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Welcome to TERM 4

Week 9:  7th - 11th December 

This term’s Student Inquiry topic was Creativity. 

Our guiding question was “What can we discover using our imagination and creativity"? 

We were inspired by many different artists from around the world. From Samoa, we learned about Fatu Feuú and his artworks. We studied the Aboriginal Art of Australia. Next we learned about a street artist called ‘Thank You X’ from the USA. Then we studied Wassily Kandinsky from Russia, who is one of the most famous artists in the world! He is known for being the first ABSTRACT artist. From Austria, we studied the art style of an artist named Friedrich Hundertwasser. Lastly from Brazil, we were inspired by the bright colourful artworks of an artist named Romero Britto. Using all that we learnt from these amazing artists we created our own masterpieces. Hope you enjoy them!

Week 8: 30th Nov - 4th December

We had a great day of celebration of success with our families. Awesome Alia was proud to reveal all the art projects they have been working on for our Creativity Inquiry. They talked about their learning and shared areas they felt successful in. Thank you to all our aiga that came along to see and talk about your awesome children’s learning. CRT with Ms Young

This term Rm 9 have been working on NZ native animals. Through art they have created a stencil sketch of their chosen animal. They used chalk and pastels and had to learn the Maori name of their animal. They then created a class animal song.  Here is the video link below:

Week 6: 16th - 20th November

The highlight of our week was having Joseph Parker, our Duffy Role Model visiting FBS! Joseph spoke about the importance of reading in his life. 

His favourite book is “HAIRY MACLARY” by Lynley Dodd. 

Growing up he loved reading books with his lovely Mum and his siblings. 

Reading has also helped him in his boxing career because without reading he wouldn’t be able to read and understand his contracts and secure the best deal for his future! 

Here is the LINK to watch a video clip from our wonderful day!
Week 5: 9th - 13th November

Read some of our 
Acrostic POEMS:

On the 5th of November, it was Guy Fawkes celebration. We wondered how this celebration all started and where did it come from?  

Awesome Alia did some reading and here's what we found out:


On the fifth of November, we celebrate Guy Fawkes with fireworks. Do you know why we celebrate it?        

A long time ago a king called James the 1st lived in England and the king belonged to a protestant church. Other people in England went to a Catholic church. King James the 1st kicked out the Catholic priests because he did not like them.

So some of the Catholic people and one of them was called Guy Fawkes made a plan because they were angry at the King.  The plan was to destroy parliament (government building) and the King. They put gunpowder under 

parliament where the king was going to sit.

A friend of the King sent a letter to warn him about the secret plan and Guy Fawkes and his friends were caught. They were sent to jail on November the 5th and they were executed. 

This is why we celebrate Guy Fawkes to remember how King  James was saved.

Week 4: 2nd - 6th November

We are approaching the halfway mark of Term 4 and while Mrs Crawley is writing end of year school reports, its business as usual for the learners of AWESOME ALIA!

Our writing focus has been to make our stories as interesting as possible for our audience/reader. We looked at starting our sentences in a variety of ways and adding extra information like adjectives, adverbs, similes for impact. Here are some snippets of their Motat stories for you to enjoy:

A great beginning by SEFO:

Excitedly all the children got their bags, shoes, even their hats and their lunch for Motat. We went to Motat to learn about simple machines.

By 10:00 we arrived at Motat. Miss Katherine took us to the meeting place. Walking up the long high ramps we were excited to go to the classroom. Stunned, the room felt cold like ice cubes. We learned about 6 types of simple machines and they were pulley, wedge, screw, inclined plane, lever, and lastly the wheel and axle. My favourite part was a building with legos.

A great middle from Aylyra:

Looking out of the bus window, it was beautiful. Almost everything looked bright like the sky to me. When we got to Motat, there were lots of things to see and explore. Miss Katherine was our teacher, who told us about simple machines ... 

After that, we travelled around Motat. First, we went to the pink house where they let us play on the games. Then we went to the olden day house. We saw an old school, a church, and a jailhouse. When we were walking around, I was hot as a heater so I drank some of my water. 

A great ending from Janne:

OH boy!!! I was so sad because it was all over but I really had an amazing day. I had a great fabulous learning time at Motat. Hurray!!Hurray!!.👍❤


Week 3: 27th - 30th OctoberCelebrating Success Week 3

Last week, we inquire into traditional dances around the world as part of our Student Inquiry topic.  In pairs, the class had to select a country and research a traditional dance from there. Read are some of their stories:

Week 2: 19th - 23rd October 

The start of Term 4 has started well with lots of laughter and excitement as AWESOME ALIA  

welcomes back all of their class friends. We had all but one of our class family members back at school. This was a great opportunity to once again revisit and talk about our class culture and what it means to be an active learner in Room 9.

Week 1: 12th - 16th October

Our Student Inquiry this term is:

Come back and visit our page and see what we discover along the way.

Welcome to TERM 3

Week 10: 21st - 25th September

Week 9: 14th - 18th September

Week 8: 7th - 11th September

Celebrating Success Week 8
Lelei tele Junior
Well done for learning all your word lists this term. 
Congrats Julia!
Awesome job for teaching others how to solve division problems using different strategies. 
Fantastic work Eric!
For Reading, you gathered clues from the text to guess what the author was describing (this is called making inferences).
Congratulations TeuYou used great similes and adjectives to make your writing interesting for the reader.

Week 7: 31st Aug - 4th September

It was a welcome sight to see our learners in the class and back into what we do best - LEARNING & HAVING FUN! 

We would love to see all our AWESOME ALIA learners back at school. Week 6: 24th - 28th August

Click on each of the following stories about Superheroes and use the ideas in these books to inspire you to write your own Superhero Story. In your Writing Folder on your Drive are more resources to help with your planning. Have fun writing - let your imagination go wild! Can’t wait to read your amazing stories! 

Click the link for more FBS Distance Learning Activities

Week 5: 17th - 21st August

Thank You to Sefo, Sussan, Eric, Maryanne, Aqeela, Teu, Vailina, Tausili, Julia, Janne, Natanielu, Christon, Katutu, Junior & Kalifa for joining me at our class Google Meet today. It was great to see and hear that you are doing well at home with your aiga. Keep checking your emails for more updates as well as visiting our class page. Take care everyone. Alofa atu - your teacher Mrs Crawley.

Distance Learning Activities

Talofa Matua ma tamaiti. While we are at Level 3 Lockdown, our school is back to Distance Learning programme. Awesome Alia your learning packs are available from the school library - please collect on Monday 9-3pm. Your pack will have these 2 activities and many more. Have fun with your learning and email (osanac@flatbush.school.nz) me photos of what you are doing. 

Watch this video explaining the six simple machines 

by the MOTAT education team and complete the Scavenger Hunt Task in your Learning Pack.

Click this link for student inquiry activities

Week 4: 10th - 14th August

From Wednesday to Friday of this week, we need to once again apply one of our FBS School Values -    mahi ngatahi - work as a team and stay home to keep everyone safe from COVID19. 

Our MOTAT trip is now cancelled.

Hope to see you back at school soon. Be kind to each other.

Week 3: 3rd - 7th August

celebrating cook island language week

Thank you to our Cook Island Whanau for sharing with us your culture and language of your beautiful islands. AWESOME ALIA had a great time at the Arts and Culture Day at our school hall. We also had the amazing Cook Island culture group from Manurewa High School perform for us! The week was full of excitement, colours & fun for all. Check out these photos.

Week 2: 27th July - 31st July

celebrating success @ FBS
It was great seeing so many of our aiga (families) joining us to celebrate the success of our amazing learners! It was a pleasure to witness how proud the children were at sharing their work. 
It was lovely to see so many smiles and proud parents. 
Faafetai lava mo le lagolagoina o a'oa'oga a outou fanau.

Congratulations to Janne, Vailina, TJ & Christopher for receiving class certificates at our Middle School Assembly this week!

This term Awesome Alia is very lucky to have the fabulous MR D teaching us Drumming Skills every Thursday. Lots of laughter and fun every time! 

basketball Skills


Matariki celebrations Week 1

CRT - Music/ singing

Welcome to TERM 2

Week 12: 29th June - 3rd July

Congratulations to Katutu, Maryanne, Natanielu and Helen for receiving class certificates at our Middle School end of Term 2 assembly.

Also our amazing teacher aide Mrs Malu for completing her Managing Behaviour Positively workshops.

Our Student Inquiry Groups have been working hard finishing off their projects.  These groups are ready to share. Watch their work below:

Guiding Statement:

Each person can make a difference. What we do impacts the way we make a difference

Guiding Question:

How can we make a change to ensure a healthy community for all?

What can we do to encourage people to be more active?

Katutu, Tausili, Teu, Christon

How can we reduce waste?

Aqeela, Eric, Helen, TJ, Sefo

What can we do to encourage healthy eating?

Sussan, Feliuai, Junior, Julia, Christopher

How can we slow the spread of 

Ashley, Maryanne, Janne

Week 11    22nd - 26th June

CRT Room 9 - Myths and legends

In the beginning, retold by Room 9

WALT: Make a video, retell a story, Use artwork to create different pictures to match the words of the story, Use a loud clear voice, Change voices to be like the character.

Matariki. We have also learnt about Matariki. We have made some Matariki stars for Rangi the sky father's cloak.

Music beats in action

Week 10    15th - 19th June

This week in Reading,  we were learning to ask THIN and THICK questions to help us understand what we are reading.

We used one of our shared books this week, ‘A dream Comes True’ retold by Jill Eggleton to practice asking THIN and THICK questions. 

Here are some examples of our questions:

THIN Questions:  
THICK questions:
  • Where did William get his ideas from?

  • What would happen to the village if William didn’t make a windmill?

  • Why didn’t William go to school?

  • Who are William's parents?

  • Why did people laugh at William?

  • How would you feel if you live in William’s village?

  • Why is teamwork so important in this story?

  • I wonder how we would survive without electricity?

  • I wonder how William made his windmill?

  • I wonder how a windmill makes electricity?

Our Writing task this week was to improve Mrs Crawley’s boring sentences. 

We used adjectives, adverbs, our senses and similes as  to paint Mrs Crawley’s boring story. Read some of our amazing colourful writing:

Hot Summer Day 


When I arrived, I quickly jumped straight into the water. The water felt warm like a heater. I saw the palm trees dancing in the warm sun.


When I arrived, I gently jumped straight into the water. The water felt warm like a blanket. I saw the palm trees prancing in the warm sun.


The water felt warm like the burning sun. I saw beautiful palm trees swaying in the warm sun. I heard the waves flowing against the hot sand.


When I arrived, I rapidly jumped straight into the water. The water felt warm like a Teddy Bear. 
I saw mammoth palm trees swaying in the warm sun. I heard the waves splashing slowly against the golden sand.

Ride of my life!


Feeling excited and a bit scared, I could still feel my heart beating.

The smell of rotten bush leaves was in the air. The water was bouncing down the gigantic river. Our fantastic guide angrily shouted orders for us to follow. I felt proud of our wonderful rafting expedition. 


I saw fish swimming fast. I heard the noisy river. I can still feel my heart beating. The smell of fresh leaves was in the air. I could feel the hot sun on my face. Our angry guide madly shouted orders for us to follow. wonder when I will get to feel excitement again.


Bouncing down the rough river, our colourful raft almost flipped a few times but it never did! I could still taste the salty water. Our amazing guide was fantastic. He steered the raft beautifully. 


Feeling excited and a bit scared, I could still feel my legs shaking. The smell of saltiness was in the air. I could feel the splashing water on my face.


Week 9    8th - 12th June

Another busy week for the learners of . We have been fortunate to be inspired and learned so much from many amazing teachers this week. We had Moiho and Ms Young who taught us to try no matter what! Then we learned about different herbs and plants that are in our thriving school garden with Mrs Tupou. We used the vegetables from the garden to make delicious ‘macaroni and cheese with a twist’ with Ms Ann & Ms Vicky. Lastly Mrs Tohi taught some of us how to sew embroidery flowers. Watch the video below to see a snapshot of our week!

Week 8 2nd June - 5th June

This week the learners of  have been solving math problems involving TIME. Watch these 2 brilliant minds showcasing their strategy. 

For our we have been using our prior knowledge to springboard our thinking. This week we discussed our Guiding Statement: Each person can make a difference. What we do impacts the way we make a difference. We looked at our own experiences. Who are the people in our lives that are making a difference? Here is what we discovered so far…
We read stories of people from all over the world making a difference.



For the rest of the Term, will be wondering, questioning and becoming adventurous thinkers. Seeking information to answer our 

Inquiry question: 

How can we make change to ensure a healthy community for all?


TEU: Why I am proud to be Samoan?

ASHLEY: Why I am proud to be Samoan?

Helen's Siva Samoa
Tusia e Junior
What will you take on your travels?

We had fun dancing, reading, listening to Samoan stories, poems and songs. We love dressing up in our puletasi and alo'a.

Back at School Week 6


Most Memorable Lockdown Experience.

What did you discover about yourself?

Faafetai Tele, Thank You So Much ...

Parents for your support and to all the fantastic students of AWESOME ALIA ( ROOM 9) for the amazing learning you did during Lockdown. You did a great job, driving your own learning during this extraordinary time. I’m so PROUD of YOU! Let’s continue this journey back in class. I can’t wait to see you on MONDAY 18th May.

Week 5 Distance Learning: 

11th - 15th May

Showing Kindness 

To show kindness, I helped my parents clean the house and helped my sister clean the dishes. I heard my dad outside, so I went outside to look at what he was up to. 

I saw him washing his car so I went and helped him. Helping others gives me strength and I felt happy and proud. I wonder who else I can help in the future.


TJ's Poem

You will find each week's activities on the school DL webpage (click). The activities are linked with our FBS Values. Try to do 1 activity from each Value each day. You can do more than 1 if you want to. Share your photos of your work by emailing me or through our class drive. 

Have fun learning! Well done to all who shared their learning last week!

This Week's Writing Task:    

Weeks 3 & 4 Distance Learning

29th - 8th May

 Sussan's spelling sentences


20th - 24th April

Week 1 Challenge:

1. Draw your family bubble with names or send a photo. Tell me about your Bubble.

2. Learn a dance & send me a photo/video

3.  Make time in the evening to watch the news at 6pm with your aiga - share one thing that you understand from it. 

With LOVE...your teacher Mrs Crawley

: Mrs Crawley saying HI!