorate ANZAC day which was on Saturday. Do you know what ANZAC stands for? Maybe you could find out? Some people got up when the sun rose on Saturday morning to stand outside their house. Let me know if you did this and tell me why? When I went for a walk on Saturday, I saw lots of homemade poppies outside houses. Have you seen any and do you know why poppies are popular on ANZAC day? If you want to know more about ANZAC day, ask your parents or look on our Junior Syndicate ANZAC day page. Maybe you could make a poppy or two?

It is another week of Remote Learning this week - Week 3. Please check out the new activities on our FBS Remote Learning Activity page. Remember to keep doing some activities and keep learning while you are at home. Here is a reminder of some of the choices:

-Flat Bush Learning pack (from school)

-FBS Values learning experiences 

-Ministry of Education Exploring Pack

-Ministry of Education Learning Packs

-Fitness with Mrs Young

-Mindfulness with Mrs Boyd

-Story Time with FBS staff

-ANZAC day page

-Mrs Boyd's page for art activities

-Home Learning TV Progamme on TVNZ channel 7 or Sky 502 (9am-3pm)

Please remind your parents to share your learning with me so I can put it up on this page. 

The teachers and teacher aides will be at school on Tuesday to make up Learning packs for your families to collect for you on Wednesday from 9.30. Please remind mum or dad to come and collect one for you! Remember to stay safe and be helpful around the house. You could make your bed and make sure that your room is tidy. Maybe you already have a job at home that you can tell us about!

Take care and be helpful

Tofa Soifua

Janetta Mayerhofler



Talofa everyone!

It has been great to catch up with everyone this week. Now that you have all been contacted, I can let you know that all of our tamaiti in Room 8 will be staying at home in their bubbles where they will be safe during Alert Level 3! Thank you to all our family members for looking after our tamaiti. Remember to do the activities on the first page of the website. What activities have you been doing at home? Please share any photos, videos, writing or new learning your child has done at home with me. 

Also, remember to come and collect a new Learning pack for your children on Wednesday 29.4.20 from 9.30-12.30 from the Library. 

My email is: janettam@flatbush.school.nz or send me a text on: 0272007863.

Take care and take it easy.

Janetta Mayerhofler


Update 21.4.2020

Next week, we will be at Alert Level 3 and on Wednesday 29th April school will reopen. Only send your child to school if you are unable to look after them while you return to work. You are allowed to extend your bubble to another family member to help look after your child. Your tamaiti will be safer at home in your bubble.

You can collect new learning packs for students staying at home to learn next Wednesday. See the front page of our website for more information. 

If you have any questions please feel free to email me or send me a text. I will be ringing you Wednesday and Thursday to talk about returning to school.  

Take care and be strong

Mrs Mayerhofler


Week 2 (Monday 20 - Friday 24 April 2020)

Talofa aiga uma lava,

It was really lovely to speak to some of you last week. Good to hear that you are well and are keeping in good spirits. Lots of you were asking when school will start back - once I know I will post the date on this page and it will be on the school website - we will wait for the governments announcement on Monday at 4.30. I will also be ringing this week to see how you are going so please make sure that I have your correct phone numbers. If you have not received a message or phone call from me, that means that I have the wrong number. Please e-mail or text me your number: janettam@flatbush.school.nz or send me a text on: 0272007863.

Please go to the  Distance Learning Week 2 page for activities to do this week. All students are working off the same activity sheet so that the older students can help or show their younger siblings what to do. These activities help to reinforce our Flat Bush values. If you have the word cards or alphabet cards, these would be good to use too. Hopefully you have got your learning pack from the Ministry of Education by now or should receive it early this week. Please feel free to use them when you want. Also remember that there is a Learning channel from 9-3 weekdays on TVNZ 2 +1 or TVNZ on demand or 502 (sky or vodafone) which is good viewing for our tamaiti or good if you want a break! Click here for the daily timetable

Please continue to share any photos or videos of your tamaiti with me so I can put them on our web page. I know that the children like to see what their friends are up to. 

Take care and be kind

Tofa Soifua

Mrs Mayerhofler


Week 1 (Wednesday 15 - Friday 17 April 2020)

On Wednesday, Term 2 officially begins and we will be doing our learning via this website. This will be called Flat Bush School Distance Learnig (FBS- DL). This week, I would encourage you to have a look at this website and all the different activities you can do. I will begin contacting you this week too so please let me know if your cellphone number has changed. 

You could also do some or all of the following activities over the next three days:

  • Draw a picture of those who are inside your bubble. Either write their names under each picture or write a short sentence about each of them. 
  • Plan and then cook a meal with Mum or Dad. Write down your menu. Draw a picture of what you made.
  • Play some games with those in your bubbles. Choose games like card  or board games, hide and seek, eye spy, memory games for example.
  • Do Junior lesson one listed under Physical Activities on the main menu of the website.
  • Watch or do an activity (30 min) on the Home Learning programme on TVNZ channel 2+1 and on TVNZ on Demand, as well as on Sky Channel 502. It will run from 9am to 3pm on school days with programming for children and young people aged 0 to 15, as well as for parents.  

You can do these activities in the books that we gave you and you can can take a photo and send them to me to put up here on this page if you want. 

If you would like to send me an email or photos of something you are enjoying doing together, please email them to me and I can share them on this page. 

It would be fantastic to see what people have been up to! 

Look what Faith has been up to! He has been doing lots of homework over the holidays!

 Can you read his story? Awesome work Faith!

Welcome back to school (in a different form) and sending lots of love to you all!

Tofa Soifua

Mrs Mayerhofler


Holidays (1-14 April 2020)

Mrs Mayerhofler here. I will be looking after Room 8's homepage while Mrs Schmidt is taking a break. I hope you are all safe and well and are enjoying spending time with your aiga. It is a very unsettling time in the world at the moment but if we all show kindness and love to one another, we will overcome anything. Please look on our website if you need help or have any questions.

During this time, the greatest thing that you can do at home with your tamaiti is to talk with them and do things together. Connecting and interacting with your children can make times like this abit easier. You could make things together, build things together and play together while talking with them.

My email is: janettam@flatbush.school.nz or send me a text on: 0272007863.

Below is a picture of my whanau in my bubble playing cards after dinner on Saturday night. I won of course!

Take care and be safe!

Tofa Soifua

Mrs Mayerhofler